Thursday, March 24, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is my progress picture of Green Old Gardens - I brought it to work with me today :-) This is a super fun stitch, so delicate, I love it!

I also started Miracle Butterfly tonight, since the SAL begins this weekend. This is also a really fun project (though, yes, I did have to do a bit of frogging already...)Image hosted by Photobucket.comDoesn't look like much yet, does it? LOL! I am stitching it on Silkweaver 32 ct Chocolate Hand Dyed Lugana. This fabric is a treat to stitch on - my needle is just flying right through it. Sweet!

Today is my "Friday," as I opted to take tomorrow off, partially because it is Good Friday and partially because every other Friday has been orchestrated by me to be a light day... this week is such a Friday and it was easy to just get the day off. I am so looking forward to the long weekend!

We went to the bookstore this evening, and I came across the current issue of Cross Stitch Collection (April 2005), another British magazine. I knew I had to have it when I saw that it has a really pretty band sampler by Patricia Ann Designs...Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy friends and regular readers of my blog know that I have been seriously collecting Patricia Ann charts for a while now... this one is a neat addition! I want to stitch it up, but have to order a pricey skein of Needle Necessities Kreinik #4 braid for the kloster blocks... sigh. Here is what the actual issue cover looks like, in case anyone else wants to get it:Image hosted by
You know, I have often wondered if there is some way to coordinate a group of stitchers to swap off partial skeins of fibers. You know how we all end up paying a whole lot for a skein of a fiber just to use a little bit for a project... and then we have a whole lot left over? Well, wouldn't it be fun if we could find some way to have a swap for fibers we need in small quantity, and not have to pay for whole skeins of pricey fibers when we only need a little? I wonder how that could be set up and if others would be interested in something like that? I have tons of fibers that meet that criteria - mostly silks and overdyed fibers...

Our journey out this evening also resulted in some fun, older DVDs for our collection: Street Fighter (a silly one, but Mike likes Van Damme), The Wash (also a silly one, but we are both suckers for Snoop Dogg), and Modern Problems (classically funny) - these were all on the bargain shelf :-) We love movies, can you tell??

Stitched on today: Green Old Gardens at work, and Miracle Butterfly


Unknown said...

Wow, the colors in Green Old Gardens are so much more vibrant than the picture on the leaflet. That is coming along so beautifully!

I have a modest but not miniscule collection of WDW threads ( i love collecting fibers ) :) If you ever need a small amount (as in not enough to warrant the $2 each or so! Feel free to send me an email and maybe i'll have it, i'm working on making up a list this weekend actually because i just offered the same to a friend last night and you're close enough that the mail travels fast! :)

Anonymous said...

Good blog. Keep it running!