Wednesday, April 20, 2005

17th Century Irish Garden

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSince I wanted to get going on some of the projects that I feel determined to stitch this year, I started Liz Turner Diehl's 17th Century Irish Garden tonight. I purchased the 28 ct natural Irish linen today that it calls for - seemed like a good project not to substitute fabric - so I bought one of those tubes by Charles Craft - geez, haven't done that in years! It is lovely fabric though. I have two LTD kits and she used the irish linen in those too - so I wanted to use what she suggests and am glad I did, even though it is a bit stiff (maybe that is a good thing). I am totally hooked on this one - will not want to put it down to rotate to something else tomorrow, but oh well... this is the upper left part of the center of the garden - the yarrow garden, to be more specific.

I went up to my local needlework shop today, Yankee Cross Stitch in N. Hampton, NH, since it was such a slow day at work (90 degrees F and school vacation in Massachusetts = nobody really wanted to come to counseling this afternoon). I haven't been to Yankee in about six months. I was surprised and a bit disappointed - the stock appeared to be really low today. I don't know for sure what is up - perhaps they are just putting stuff aside for Celebrations next weekend. They had no Mirabilias, save for two copies of the latest release... odd.... Anyhow, I picked up Take Time To Stitch Too (skip the embellishment pack, I have almost everything already and will either get the snail charm or substitute it with something I like better), a skein of McAulvey Manor Needle Necessities for that chart... and a skein of Rainforest Waterlilies, a skein of Anchor Marlitt (need plenty for my upcoming Chatelaine design), a couple of cards of Petite Treasure Braid and a gorgeous pair of little gold scissors that have no brand name on them, but they are tiny and sharp and... well, now I feel better about doing the cutwork on Catherine Agnes :-) Sadly, there was a bad small plane accident just as I was arriving there - just a bit behind the shop, and there were police cruisers, rescue vehicles and helicopters everywhere :-(

The mailman was a good friend again today. My FOTM jobelan solo arrived from Silkweaver today - really pretty, so much like the Golden Turret I am using for Angel of Love. So similar, I had to laugh :-) But, that is a good thing! And, I received some fibers and a cute french chart from a swap with Karen V. today :-)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI forgot to mention that yesterday I was high bidder for Part 4 for the Welcome Stitching Club by Elizabeth's Designs - yay, I have them all now - you can be sure I will start stitching that soon!!!

Red Sox 8, Orioles 0 - we shut out the hottest team in the AL tonight, so that is a good sign for us! The Orioles are really the team we need to beat this year :-)

Image hosted by
Q. Have you ever been asked to do model stitching?
Did you do it? If so, what was your compensation? (money, stash,
etc.) If not, why not?
If you haven't done it, if you were asked would you? Why or why

A. Yes, I used to stitch models for Needle in a Haystack several years ago - it was located in Manchester, NH and later moved to Bedford, NH. The owner at that time had been a friend of mine. She is no longer in business (at least not in the New England area... not sure if she ever opened anywhere else). Since she was a good friend, I happily stitched whatever she asked for - mostly Shepherd's Bush and Just Nan pieces. She paid me in stash. That is what I wanted... felt it was a better deal. Now I will be doing some occasional model stitching for Dragonfly Dreams as they open their new storefront in Katoomba, Australia in July... The owner, Karen, is one of my dearest friends. I don't want any compensation from her, but she is constantly sending me stash anyhow! I have to be super cautious about doing model stitching, as I have six fluffy persian cats here - have to keep those pieces clean from fur... When my old friend closed her shop, she gave me SB's Gathered Hours, which I had stitched for her, to keep... framed up so pretty! Oh, she also gave me my SB Water Woods back too. That was a nice bonus!

Got a couple of discounted DVDs for $4.88 each at WalMart today - classics from my early adolescence... The Bad News Bears (now you see when I started loving baseball, I guess!) and What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (ok, I wasn't an adolescent then...)

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and 17th Century Irish Garden


Isabelle said...

Hi Carol! I saw your comment on my blog about my birthday - come on, you already sent me a pressie: the Orchard! I so much look forward to starting it!

BTW, I just read that you like cute French charts. I shoud really send you some then! I'll take pictures of my magazines so you can take your pick!

Nicole said...

Another great new project :) It's great that you have so many projects going, that means there are more progress pictures to look at which I love :)

How about that weather yesterday?? Sounds like you got to take advantage of it a bit going to Yankee, i've been there once, they are definately larger than the stores around here.

Anonymous said...

Carol, you have so many beautiful projects on the go! I love your start on the Irish Garden and I'm looking foward to following your progress :)

Karen V

Cathy said...

I have a chart that calls for Irish linen as well, a project I want to make for my DD for when she gets a little older. I'll look forward to hearing more about what you think of working with it.

Bea said...

I came back...
Yes, Carol, If I like I'd work on my SAL even if it's not Sunday but now I prefer stitch it only one day because I've so many patterns to finish!!