Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Recap of February Goals:
1) Start Petal Fairy SAL with Karen - yes, I did!
2) Work on Fairy Flora - yes, I did a lot!
3) Work on Little Wings - no, didn't touch it....
4) Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - no, didn't touch it....
5) Finish Beneath the Stars at work - no, but made good progress

March Goals:
1) Continue to work on Fairy Flora
2) Continue Petal Fairy SAL with Karen
3) Start Earth Angel SAL with Jenn
4) Finish Beneath the Stars at work, then start Mystic Sampler at work
5) Finish The Orchard

Snow, snow, snow - when will it ever end? Spring is around the corner - or so says the calendar. But, I am not so sure Mother Nature agrees. We did not get the huge snow that was forecasted. Instead of 12"-15" we got about 4". But plans were already made to be home today - clients were already calling off as of yesterday. We managed to get out this afternoon, and as we left our street we found a gorgeous wild turkey hen running in the road, she could not figure out how to get herself over the snowbank to get back into the woods. I do hope she finally figured it out - she was not around when we got back, and I hope nobody hit her. Also on the way back from WalMart there was a pickup truck rolled over on Rte. 28 in Hooksett, NH - the roads weren't bad, so I wonder what happened - he must have hit a slick patch? Yikes!

Well, I am pleased with this Silkweaver Cashel Solo I was able to get today - I am thinking one of the other Dracolair dragons might look nice on this. The colors are so neat, that I am sure I will be able to assign it to something quite quickly.

We managed to pick up our NE Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Champions DVD while we were out. Yay!! I own all of their Super Bowl DVDs, and it is growing to be a nice collection now... And, for Mike, we picked up Flight of the Phoenix.

Jenn from the New England Cross Stitchers Bulletin Board e-mailed me about doing an Earth Angel SAL, and I think that sounds like fun - so I am looking forward to digging through my fabrics and making my choice....

I am really pleased to have been able to order Moonlit Orchid and Secret Garden by Patricia Ann Designs from Stitching Bits & Bobs today - my only concern is when will I ever get the charts? I find this shop to be reliable, but very slow.......... I started shopping with them when they first opened and a one week turn around was typical. Now she seems to post sales almost daily, gets tons of orders and then the wait begins - and goes on and on - to get the order here.... I wish I could find an equally reliable but faster INS.... if anyone knows of one.... thanks!!!!! In the meantime, I will sit and wait. I am still waiting on all those Nashville Releases I ordered from her a while back too... sigh....

Here is my progress as of this evening on The Orchard - it is really funny, again my scanner cannot grasp the fabric color properly. My fabric looks like cream with some pale beige and grey blue marbeling - my scanner shows it just like on Silkweaver's site (this is Desert Sky Expressions Belfast) - The floss colors came out dark too, so that gives a guage on how dark the scanner made the linen - LOL. The flosses are 644 perle cotton, 316, 502, 522, 524, 3740.... they don't show that way at all on my scanner - gotta figure out why it is doing that and/or if it can be fixed. Anyhow... fun to stitch! Nice break here and there from my Mirablias and L&Ls!

And, don't miss out on this new freebie from Dragon Dreams - a cute new dragon named Hope!

Stitched on today: Fairy Flora and The Orchard

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol!

WOW, you have an impressive list for your March goals...I can't wait to hear how they are going. Looking forward to some progresses!

I want to stitch Fairy Flora (BTW, your progress is AWESOME!!!)and Little Wings, but have decided not to start any other large projects until I get at least one of my WIP's finished.

I love the look of the SW Cashel..YUMMY!!!!

Have a wonderful evening!