Friday, February 11, 2005

Here is my progress on Petal Fairy. I started it last night and worked on it a bit more today. Once again, my scanner is clueless as to how to properly scan a fabric color. I adjusted it a bit - the original scan made the fabric green and grey. My fabric is a lovely light beige with plentiful mottling - gorgeous, really....Here is the accurate scan from Silkweaver.

I received my monthly fiber club delivery today from Paw Prints Cross Stitch - this month they sent blues and purples, and the fibers are Caron Watercolours, Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Crescent Colours Floss, Six Strand Sweets Floss and Needle Necessities:I notice that the fiber clubs I am in send a skein of Caron Watercolours every time - I wish they wouldn't as I have no use for them. I suppose I will put up an auction on ebay for a large lot of Caron Watercolours soon??

But that wasn't enough stash enhancement for this addict/lunatic/compulsive stash buyer. Oh no, had to get this new Silkweaver Solo today too:I don't know yet what I plan to stitch on it, so I will save its link and fiddle around with it in the Fabric Selector. I don't know for sure why I bought this (it is not like I regret it), since I received and paid my invoice for my Fabric of the Month today as well....sigh.

I had a chance to watch The Notebook today. I had no expectations for this movie, as I had not heard much about it. I was amazed, what a great story. It was overwhelming, very well done, A+A+A+! It made me feel very emotional. A truly beautiful story, and I think I will buy the novel now too.

Here's Ryan's new car for 2005 (a switch by NASCAR from the Dodge Intrepid to the Dodge Charger - I love it - great look!!) - and the Budweiser Shootout is tomorrow night! Yes! Finally some NASCAR!(Photo is from
We went out to dinner tonight at Yuki Asian Grill in Manchester, NH - it was our first time there, was very good. We both enjoyed filet mignon, lobster tail and shrimp cooked in front of us on the hibachi grill. Very pricey, though ShockedAfter dinner, we stopped next door at Boston Cone & Candy and picked up some chocolates too - nice old fashioned stuff. Mine, of course, are sugar free.
Now to relax at home for the rest of the evening - which means, stitch! We did not plow out our driveway yet, and the 5" of heavy wet snow from yesterday is going to be hard to move, but we have to get cracking on that tomorrow when we have some sun trying to help us out! Yuck! Thank God we have four wheel drive trucks so we can get in and out of our driveway.

Here's something cute - as a child and family psychologist, I maintain several magazine subscriptions for my waiting room, and as a result I get a lot of emails from the magazines - here is a cute one from Seventeen Magazine that I received today: Are You His Type? Remember taking these fun quizzes when we were kids :-) I did it based upon my old high school dating experiences - each time I got "opposites attract," yet I married someone just like me after all!

Stitched on today: The Petal Fairy and Fairy Flora

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Katrina said...

Hi Carol, great to see that you've started the petal fairy! love the fabric too, I'll look forward to seeing more of her. I hope to get back to mine this week as the end is in sight with the baby sampler, lol.