Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well, I just had to mark my imood as "diseased" today - I had the most grotesque experience this afternoon. I took the elevator in my office building down from my office on the 6th floor to the Arbour Counseling office on the first floor (I work very part time for them as well) to drop off some billing sheets. I was tired and feeling a little under the weather, so I did something I often do.... I leaned against the wall with the back of my head against the wall for the ride.... and something did not feel right! I pulled away and looked back, and I was mortified to see mucous of some sort (phlegm, spit up, snot???) on the wall of the elevator! I work in a low-income interracial city - there are several mental health and methadone clinics and offices in the building. Well, someone thought they were funny today, and I ended up wearing in my hair some of what was on the wall. I almost vomited! I went into the bathroom and scrubbed the back of my head with wet, soapy towels. When I got home tonight, I ran right into the shower and lathered my hair twice. I feel diseased...... Dramatic Death
On top of that, poor Mike has the flu, and he is sooooo sick!! I hope it does not come and visit me next!! Of course, if it must, then I guess Thursday would be OK since we are expecting snow and ice. Yuck!!

I did manage to get something nice off of Silkweaver's Odds & Ends page today - a nice 16" x 26" piece of Green Apple Reflections 32 ct lugana! You can see it here. It's a really good sized cut in one of my favorite colors - and after that elevator incident, I sure needed that pick me up!

My stitching has been so slow the last few days - just getting small amounts done each night - I must be off my game. I'm going to get back at it tonight, though. I want to finish my first house block on HofHRH before I can start L&L's Little Wings.
Walking The Dog Female
Stitched on tonight: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

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