Monday, January 21, 2008

Tragic Day in Lawrence

I arrived at my office this morning... wondering why an intersection I travel through near my office was blocked off... I couldn't really gawk, so I travelled on to my office. A little while later, I found my answer on CNN's website. At 2:30 AM this morning, an entire block of the city (16 buildings - commerical and residential) of Lawrence, MA burned down. Nobody was killed and only one person was injured, but 180 or so are displaced... this is an area/neighborhood where a great many of my therapy clients live. I am bracing for dealing with grief for many months to come. It could have been worse, but it is still so very tragic for these low-income families who already had so very little video .

Chris received her little birthday gift that I made for her today - on her actual birthday, which is quite impressive, thank you postal service! Chris sent me the most wonderful, grateful email. She was so happy to have been thought of on her birthday. Aw, happy birthday Chris!! It was my pleasure - I very much enjoy doing exchanges with you :-)

Garden Alphabet "C" Fob

Prairie Schooler

Silkweaver 32 ct Belfast Solo Linen, DMC Floss

It's my favorite, so of course, A Quaker Christmas came back out again tonight. There is an error in the border of the motif I am working on at the moment. I didn't manage to catch it in time, but I left it in. It truly does not bother me, and I like little quirks in my samplers :-) Thank you to a dear friend, though, for giving me a little heads up email to be careful on this motif - LOL!

Speaking of samplers - if anyone is at all intersted... I started up a new blog tonight - Gallery of Samplers. Much like The World's Largest Collection of Smalls blog, this new blog will give us a place to post our samplers. I didn't know if this would appeal to anyone, but if it does, let me know and I will add you as an author to the blog :-)

Stitched on today: Started Crazy Exchange Valentine's Day Exchange, and A Quaker Christmas


Karin said...

How horrible for those involved - they will be in my thoughts. You stitched a gorgeous birthday gift!

Debbi said...


I actually saw the video footage on CNN yesterday morning while i was at work. I thought about you then and hoped that you were not there when it had happened. I am saddened to hear of so many that were displaced though.

Carol R said...

What awful news and so close to your work too. So sad for those involved.
I love the 'C' fob but then I would as it's my initial too! Your Quaker sampler is looking great.

Stephanie said...

Great progress on QC - you'll be the only one to ever see the error - and it just makes it even more unique :) This is what I tell myself...

What a wonderful fob for Chris, I'm sure she's delighted with it!

How awful for the unfortunate people affected by the fire - but good news that there were no fatalities.

Tannia said...

How awful for the people affected by the fire. Always tragic! Saddens me to hear. I will say a prayer for those displaced.

(please add me as an author to the sampler blog Carol) :)

Karen's Blog said...

This is just terrible Carol,

I couldn't believe it when you sent me the link this morning. All those poor displaced people. So tragic.

On a lighter note, the fob is lovely as always:)

I would love to join your new Blog. I will put up a pic of Paradim Lost and The Token when they come back from the framers:) I stitched PL and my friend Sandra stitched The Token for me:)

Sally said...

Beautiful fob you sent Chris and I love the progress on Quaker Christmas.

How awful for the people affected by the fire.

Vonna said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss and destruction close to your job. Those poor people and right in the middle of the coldest time of year.
Your Sampler is lovely and what a super idea to start a sampler blog! When I have a sampler finished...I shall love to share it:)
The fob is VERY cute...loved it as soon as I saw it :)

Laura S. said...

Hi Carol,

I can only imagine the people affected by the fire. It makes one not to take the blessings of life for granted. After Mom died, I got motivated to get my stitching blog going again. Please visit me at I would love to hear from you.
Your little friend you met at Colonial Needleworks,

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about the fire. It is good that your patients will have you to work through it with. Your Christmas Quaker is looking gorgeous! And I'd love to contribute to the new blog.

Wendy said...

How terrible for all those people and families. Its not just the loss of the house, but all the treasures that make it a home.

Each time I see your Quaker Christmas, I feel that enabling bug start to bite. Is there a cure for that?

staci said...

What an unfortunate tragedy, I will keep all of those affected in my thoughts.

Your other stitching is wonderful as always Carol! Another darling fob, my many of those have you stitched?! And you're making terrific progress on QC, it's so beautiful!

Beatrice said...

Fire is so devastating. I will pray the people involved will be looked after.
Your Quaker sampler is lovely...What little mistake, I can't see a thing!!! Like you say, It will give it character!
The C fob is very cute. Nice gifty.

Deanne J said...

That's so sad to hear all those people have lost their homes.

Great stitching and I'll be checking out your new blog.

Bine said...

how awful, it is so sad for the people involved.
You made cute fob :-) and a good progress on Quaker Christmas

Dianne said...

I heard about Lawrence on the news last night and didn't know you had a personal connection to the area-tragic!

Glad Carol enjoyed the sweet fob you sent her.

Barbara said...

It made the news over here, too. So sad, and especially at this time of year when it's so cold.

Great progress on QC. And I love the idea of your new blog - I'm just wondering how much of what I plan to do would qualify as samplers.

Barbeeque4 said...

CQ and the fob are just beautiful!!

That fire looked just terrible!! It is just terrible that so many were displaced and are now picking up and getting their lives back together. Prayers for them all!!

sewcreative said...

How horrible for those poor people! Fire scares me more than any thing else.

I am very interested in your sampler blog :)

tkdchick said...

Beautiful fob!

Wanda said...

So terrible about the fire I saw it on the news. I love what you stitched for Chris super fob!

Susan said...

What a tragedy! I hope the displaced people are able to find other living arrangements.

Your Quaker Sampler is stitching up beautifully.

Sharon said...

How terrible, so many people displaced! That was a huge fire! Your fob is lovely as always. QC is coming along nicely!

Carla said...

What a horrible thing to read.
As always, your fob kis really pretty and the quaker looks great!

Lynn said...

How devastating for all the people involved in that tragic fire. So many of these low income families can't afford insurance and need help restarting their lives.
We've had some similar fires lately in Ottawa's Chinatown but nothing on this scale.

Aniza said...

Sorry to hear about the fire incident. My prayers to them. I stumbled upon the Sampler Blog via one of the stitcher's which I think it's a brilliant idea. Will email you to post when I have some samplers to share.