Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Petal Fairy is back...

Tonight I figured it was time to work on Petal Fairy again. I think that switching my big projects off every night is really working out well for me - I certainly am not getting bored with any of them, and they are all making great progress. So, I guess I somehow figured out the secret that works best for me. I am really pleased with how this fairy is coming along. The colors are so intensely vibrant, and the wings are so delicate. I am glad I selected this very neutral lugana solo from Silkweaver for this fairy. It really compliments the bright floss colors. So, tonight she got a bit of her petal skirt, some of the flower stem and a bit more of her sparkly wings :-)

I agreed to another (smaller) SAL tonight. My friend Karen asked me tonight if I would like to do Peacock Cypher by Just Nan along with her. Since I am moving along quickly on the project I am doing at work, I guess I can start bringing this one to work soon. After all, I did set a goal for 2005 to stitch any one of Just Nan's projects, so this will help me to meet that goal! I went over to Laurel's Stitchery tonight and ordered the embellishment pack - I realized I only have the chart for this one :-) For the life of me, though, I cannot tell by the photo what this project says! The cypher befuddles me :-) Maybe when I look at it closer and get into it I will figure it out?? Does anyone know what this sampler says??

I have added a subscription link to my sidebar here in my blog if anyone is interested in joining the fiberswappers group that I started up over the weekend. Some chatter of trades is already beginning, and hopefully, if you are reading this blog, you will want to join us in the fun??!! We would love to have any serious stitcher join us!

Stitched on today: Green Old Gardens at work, and Petal Fairy :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!
Petal Fariy is looking lovely! I just purchased this and the Feather Fairy to stitch for my daughter, she loves fairies and butterflies. I love ALL the progresses you have been sharing! WOW!!! Your stitching is awesome!
Thanks for sharing :)

Susie said...

Wow, Carol! Your progress pics lately are gorgeous! I can't believe how fast you stitch. I am so slow! It would take me a year to do one of those fairies!

Unknown said...

Petal Fairy sure is a pretty one. Rotating on so many large projects as you are is really working out. I don't tend to rotate so much as start something new, focus until i get bored and then either pick up something old or start something else new :) Sometimes I luck out and finish a piece!

Gill said...

She is so beautiful Carol, I have to stitch her soon! And your Fairy Flora is looking fantastic too. You are inspiring me. Thanks for sharing the progess pics:)

Kiwi Jo said...

Great work Carol!! This is what Just Nan has to say about the verse in Peacock Cypher: "Now for the best part: this sampler has a secret. The verse is in code, and you will have to use the clues we have provided in the leaflet to find the solution. However, you are all on your honor to NEVER reveal the solution. Nan promises that all of your stitches will come undone when you least expect it if you don't keep the secret! (And her curses work!)". This is a very pretty piece and I'm sure once I see your WIP I'll want to start it too!

I showed Pete your comments about him and he went bright red. He really is a rather shy lad! He might shut up about the solos now!!

Karen said...

Petal Fairy is looking beautiful, Carol! Seeing yours on the neutral fabric makes me think that Desert Sky might be the perfect choice for mine :)

I'll look forward to your progress pics of Peacock Cypher - this one's on my wishlist.

Karen V

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, you are making great progress on Petal - turbo needles huh?!? fingers crossed, the beads I need to finish my Petal might be in the mailbox today so maybe I'll be happy dancing later, lol.

glad you liked the post card too!