Monday, March 07, 2005

New Fairy Flora Progress Pic - She has wings!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNikki asked today if I had a new photo of Fairy Flora, so I took her off the scrolls tonight and here she is - she has her wings now (except for the beading). There is another cluster of peaches and branches to do next to her right wing (meaning... on the left side of the project), and then I can scroll down and work on that dense bottom section some more. I keep feeling like I am making progress, but then when I look at her I realize, "So near.... yet oh so very far" still - LOL!

Well, some more stash came in today - I enter this to keep track for myself, and imagine it is boring for others: Crystal Christmas and some assorted Kreinik braids came in today from the trusty ebay seller, as well as the 32 ct Thunder lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics (which I am really disappointed with - barely any of the necessary black/gray in it! It is basically blue with plenty of white.... not sure it is going to look dramatic enough for Midnight Hunting - I am disappointed because it was a big step to invest this money into this fabric for this piece). I also got in a good sized order from Silkweaver - no disappointments here - 32 ct Rock Quarry lugana, 32 ct Rainbow Sparkle lugana (now I know what I will use to stitch Rainbow Birds...) and one of the solos I ordered recently - the one shown in my February 23 entry - and that one is perfect for Cinderella :-)

Well, the Yankees beat the Red Sox tonight in their first Spring Training game - oh well, doesn't mean a thing :-) Would have been nice, though, if A-Rod and Jeter had even bothered to have shown for the game! I only caught glimpses of it here and there, after all 24 was on tonight!

OK, the Storm Gods hate us! What is with the 6-8" of snow and heavy winds coming in as of tomorrow afternoon, after giving us a relatively warm (at least, normal for this time of year) day today??? Geez! Mike was going to fix the weatherstripping around our garage doors tomorrow (the chippies and mice have munched on it to get either in or out of the garage this winter - this is life living in a wooded area), but I guess that may have to go on hold for a few more days.... sigh....

Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars at work - just some backstitching and some of the wording to do - so close now to a finish!, and Fairy Flora (peaches, peaches, peaches tonight)


Nicole said...

Absolutely beautiful! She is really coming along, and I really love her wings! Thanks so much for posting a new picture :)

I can't wait to see Beneath the Stars finished too, i think i have this pattern (not sure as i have a lot of DD patterns) and i love the cute little dragons.

I can't believe this storm! When does winter end...

BeckySC said... BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh, you don't know how much this makes me want to get my chart out and start on her!!!! BUT, I won't, not yet, I need to stay "focused" ..ROFL!!!!

She is absolutely stunning, Carol!
Thank you so much for the update!!!

Have a great day!