Sunday, March 27, 2005

Well, here is what I did today - I opted for today to be Earth Angel day. I had no energy all day, but somehow managed to stitch quite a bit, although it does not look that way :-) I got most of the earth done. I just have to add the white stitches now, and that should not be too bad. I will do that next time it is this project's turn. The earth sure is a lot of heavy, dense stitching.

Easter was a non-event here. I am saddened that my family did not celebrate with us this year. I gave Mike an Easter basket this morning, and since I do not eat sugar and only take in limited carbs, he dropped off two huge Easter lily plants at my Haverhill office earlier last week. That was our entire Easter.

Silkweaver sent out an email tonight that they were putting up some surprise solos this evening. I am happy they are doing this - I must admit, I was one of those folks who contacted them about not being able to access solos when they are posted at noon on Tuesdays. I had my eye on a certain solo, and I was there when they first popped up, but I passed over that one when I saw this one:Image hosted by Photobucket.comI thought this one was really unique, so I grabbed it instead :-) I can't wait to hear what Kiwi Jo's husband thinks he sees on this one :-) Apparently he thinks the solos are rejects that nobody wants - little does he know - and he said he saw the Virgin Mary on my last one! Funny guy!!

Yuck! The news just reported that roads may be icy for tomorrow morning's commute... oh no, not again!

Stitched on today: Earth Angel


Unknown said...

Wow the detail on the Earth is wonderful! And your framed pieces came out amazing. That was so fast to get them framed as well. You picked out some wonderfully complimentary frames, the mermaid is absolutely exceptional!

Sounds like you had a low key easter as well... we did too (unless you count saturday), but easter itself was low key.

Kitty Couture said...

Wow, that's beautiful stitching! There seem to be so many different shades in this Earth!

That Silkweaver solo is wonderful!

Sorry about the ice... That's not fun :o(