Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday.... Again??

Boy, it sure was hard to get up this morning and go to work. I am grateful that the temps are above freezing during the day (at least for this upcoming week now....) and no snow in the forecast. But, boy it was hard to get up and go!

I got in my three Silkweaver Expressions 32 ct Jobelan fat quarters today - Everglade for The Woodland Fairy, Sudden Storm for Nantucket Rose and Spring Garden for ???? - I had thought it would be good for Mermaid Heaven, but I don't think so any longer - it is much greener than I had anticipated (at least for this project)... but it is lovely fabric and now comes the fun of selecting a project for it!

But, that is not my big news of the day. I received an unbelievable parcel full of chartpacks for Mystic Meadows, Spring Morning, Misty Morning Vineyard, Nantucket Violets, Summer Fairy Spirit (too cool, I had just gotten the fabric in for this one a few days ago!), Miracle Butterfly (after reading the story about this one on the chartpack, I might do it soon - it looks like it could be a pretty quick stitch) and Winter Fairy Spirit!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI think Miracle Butterfly will look quite good on the Chocolate Silkweaver 32 ct hand dyed lugana that is sitting in my stash..... I knew it was waiting around for something good! This fairy is designed after a butterfly that Laura, the designer, rescued from her swimming pool. She initially assumed it was dead. It had one broken wing.... but after a while, it came to life, and was even able to fly with the broken wing. This butterfly truly inspired her, and this fairy is the product of this lovely event and her inspiration.... how can I resist that?

Stitched on today: The Orchard at work (but had to frog a bit, still some frogging left to do, because I seemed to have forgotten how to read symbols for a while today) and Fairy Flora (she even needed a little frogging today - found a little boo boo that I did a while back....)

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Hi Carol!
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Happy stitching! Bea