Thursday, December 23, 2004

So nice to have some time to myself for a while :-) The Boston media and the official Red Sox website bring fantastic news for the holidays - Jason Varitek has re-signed, or is about to re-sign, with the Red Sox for four more years!!!!! Whew!

This morning I took Shimmering Mermaid off of the scroll bars and put it on a large Q-Snap to finish the compass, do the border and then the beading. Finally seeing it in more than small segments, I was amazed at how beautiful it is! I skipped over finishing the compass today and went right to backstitching and beading. I am now almost done with the beading, as it is moving faster than expected. I even realized today just where this will hang in my house :-)

I decided today to prioritize Adia, The Garden Fairy on my to do list. I made this decision after finding a gorgeous antique lavender conversion for this fairy on the internet last night. Now to figure out when I can do this one, and what wonderful fabric to choose for her!

I also had errands to run, and some final Christmas shopping to do today. So I figured that while I was out I would get the DMC floss for L&L's Little Wings - one of the projects I have selected for 2005. I had received a Silkweaver Santa Pack this year which contained three fat quarters of fabrics to be released in January. One of them is a Silkweaver Classic Cashel in new Meadow Mist shade - a lovely pale blue with just enough grey tone in it. To me it is just perfect for Little Wings - and now I just can't wait to start it.

And did I shop at an INS today? Um, yes.... all those pretty things on the internet, how does one resist really? Today I just had to order up another pair of Q-Snap extenders from Stitching Bits & Bobs , and while I was there, a pack of those neat size 28 tapestry needles too.....

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