Saturday, February 05, 2005

Here is a new progress picture of Fairy Flora. I add my usual disclaimer that this fabric is not really this color, but.... upon closer inspection it appears that my scanner did not do as badly this time, this is getting closer to the actual color of this fabric! I can't believe it!

Let the melting begin! It actually hit 60 Fahrenheit in Auburn, NH for quite a while today! A little taste of spring, yet the forecasters warn that our weather on Thursday will remind us that winter is not done with us yet - perhaps another good sized storm, in the form of ice and snow, will appear. But, it is nice while we have it. Perhaps you know the old saying, "If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a day or two and it will change."

Our sofa shopping is on hold for a little bit now. We just cannot find anything we like for the price we feel is reasonable. It turns out that the set I liked at La-Z-Boy Galleries is over $2,300 just for the sofa - we thought that the price was for both the sofa and the loveseat. Just can't buy that one out of principle. Too much! So, the search continues....

We spent a good part of today looking for a mailbox, with no luck. The snow plow hit ours a week or so ago. Mike and I cannot find a mailbox that is made for the type of post our builder gave us - one of those pretty stone posts with the house number engraved at the top in black.... So I ended up calling our builder and leaving them a message asking for guidance with finding the right kind of mailbox for that post. Our neighbor's box got hit as well, and she has replaced hers with the right type. But, I cannot find her number or email address, and she works weekends.... I am sure the builder will assist us.... but with all of the stash I order, I sure do need a sturdy mailbox here!

Speaking of that.... Just Nan's Baby Garden came in today - it is so pretty I wonder if I should become a mom in my 40's now just so I can stitch it ROTFLI also received Alphabet Soup #1 Sampler by Brightneedle and 18th Century Southern Garden by Liz Turner Diehl from ebay sellers.

I realized that I needed some Color Wash Silk in Burnt Toast for the garden pattern, so I visitedStitching Bits and Bobs, since they have a 25% off everything Super Bowl Sale going on, and ordered that silk and a new pair of Cougar 4" Scissors (not fancy ones, but good enough to keep at work for when I stitch - they will be much better than the kid scissors I have been using there!) and a fat quarter of Sugar Maple Fabrics' sky 28 ct lugana - will need that for when I eventually get Summer Fairy Spirit to complete my Passione Ricamo fairy series - this is the fabric it calls for, and had to get it at this great price....

We watched Mr. 3000 this afternoon. I bought it because I am such a huge baseball fan - it was OK - I loved that they had the Red Sox shown in the opening scene - but am not a big Bernie Mac fan... still enjoyed it (for what it was....).

I am getting a little disappointed that my Silkweaver Solo for Petal Fairy still has not come in. That is really delaying the SAL with Karen.... They emailed me a few days ago apologizing that they had overlooked my PayPal receipt and had just come across it. They said they would ship as soon as they could, but they did not say when.... sigh.... But, in the meantime, I am loving seeing the wonderful progress my friend Katrina has been making on this piece. Gorgeous!

I just decided to do a quick look on ebay - and am psyched! I managed to get Paradigm Lost by Long Dog Samplers for a steal!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora


Anonymous said...

Fairy Flora is gorgeous Carol. I've not seen her before so I'll be interested to watch your progress on her.

It sounds like you have been doing a lot of stash shopping. I was talking to a lady the other day who I found out does cross stitching and I asked her what she had in her stash. Stash? she said ... 'I only have the one I'm doing now' What???? No stash???? Well you're not a 'proper' stitchaholic then I thought lol

Hope your fabric turns up very soon - Petal Fairy is so pretty!

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, your fairy flora is looking lovely. Isn't Just Nan's Baby Garden too cute, its on my wish list too, lol. Another JN I've just added to my wish list is the new Love Letters,have you seen it yet?

good luck for the hunt to find a new mail box too, can't have all your lovely new stash arriving to no letterbox, lol!