Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I had a little fun today over at the Silkweaver website. I think I just picked up what may well be the perfect solo for Mirabilia's Emerald Mermaid - I posted a pic of the solo above.... My friend Karen stitched her on ice blue belfast and I loved how it came out, and this solo resembles it enough that I had to get it! Seems like the perfect size and was just waiting for me anyhow Dancing
I received the gorgeous belfast solo today that is shown in my January 7 entry - it is beyond perfect for Fairy Flora, so that is going to get started very soon now. I am really excited - I have had that chart since it first came out and could never find quite the right fabric. I appreciate the tips I found on the Mirabilia Bulletin Board that helped me narrow down what kind of color I wanted...even though most on the board seem to lean more towards paler fabrics.

The almost fat quarter of 32 ct Green Apple Reflections came in from Silkweaver today too - so many ideas for that one... I am thinking Rocky Mountain SamplerWink
Anne-les-petites-croix has her new mystery sampler up on her website - Sampler Alter Echo - looks like a pretty one!

It will come as no surprise to anyone now that another snow storm is marching in on us again. I get to stay home tomorrow. Mike needs my Jeep to get to work, since he found out today that it will be a few more days before he gets his back. The good news about that, though, is that the insurance company for the guy who hit him called Mike today and wanted his affidavit. They told him the guy who hit him is not responding to them now, so they are getting suspicious. I am sure this guy is losing his mind since he has now received the copy of the letter Mike wrote to the NH Attorney General and the Insurance Fraud Commission as well. Yay!

So, I get to stitch tomorrow - despite a battle with a stomach bug right now, I plan to stitch. And, my monitor is fixed on my desktop now, so I will be able to finally scan a progress pic tomorrow.

It's New Release Tuesday again - yay - picked up The Village on my way to work this morning - and now I am looking forward to finding time to watch this soon with Mike. I have heard good things about this one!

Right before bed tonight, for some unknown reason, I went on ebay.... and visited a favored seller.... and picked up The Queen Mermaid, as well as a couple of packs of Mill Hill beads needed for various projects...
Stitched on today: Little Wings

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