Friday, February 04, 2005

We awoke this morning to this winter wonderland outside of our kitchen window! The 1" or so of light snow called for by the forecasters for last night was, well... a little bit off! This time around it is the wet, heavy snow, as you can see by how well it is clinging to the trees out in my yard! I would be disgusted, but we do have warmer temps coming for next week (please, please be true!!) and a good amount of this will melt away!Snow Storm
While I had the chance today, I took a scan of my progress on Beneath the Stars - this is a whimsical little project by Dragon Dreams that I started sometime last year and put down to finish some larger projects. I recently made it into my "at work" project, for those times when patients don't come in and I don't feel like doing my paperwork. It has gotten a little bit of attention here and there over the past couple of weeks, and now I am feeling positively that I will be able to get this done quite soon. I am stitching it on the Dutch Blue Cashel as recommended by Jennifer (and this time, the scanner understood the color!), along with the recommended rayon floss...

I posted two items up on ebay today - I have not done that for some time now because bidding has been so slow over there, but today I figured I would give it a shot again. If you want to see, I listed SJ Designs - Peaches & Cream which includes the embellishment pack, and Moira Blackburn - Nobody Loves Me because I (oddly) have two of these, only need one ROTFL
New freebie now available from
Victoria Sampler! Wow, two in a row all in less than a month! What a treat! This one, as you can see, is a pretty bookmark called "Friends Count" - so nice! Thanks again Thea!

My Silkweaver Solo for Fairy Moon came in today, and it is just gorgeous! They emailed me a couple of days ago, and the solo I ordered a week ago for Petal Fairy, as well as the Blue Fusion Expressions - 32 ct lugana I ordered because it is soooo pretty, are delayed because they overlooked my PayPal receipt.... so hopefully they will come in soon, as I really want to start that Petal Fairy SAL with Karen - getting started seems to be taking forever!

We went out to dinner tonight at Cactus Jack's, one of our all-time local favorites, and then picked up some new DVDs - Without A Paddle (too many of my clients and friends told me this one is funny) and, of course, NASCAR Nextel Cup Series 2004 because I must keep my collection complete, even though Ryan Newman had a lackluster year (I know 2005 holds something special for him, I can just feel it!).

I watched Shall We Dance? while I was stitching this afternoon. I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie! Richard Gere sure is aging well. It was a sweet story, with plenty of comedy too. I so highly recommend this movie! It was fairly easy to stitch to, but I did put my stitching down a couple of times during the early stages of dance lessons because they were so entertaining!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora

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