Friday, March 25, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comProgress as of this evening on Miracle Butterfly. Funny, I stitched on it until late last night, and I gave it a few hours today, but it still looks like blobs and not a whole lot else :-)

Well, I took the idea of fiber swapping a step further today thanks to a suggestion from Karen V.. I started up a group over on Yahoo called Fiberswappers - please come and join us! This group is designed for swapping either fibers or charts.... it is particularly focused on those times when you come across a chart that requires a pricey fiber. We have all been there before - you go out and buy a skein of the pricey fiber and use just a little of it, leaving lots left over with no purpose. This group may help to clear some of the extras out and get some of the fibers you need!! Ideas, tips, advice.... all are welcome here! Hope to see you there!

The framer called today! My three projects were ready, over a week early!!! We went and picked up Mystery VI - Indian Summer Reflections, Storm Bringer and Shimmering Mermaid - I am rather pleased with each of them. I have not taken pictures of them yet, and will try to do that this weekend to post here in my blog.... right now Mike and I simply cannot agree on where to hang them. We are having quite a disagreement. I think that I, as the stitcher, get first say.... argh.... Anyhow, will get photos up of them soon :-) I am so psyched they were ready so early!

My FOTM from Silkweaver came in today, and it is an absolutely gorgeous color this month!Image hosted by

I also received the Toni Goffe Sugar kit from ebay today - just so cute! And, I was high bidder for Green Tree by Carriage House Samplings, which I have been eyeing for a while. But, now that I am in two FOTM clubs and two fibers clubs each month, as well as falling prey to so many INS sales... and the weather is improving enough to visit my LNS out at the beach more often now... I will likely not be on ebay very much for a while, except maybe to sell here and there....

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason today - very funny! This movie did not disappoint at all! And, it was easy to stitch to!!

I somehow lost the bottom section of my sidebar here in my blog today... no idea what I did but all the code for Karen's weatherpixie, my counter and the credits for my blinkies went 'poof' and are not in my template any longer. I readded the blinkies for the credits, but now have to find the links again. Yikes! I will have to get right to that out of respect for the blinkie makers :-) And, I have to get Karen's weatherpixie back on line too! My long nails must have hit some kind of delete somewhere along the way....

Oh, some signs of spring today! Mike took his Corvette out of storage, and my little 'tete a tete' daffodils have broken through the earth and are little green sprouts right now. I wish I could say the same for my crocuses, but they are along the edge of my driveway.... due to tons of plowing this winter we have huge snow piles there and the crocuses are now under over an inch of ice. I hope a few warm days will take care of that!

Stitched on today: Miracle Butterfly and Fairy Flora


Kiwi Jo said...

The yahoo group is a great idea Carol. Pete is being very rude and reading over my shoulder. His comment to your beautiful fabric was - "Hey, it's another one of those messed up fabrics. Oh look, I can see the Virgin Mary". Don't worry I'll give him a good slap for you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Isabelle said...

Hi Carol, thanks for setting up the new Yahoo group!
Hey, but you _did_ stitch a fair bit on Miracle Butterfly already!

Glad to hear that Spring is on its way in New Hampshire too! :D

Have a great weekend.