Friday, February 25, 2005

February is drawing rapidly to a close now, and I usually have 4 or 5 finishes by now, but this progress picture of Fairy Flora will show you why I have not had even one yet this year HairyShe has been so much fun to work on, that I cannot bring myself to put her down. She is solid stitching too. You can not see her wings progress well - I will have to try to work on how to get the wings to show better in the photos now. I had to crop it down a bit. It was fun taking the picture with three persian cats crawling around on the table and all were seemingly desperate to get into the photo! This pic is bigger and easier to see at Needle & Thread Bulletin Board - if you are not already a member of this board, you might want to check it out - what a friendly community over there! Dani does a great job of moderating the board and would gladly welcome you aboard!

I found this link while aimlessly surfing today for this amazingly cute chart by Donna Vermillion Giampa:There are actually 12 of these adorable Fantasy Bears on her site - I now know that I must put this in my to-do pile, along with several of the others. Too, too cute!

It was pretty sad getting to my office today - it is the day for the move of the "heavy stuff" - here I am just pootering around in my office waiting for it all to start - when I arrived and approached the elevator, the building manager was down there already moving my and Dr. Krueger's names on the directory. Argh! Now to just sit around and wait for the "Mutt & Jeff" team to come lift and carry for me! In a weak effort to entertain myself while I wait, I tried another silly online quiz - I am just not at all sure how I should take these results though :-)

Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with

I had a nice stash day today - Jill Oxton's Voluptuous Mermaids came in from the trade I made earlier in the week (I am so very, very excited about these mermaid charts!!) and my Silkweaver Fabric of the Month also came in today - I get the 32 ct 18 x 26 jobelan solo option as shown in the link, and this month's fabric is very similar to the yellow/green one shown in the second oval down on their webpage. It is very pretty, but I have no immediate idea what to stitch on it. I like the challenge though :-) And, today I made a good trade for Cari's Garden by Dreams of Stitches with Karen V. - after seeing her completed work of this pretty garden about a week ago in her blog, I knew it was a good one, and is one of only one or two Dreams of Stitches Gardens that I did not already have charts for - so this is also exciting!

I am getting tired of not having any "happy dances" yet for this year - due to starting four large projects since January 1st, I have no completions. But, I strolled by the chart and fabric for The Orchard by Shepherd's Bush - I have had them sitting on the nightstand in one of our spare bedrooms (the one in which I keep all my stash) for some time now, just waiting for me. So, I pulled the threads and started it on a piece of Silkweaver Desert Sky Expressions linen - but my piece is more like antique white with some nice beige marbeling in it - no blue like in their pic. I started it - and will fit it in here and there - I have had the chart since it came out in 1992, so time to do it - and I hope to get a "happy dance" out of it soon :-)

And... found in an email from one of the stitchers in one of my stitching groups today, The Mapping of the Cat Brain - thank you Cheryl in Londonderry, NH for that one! Too funny!

Oh, and just got great news! I am officially confirmed and registered for Betsy Stinner's Mary Queen of Scots Sampler at Celebrations in Nashua, NH in April!

Stitched on today: The Orchard and, of course, Fairy Flora


anneke said...

Hi Carol,
your stitching looks just great! It's big, so it's only logical you haven't had a HD yet. But she is worth the effort!
Good luck with the snow, I wish we would have a little...
have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that Mary Queen of Scots piece is gorgeous! Have fun with the class :)

Your Fairy Flora is looking fantastic too - you've made great progress on it this month. Enjoy The Orchard; I did it a few years ago and it's a cute, quick stitch.


anneke said...

Hi Carol,
can you help me? I want to contact the Asleigh, but I can't leave a comment. I'm not part of and she doesn't allow anonymous comments. But I want to reach her very much: the first blogger from my country!
Can you tell her about me? thanks!

Kiwi Jo said...

Lots of beautiful stitching and upcoming projects Carol! I'm sure you will have a HD soon given the progress you are making. Good luck with the move and settling into your new office. Do you have any cross stitch on your office walls? My therapist has a beautiful picture that I spend a lot of time gazing at when I'm there - it's very restful!

Gill said...

Fairy floral is absolutely beautiful ... she's going to look fanstastic when finished. I was thinking the same as you earlier today, I have only had one finish so far this year and won't have another one for a good while because I've moved onto larger projects, they're worth it though. Keep up the good work!

tkdchick said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for the mention and for the BB link! Slowly we're getting more members!

I love the class piece you've signed up for... want to trade for it when you're done???