Friday, March 04, 2005

Floss Tosses for Earth Angel

I am about to embark on an SAL of L&L's Earth Angel with Jenn, and I am really excited. Today I stopped at Ben Franklin's on my way home from work and picked up all the DMC floss for this project. I have decided not to use the gold metallic that MLI suggests - it is used to make individual sparkly stitches above, around and under the earth... I have opted to use gold Mill Hill beads instead, similar to what I did with L&L's Enchanted Alphabet, except those were teal blue beads.... sorry, no pic of my work, I have never taken its picture, so I will soon and add it to my album.... hmmm.... After spending a lot of time doing floss tosses, today I made my final decision - I am going to use Silkweaver's new 32 ct Blue Fusion Expressions lugana - it looks like it has clouds :-) The fabric is deeper than it shows in my lousy pic, but the Silkweaver site's scan that I linked in this entry is better. Perfect! I was going to go with a Silkweaver solo that was blue and lavender, due to the lavender in the flowers under the earth - (super poor quality, yikes, sorry) - I still like that a lot, but just have to use the Blue Fusion now that I have seen it with the flosses. The pic above at the top of this entry shows the floss, chart and beads on the Blue Fusion lugana (sorry about poor picture quality....). Now Jenn is seeking out her fabric, so once that is all set and is in hand, we can start.... in the meantime, I will work on my regular projects and the Petal Fairy SAL with Karen needs some attention too :-)

Opinions on which fabric looks best to you are highly desired and will be valued - thanks!!!!!!! I can be swayed if necessary.... Would her wings show up better on the second fabric, the solo with the lavender in it? (Blue Fusion is the top picture, and the Solo is the second one).

I came across this picture of Beau and Gig, my two blonde boys, in my camera today - I took it a few days ago. They never sit together, so I had to snap this photo. I had been sitting next to them stitching before I got up to take the picture. They were both vying for my attention and I thought it was so cute! Beau (on the left) is growing out his winter shave, and it is an awkward stage for him :-) He probably doesn't want me posting this pic on the net - LOL

The mailman was again quite good to me today - he delivered Kind Fond Love Sampler by Brenda Keyes, Angel of the Harvest by Barbara Baatz, and the two long overdue (sent by dreaded media mail.... argh... why do sellers do this??) Mickey Mouse books, Mickey & Minnie Portrait and another called Walt Disney Characters in Counted Cross Stitch by Paragon Needlecraft/Gloria & Pat Designs... Yay, good stuff yet again!

I think I figured out for what I am going to use my newly ordered piece of Sudden Storm Expressions Jobelan - I am going to restart L&L's Nantucket Rose on it (as long as it is not too dark - Silkweaver shows it on lugana on their site, but jobelan tends to dye darker). Anyhow, I started this one at least ten years ago on blah blah grey linen. I stitched a blob of medium size, maybe 10 hours of stitching or so. The color is OK, if not a bit blah, but I hate the texture of the linen so I put it away - and I love this design so much. I think I may now be able to restart it on prettier fabric. Very cool! Just hoping it works well when the fabric comes in... otherwise, at least my interest is re-sparked so I can seek out a better fabric for this gorgeous chart.... and may need an SAL partner for this one, if anyone is interested??

Happy Weekend to Everyone!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora (I got those wings done tonight! Not the beading - that is for the end - But, all those stitches with the blending filament - DONE!!)


Anonymous said...

Aww! All of your kitties are totally gorgeous!

I vote for the Blue Fusion - I think it will work really well for that design :)


BeckySC said...

I agree, your kitties are gorgeous!

I also vote for Blue Fusion. I am anxious to keep up with this one :)

Stash again today??? Lucky girl :)!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!