Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Erin!

I realized I had not stitched on Petal Fairy for several days - and I enjoyed working on her tonight.... the stems are done, now I can enjoy stitching the bright flowers :-)
Speaking of flowers... much to my surprise, my Gnu Blues tall bearded iris is in bloom! It actually bloomed a few days ago, but it was raining out and I could not get a photo. The second bud opened today. My dwarf and intermediate irises always bloom before my tall bearded irises, but not this year - at least not in this one happy spot in my garden!
Look at this super cute chart, Three Little Maids, that I received as a trade with Karen today - I just love it! I sent her one of my Valerie Pfeiffer charts in exchange :-)

I was high bidder for Angel of Mercy on ebay today - great deal, great stash addition too :-)

DVD New Release Tuesday again - we picked up White Noise - I saw the previews, it looked like it could be fun to stitch to one night :-)

Oh, and Happy 12th Birthday to our niece, Erin!!

Red Sox updates from Monday and Tuesday - both games were at 10 PM EST and ended at 1 AM and 1:30 AM respectively, so they did not make it into my blog entries :-) Monday May 16th was Mariners 6, Red Sox 4.... yikes! Blew a lead, couldn't manage to score 13 base runners! What is up with that?? Tonight, Tuesday, was Red Sox 7, Mariners 5 - managed to let a lead slip away, but clawed our way back! Keith Foulke, excellent save tonight!! Welcome back David Wells tomorrow (yet it may be rained out??)!! Might go home early tomorrow to watch that one!

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher (lost in the sea of tiny blue stitches at work... still...) and Petal Fairy


z_mnor said...

Indeed! Those little mermaids are super cute!

Carol said...

But... they are owls :-)

Julie said...

You always get such great things on ebay. Please tell me where you look. I never see anything worth having!

z_mnor said...

Carol LOL !

You got me, that's my typo hehehe

Bea said...
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Bea said...

Hi Carol,
thank you. I'm good, but busy...and not with stitches!

Nicole said...

Petal Fairy is really coming along.
Three Little Maids is a very cute chart.

I will have to check out ebay more often, you do get some great finds on there :)

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
Thank you for your post on my blog :) You are so kind! I appreciate it. AND, you are right, receiving the ED Year in Stitches in the mail will cheer me up :) THANK YOU!! My FOTM should arrive today or tomorrow as well...Can't wait for that either! BTW, your goodies will go out in Friday's mail (yep, finally making a P.O. run!!)...then you can start FGF, whenever you get the notion :)

Your Petal Fairy is looking more gorgeous each post!

That Iris is also GORGEOUS! I love the color! Thank you for sharing it.
I have had some pretty ones this year too, my daylillies are getting ready to bloom as well.
I just love this time of year!

Have a great day, Carol!

Gill said...

Ahhh, still loving your Petal Fairy! have you got her on a roller frame? I've never tried using one of them.