Saturday, January 29, 2005

Fairy Flora has a face now! I like to get the faces done as soon as I can when I stitch humans/fairies/angels/dragons/animals.... I feel more connected to my work once the face is done. I tried adjusting the brightness of the picture after I scanned it, as I am still trying to get a picture that shows the color of this fabric accurately - I think I got a tiny bit closer, but still no cigar! This is yet another fun Mirabilia to stitch, and as a result I have been neglecting Little Wings all weekend. Sigh.

At last, the temps today crossed above the freezing mark for the first time in 13 days! Yay!!! It seems the storm pattern has at last changed for a bit and are hitting south of us for now. What a relief for those of us who are so weary from these storms! It is certain not to last, but this mini-January thaw is welcomed here!

We spent much of the day today furniture shopping. Mike is tired of our sofa - it is a leather recliner and we have had it since 1994, as I recall we got it the same week we got P.C. He immediately tried to claw it, and his de-claw appointment was set up right away (a serious regret, we no longer de-claw our cats - way too inhumane - sorry P.C.).... Anyhow, Mike feels that his seat on the sofa is no longer comfortable - he is right, I sat in it and it is all worn out. We found a leather sofa and loveseat set that I liked at La-Z-Boy Galleries today, but the only one in stock was the floor model, so we continued our search at other places without luck - we will probably go back tomorrow and see if there is a discount for the floor model - it appears perfect, but still, it is a floor model. So.... looks like I am going to be getting a new "stitching nest," and that makes me a little anxious - I have this one all broken in now!

I got in some fabrics today - the Ocean Fog lugana I ordered from Dyeing4U was a major disappointment - instead of being a medium sage green with heavy mottling, it arrived as a greyish cream with very few tan splotches. Wow, way off. But Barbara at Dyeing4U was more than wonderful about all of this, and she is immediately exchanging it for their Nautical Lights opalescent lugana, which she is also using right now to stitch The Queen Mermaid - she sent me a scan of her WIP -- and it was so nice, so this is all resolved well! I also received my first Fabric of the Month from Silkweaver (a nice deep blue similar to Millennium Blue - I already know what to use it for.....), and the 32 ct Silkweaver Blue Dynasty lien from Laurel's Stitchery came in too - really nice piece! As well, I got Welcome Stitching Club Part 3 by Elizabeth's Designs in today too - now that the first three of four are here, and are being released so rapidly, I think it is time to start kitting this neat project up! Cool!

A small ebay win tonight too: Alphabet Soup #1 Sampler by Brightneedle - love this unique design team so much!

We watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tonight - well, Mike did really - I couldn't get into it, so I worked on Fairy Flora's face instead. It is kind of a silly movie, really.... but as long as it is somehow sci-fi, Mike is cool with it!

Laundry, laundry, laundry - need I say more?? That pretty much describes the whole rest of my day :-)

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, the fairy is progressing lovely. You have done a lot.
I love the alphabet soup either. If't funny.
Hope your new sofa will make a even better stitching nest...

tkdchick said...

Carol great progress on your fairy. Oooh a leather Lay Z Boy I'd be in heaven!!!!

Don't we all do laundry on Sunday? I've finally go the last load in!