Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Got a funny for you today - found in Standard Monkey's Blog, Learn Chinese in Five Minutes - give it a chance, it could save your life abroad...! (Small disclaimer, I hope I don't offend anyone, just switch on your sense of humor - thanks!).

Looky, looky, looky - how cool is Haunting Mermaid??This is an upcoming new release from Carriage House Samplings. This one is calling my name - can't wait till it hits the shops! Must get this one!

The fabric finally came in from Silkweaver today so I can start the Petal Fairy SAL with Karen now! Karen, just tell me when, OK? I also received the gorgeous fat quarter of 32 ct Blue Fusion Expressions Lugana in the order - ooooo, nice new shade! Any of Mirabilia's mermaids, as well as soooo many other neat projects, will look great on this new shade! What nice mottling, well done!

I think I will sign up to take the Mary Queen of Scots Sampler class with Betsy Stinner at this year's Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, NH in April.... I like to take one of their classes each year, but this year there just was not much that appealed to me.... but this one looks nice. I took a class with Betsy last year (Rebecca's Sampler, which is also shown on the site for this year) - it was a nice class, and I have loved Earth Threads since its inception, so I don't mind taking another class with Betsy. I was hoping, though, to get a chance to take a class with a different instructor this year, but like I said, this one sampler stands out apart from the others :-)

Looks like a long weekend ahead - the big storm will be weak in the Boston area, but is aiming straight for the Merrimack Valley - which encompasses both my job area and my home - looks like a foot to a foot and a half may be on its way for tonight through tomorrow night. This is amazing as it was almost 50F all day today. But that is New England - the weather here shifts so fast that this therapist would almost diagnose it as "BiPolar" :-) Arrgh. Gonna just try to enjoy the time off and not stress out missing work. That is the joy of self-employment after all.

Had to run to WalMart for Diet Coke tonight, and there they were - the New England Patriots Super Bowl Championship shirts! Picked one up for me and one for Karen! She was so sweet to watch it all the way in Australia and stay online with me the whole game - it was fun, so this is my gift to her! Thanks again Karen!

Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars (at work) and Fairy Flora

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Nicole said...

The next trunk show at Cross Stitch Unlimited (in Arlington) starting some time this month is Carriage House. I'm not familiar with their work so I'm looking forward to seeing all the trunk show pieces up.

Still no snow - i'm hoping it at least snows in Marlborough so I can leave work early and have a half day off to clean, i know it won't snow at home (waltham) so i have no worries about shoveling, but so far the radar is showing just rain rain rain...