Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Finally, a 2005 Happy Dance for me!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI was able to finish Beneath the Stars by Dragon Dreams today. I started this one sometime in 2004 and it got put aside. Earlier this year, I pulled it out, put it in my briefcase and decided to work on it when I could at work. Lately, I have found time. Today I had to go to the post office to pick up something I got on ebay as a surprise for a friend - I was so frustrated because the package had postage due on it! Come on, I paid an arm and a leg for shipping, and now postage due too? To top it off, our little backwoods post office takes lunch from 11:30 - 12:30, and, of course, I arrived there, in the snow, at 11:50 AM! So, I had to kill time. I pulled Beneath the Stars out of my briefcase and backstitched almost all of the third dragon while I was waiting for the post office to re-open. Later today, I had the "joy" of the wording and gold stars - I will be honest, I hated every last second of working with the Kreinik #4 002J braid - this is stitched on cashel, and done in hand without a Q-Snap, and that bloody braid snagged and would not lie flat.... and argh, just glad it is done, not thrilled with how it worked out, but it is done! Yay!

Anyhow, now I am being fickle again and am changing the order in which I plan to stitch some projects - more precisely, I have added one in! I am now in the process of kitting up Green Old Gardens by Elizabeth's Designs for my new "at work" project. I found that I have a nice piece of R&R Light Espresso 36 ct linen in my stash from a good decade ago when Needle in a Haystack was in business in Manchester, NH. I have the four WDW flosses too, but now the hold up is digging out the necessary DMC flosses. I started for a bit, but got tired and the cats were getting a bit rambunctious in my stash room.... but I must get back to that, as this one has really caught my eye!

Oh, got some new stash in today - got that fat quarter of Wichelt Raspberry hand dyed 32 ct lugana from ebay - the lovely raspberry and lavender swatch shown by the seller and posted recently here in my blog sure was wrong - I just received a piece of hot pink fabric! Yucky!! I also received the most recent cashel solo from Silkweaver - it is much more olive than I expected and I am thrilled with it! The ideas are flowing all over the place for this one! Oh, and the embellishment pack came in for Great Lakes Lowland Sampler by Jeannette Douglas.

Oh, I scooped up a new Silkweaver Solo too - Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've got some ideas for this long, slim piece...

Oh, and I think I won the BINGO game in the New England Cross Stitchers group today - I haven't heard anything officially, but nobody else has called Bingo... wonder what happens now??

Well, little else to say, we are under the siege yet again of Old Man Winter, and Spring is only a week away, right? We are snowbound yet again! Everyone is getting mighty restless - and borderline suicidal/homicidal, quite frankly. Come on Spring!

Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars (finished!!) and Fairy Flora (anyone surprised??)


Unknown said...

Congradulations! It came out wonderful! I also hate stitching with the braid, i actually don't mind stitching with blending filament so quite often i choose a matching DMC color, stitch the X's with that and then do a half stitch with filament over top to give it the shine.

Thanks for posting a pic, I can't wait to start a new dragon piece, I have finished a lot lately without starting anything new, i think it's almost time to change that ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Carol!

Congratulations on your finish! It's too cute! I am happy dancin' for you in SC :)
I am another stitcher that really doesn't care to stitch with the braids. Like Nicole, I don't mind the blending filament, but I had to learn a trick to make it much easier to stitch with-I use the same trick on the braids, but they can still be a pain at times :)

WOOHOO, were you a BINGO winner?? Do tell :)

I am off for another day out with friends and family this time :) -it's beautiful here, but chilly :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Gill said...

Its really weird, exactly the same thing happened to me today, I bought some fabric off ebay and the seller didn't put any postage on it at all. Not good! Well done for persisting with the braid, your finished dragons look great.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!