Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Paradigm Lost & The World in Stitches

It's update day for Paradigm Lost - I mastered the huge motif in the upper right, stitched the crab and started another motif on the left by the acorns. Moving along pretty well. I have heard from one or two stitchers ( a while back) that this chart has several errors in it. I don't think I have come across any yet. It seems to be well charted. Jo, have you noticed any?

I got an email from Amanda tonight letting me know that her birthday gift from me finally arrived. Mike posted it to her on Thursday, and it only had to go to Maine. The postal holiday on Saturday slowed it down a bit, but I think it did get there before her birthday, which I think is actually tomorrow... I knew Amanda liked fantasy designs, and I had a lot of fun coordinating this one for her. Here it is:

The Runekeeper

Dragon Dreams

Starry Night 28 ct Jubilee from The Dye Shop, DMC floss, Kreinik #4 braids, and Miyuki Seed Beads

Stitched 11/3/06 - 11/8/06

I visited The World in Stitches today for the first time in many months. Every time I go there they have a stunning trunk show by a popular designer. Last time I went, they had Little House Needleworks. The time before that, they had Patricia-Ann Designs. Today, they had Rosewood Manor. Oh ladies, the model for And A Forest Grew is simply amazing! If you are near TWIS, you might want to stop in and see it (Littleton, Massachusetts). While I was there, I picked up Needleprint's Sarah Moon's Quaker Sampler. Randi had three of the Ackworth Samplers charts there today - it was impossible to make a decision!! But, I did finally choose this one. Now I have yet another huge sampler to put in my pile to do!! I think I really want the companion to the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler too.... next time... :-)

My Silkweaver FOTM came in yesterday - I am thrilled to bits that they sent Intrigue this month! I have been hoping for that one for quite some time now, and seeing it in reality was no disappointment! After two months of linens that did not appeal to my tastes very much (Autumn Sunrise and, I think, Sundown) this was a real treat. Thanks Silkweaver!!

New DVD Release Tuesday, and it was a big one - The Da Vinci Code - we already thoroughly enjoyed watching this one tonight!

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Paradigm Lost


Bastet said...

You were right. Got it day before my birthday and if it makes you feel even more better your gift was the first I recieved. Thank-you so much again. I thought that wizard might have been a Dragon Dreams one, glad to know I was right.

Kath said...

I have been admiring those Needleprints designs myself Carol.

Love your Paridgim (sp) too.

Barbara said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous fob you stitched for Amanda! I can see why she loves it so much!

And postal service ... don't get me going! I mailed three items on the first of the month and only ONE has arrived! YIKES!

Love your new stash. :)

bunnyhead said...

PL looks fantastic and your little fob is adorable!

Karoline said...

PL is looking stunning Carol, congratulations on the fob it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great fob Carol - you are becoming quite the expert fob maker. The only mistakes I've noticed with PL have been of my own making! That big motif looks awesome. I finished up the center of it last night and I'll post a photo tonight. I hadn't noticed the little crab before. He's so cute :)

Jenna said...

Congratulations on getting that huge motif finished off on Paradigm Lost! You did a beautiful job with Amanda's fob and I am fortunate to know how fabulous your fobs are. And a Forest Grew is a wonderful sampler. I'm surprised you didn't come home with it. ;)

AnneS said...

PL is looking awesome - and of course your latest fob is stunning :) Nice fabbie too, beautiful colours :D

Isabelle said...

Great gift for Amanda!
Congrats on finishing that huge motif in Paradigm Lost :)
Love your Silkweaver fabric :)

*Thank you* for the sweet message you left about today's big, wonderful news :) :)

Katrina said...

thats another lovely fob Carol, you are making such a wonderful job of all your friends' little gifts, just great to see :)

PL is coming along nicely too, has been great to watch your progress on this one. Take care

stitcherw said...

Paradigm lost looks great. I really like their samplers, but havn't been brave enough to try one yet (I have a hard enough time sticking with and finishing small projects). Your scissor fob looks adorable, what a great idea to use the RuneKeeper.

Anonymous said...

I just adore that little rune keeper, what a sweet gift:)

Cathy said...

Paradigm Lost is really looking great. You'll be finished with Emblem of Love before you know it!

I admired some of those Needleprint designs the last time I was at my LNS too - may have to break down and get them before they are OOP.

All of the fobs you have stitched, including this one, are fabulous!

kittychernoff said...

Hi, Carol, your stitching is, as always, just fabulous. I really enjoy seeing the fobs you have made - they are so charming!

I also purchased Sarah Moon and the VC silks for it. They now reside in my "soon" pile (along with hundreds of other projects!)

Happy stitching, Margaret C