Friday, January 28, 2005

Thank God It's Friday!

How is that for an original header, eh? I really need this weekend - what a tiring week with the snow storms, cranky clients and the big office snafu! Yuck! And, my Mystic Sampler kit came in today - I love it!! As usual, Jeannette Douglas outdid herself and made another pretty class sampler!

Mike took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday after work, and I had yummy Bayou Surf & Turf (low carb style, of course, with creamed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes, and 86 the garlic toast, but add the low carb Margarita - thank you so much!) - it was soooo good!

A big splurge tonight - I ordered a great belfast solo from Silkweaver tonight - really huge at 26 x 36, but it is what I have been looking for to stitch Fairy Moon - I started this one back in about 1995 on Mulberry Cashel and it is about half done - it looks good, but after seeing it on several hand dyed linens, well, that is what I wanted too! Here is the link for the Solo to use with the Fabric Selector.

Well, soon we will settle in to watch Alien vs. Predator, which Mike is dying to watch - and I will stitch...

Unfortunately, I see that Passione Ricamo has pulled its free Christmas Angel chart off of its site, so if you did not get it already, darn, it is gone! I am glad I saved it to my hard drive... but now she has put up the final postcard for her seasonal series, and all together they are so lovely - - OK, now just have to do this one too!

Stitched on tonight: Fairy Flora - will make sure I get back to Little Wings again this weekend, I really don't want to neglect it now!


tanyah said...

Hi Carol,

Its great to see someone else who has a number of projects on the go at any one time - its not just me then!

Have fun stitching on your new fabric ...


Scully said...

Carol, I am stitching Crescent Dreams on a piece of SMF that is almost identical! I am sure fairy Moon will look great on it.
I have looked at you r WIPs and they are great, your Little WIngs looks lovely. Well done.