Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Red Sox to be on Queer Eye!

This is too funny! A friend sent me this link - Queer Eye is filming an episode making over several of the Red Sox - wonder how they will handle Johnny Damon? Kevin Millar? Ha! I have never watched this show, but I don't plan to miss this episode :-)
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Q. On *average*, how many hours a week (7 days) do you think that you spend cross-stitching?

A. I have a New Year's Resolution for the second year in a row now to stitch every day, and so far, I have not missed yet - even when travelling - I stitched a good portion of Dragon Dreams' Fairy Tale Sampler on board the Norwegian Crown between Philadelphia and Bermuda last year..... I would guess I stitch 4-5 hours a day. Some days I get to stitch at work - sometimes for five minutes, sometimes for two hours. I love to stitch in the evening - usually 8 PM to midnight. On the weekends, I generally can't start stitching until late in the day.... you know, housework, chores, responsibilities...sigh....OK, so that means about 35 hours per week, on average - almost full time, I guess - LOL
Image hosted by Fairy Tale Sampler as we began our pass around Bermuda to head back to Philly, May 2004, Penthouse Suite, Norwegian Crown.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is my progress for my first night stitching Earth Angel for the new SAL. Doesn't look like much, does it? I am sure the scanner did not capture the fabric correctly, as usual.... Will use digital pics at times to better show the color. I like that this is a smaller "big project" than I have been used toFrozen(Loved this Smiley, but actually, still no snow yet for this week - maybe Sunday into Monday there will be a little or a mix with rain...sigh...makes "sense" - it will be Spring then!)

I received the opalescent solo from Silkweaver today and am thrilled with it!! This fabric is going to be perfect for Dragon of the Summer Sky, which I recently rediscovered in my stash - there always seems to be a Dragon Dreams design looming in my future.... :-)

I also stopped today and picked up the rest of the DMC, the beads and the #4 Kreinik braid I need to start Miracle Butterfly - I am driven by some kind of force to do this one. If I feel like starting it by stitching in hand, I could start taking it to work (the scroll it requires is too big to lug around...).... I do still need a spool of 010HL blending filament for this one, but will order that next time I place an order with an INS, or if I decide to drive out to my LNS, Yankee Cross Stitch in N. Hampton, NH any time soon (I have not been there in months!)....

And, today I was high bidder for a fat quarter of 32 ct Lambswool Jobelan on ebay - Lambswool is my favorite fabric color (of the non-hand-dyed ones, that is) to stock up on.... works for everything, especially samplers....

Stitched on today: The Orchard at work - moving along quickly now, just have the border to do!, and Earth Angel


Unknown said...

Wow 35 hours a week! I'm lucky if i get that in a month but i think working only one job i may get more than 40 a month for a while :)

I have to go through my stash and find those forgotten charts, i know i have Dragon of the Winter Moon that i really want to stitch hidden some place so if you do Summer Sky i will of course be eager for progress pics :) I haven't stitched any large dragon dreams pieces yet. Do you have an online album with pictures of your finished pieces?

Unknown said...

Oh i almost forgot - if you want me to see if my LNS has 010HL bf tonight i can and then i can mail it off to you. I plan on picking up a few kreiniks as it is so it wouldn't be a problem at all, let me know :)