Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Progress Picture of Little Wings

Well, here it is as of today - I have been working on this for about a week now, and it has been a quick stitch so far. I have had this chart since it came out in 1989, so I am happy that I finally got around to doing it! I am stitching this on Silkweaver Meadow Mist Cashel, a new color for 2005 that came in my Santa Pack... I don't think they have posted this color to their website quite yet, and it is from their Classics category.

Silkweaver sent out its message today that there were new fabrics in their Odds 'n Ends area, so I went right over - seems there is someone who scoops up all of the hand-dyed as soon as the email goes out - I was there within 5 minutes, and as usual, all were gone - except I did manage to get a 12" x 18" piece of Sparkling Sundown on 32 ct linen. I think the vulture just had not clicked that far down the list, because all else was already gone! Geez! I appreciate, though, that I was able to get at least this one little token.

Stitched on today: Little Wings


Unknown said...

She is beautiful, I love the deep tones of her dress. I look forward to seeing more progress pics :)

Kiwi Jo said...

Little Wings is looking adorable, as is your kitty! Our kitty and beagle are regular inhabitants of our bed, no matter what the weather is!

Katrina said...

Hi carol, Little Wings is looking lovely so far, I really like the choice of fabric you picked. Little Wings is gorgeous piece, several of the ladies in my stitching group have stitched it over recent years. I look forward to seeing more progress pics.

Your little Ava kitty is so cute!!