Thursday, March 03, 2005

...What my cats do when I am not home....

...and apparently my husband encouraged this - he took the picture! That's my three girls (I have three boys too) - from front to back that's Anouk, Ava and Lily.... shameful to be on my kitchen table like that! ...And then Angus joined in on the action too! Oh my, some limits really must be set here - who would ever want to use those placements after persian kitties have been sitting and lying all over them - gulp!

I can get it over it, though, because I stumbled across the first Spring Training game for the Red Sox on TV and am enjoying it - they are winning 2-1, with bases loaded and nobody out! How wonderful to watch the Sox on TV again!!!! Spring is coming, at last!

Long day in the new office today - and I think I have figured out why I do not like the room - it is one office with a wall dividing it in half with a doorway - I see my clients in the back portion by the window. I use the front portion for my computer, desk, file cabinets, office stuff. That front room is so dark! I feel like I am in a dungeon. I guess I best start thinking of some creative and attractive lighting options, or else I will just put my head down and take a nap....

Received my Rainbow Birds chart by Valerie Pfeiffer from Laurel's Stitchery today. I am so looking forward to doing this one - it is a good size to be a project to work on at work in the near future :-)

I got an e-mail that Silkweaver is having a great sale until March 15th - any stitcher reading this will not want to miss out on that! I ordered fat quarters of 32 ct jobelan in Everglade, Sudden Storm and Spring Garden. I am thrilled. It says FOTM members can apply additional discounts, so when I get my invoice I will ask about those and factor them in. But with the FOTM discount(whatever that will be), the fabrics are 20% off. I already know what I want to use Everglade for (Woodland Fairy) and Spring Garden (Mermaid Heaven)- Sudden Storm is so beautiful that I will be able to assign it quickly too!!

Stitched on today: Beneath the Stars for a bit at work (rounding towards the end - light finally at the end of the tunnel for my first 2005 finish!) and Fairy Flora


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...seeing this, I wonder what my animals do when I am not home! ROFL!

Oh, I like Valerie Pfeiffer charts and have Blossom Buddies and Berry Time in the wings.

Sounds like a good sale at Silkweavers. I just may have to go over and check that out (I need to curtail my spending for the month tho-as I went a little crazy in February and also have a 100.00 fiber order that should be ready any day!)-can't hurt to look ..who am I kidding???? LOL!

I am anxious for your first 2005 finish. GO Carol Go!!!!

Have a GREAT Friday :)

Susie said...

Oh, those cats! They're so beautiful, and so naughty!

I often think I need a "cat cam" so I can see what Ziggy does during the day. Although I think he probably spends most of the day fast asleep on the sofa.

I love those rainbow birds you got! That will be so much fun to stitch!

Anonymous said...

Your cats are beautiful :)

Our oldest, Thomas, has developed a habit of lying on the kitchen table when I'm in another room. He knows he shouldn't, though, as he leaps off as soon as I walk through the kitchen door LOL