Friday, April 01, 2005

April Goals & March Recap

Recap of March Goals:
March Goals:
1) Continue to work on Fairy Flora - yes!
2) Continue Petal Fairy SAL with Karen - yes, though Karen had to drop out I am still doing this on my own
3) Start Earth Angel SAL with Jenn - yes!
4) Finish Beneath the Stars at work yes, Happy Dance! then start Mystic Sampler at work - no, got sidetracked when the Nashville releases came out and started Green Old Gardens instead
5) Finish The Orchard - yes, Happy Dance!
***** Also, started Miracle Butterfly SAL on the Needle & Thread Bulletin Board and pulled out and finished Judy's Garden (a WIP from last year, saved from pending UFO status!), and I pulled out Little Wings and worked on that again

April Goals:
1) Continue to work on Fairy Flora
2) Continue to work on Petal Fairy
3) Continue Earth Angel SAL with Jenn
4) Finish Green Old Gardens
5) Start Peacock Cypher SAL with Karen
6) Start Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nicole
7) Continue Miracle Butterfly SAL
8) Continue to work on Little Wings
9)**If we can get our fibers and linen in during the month, start Catherine Agnes SAL with Karen V.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere's some more Petal Fairy, as of quite late tonight - she is growing her wings now :-) To see a truly beautifully stitched Petal Fairy, check out the one that Katrina finished today - GORGEOUS!! I hope mine comes out nearly as well!

I went to A.C. Moore in Salem, NH today - DMC floss is only 13 cents a skein this week. I picked up all that I need for Legends of the Dragons since that SAL is going to start really soon now :-) To further my stash enhancement a little today, I also visited Down Sunshine Lane, where I had a little store credit still stored up, and I ordered the Split Pea Soup Needle Necessities for Rose Lights and two of the Kreinik #4 braids I need for Queen Mermaid (I am itching to stitch her!!).

Plus, I got in an order from Silkweaver, which included the solo I will be using for A Midsummer Night's Fairy and the Potpourri Jobelan Expressions that is so lovely and dark that I think it might be just perfect for Lilly of the Woods, which I will stitch someday if I can ever afford all those Mill Hill Treasures for which it calls!! Yikes!

And, it is Friday! That makes it even better!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd, here is my little Lily. I adore this little girl. She stayed with me all evening while I stitched Petal Fairy. She is a funny girl - all I have to do is start singing, or even humming, and she comes running to be with me. She loves the theme song from The Nanny - you know the one - "She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, 'til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes...." Mike says I sing that to her so much that he now has dreams and even nightmares about it :-)

I almost forgot!! I got in two of my orders from Stitching Bits & Bobs - one was older and I had been waiting and the other came remarkably fast! I got in all but one of the skeins of Caron Waterlilies I ordered for Catherine Agnes (this will be a SAL with Karen) - and the one missing skein is on its way (got the email about that today) - also in the packet was an older order - three charts - Dragon Hatchling, House Samplings (oooooo, nice!), and Pretty in Pink - an absolutely banner day!
April Fools
Stitched on today: Green Old Gardens and Petal Fairy


Unknown said...

As soon as my fabric arrives (it has been shipped) - i'm really hoping for monday - I will be ready to start Legends of the Dragons ;) I am going to walmart tonight for sure so i will mail that Waterlilies tomorrow morning, hopefully you'll get it the same time i get my fabric.

Oh - question on Legends - are you stitching the whole piece as designed (besides border color change of course), or are you not stitching the words - the piece you showed me with the color change didn't have the words stitched but i'm still going to stitch them and i was just curious what you were doing :)

Gill said...

looks like March was a successful stitching month....good luck for April!

Katrina said...

a productive month Carol, well done. I forgot to comment the other day on the framed pieces you picked up recently - they look wonderful, I bet you wrapped to have them home and on the wall!

Green old Gardens is looking lovely too, I'm very tempted to start it too.

Have a great weekend!

Debbi said...

Thanks for the thoughts Carol! No baby yet, thankfully. I had to rest for a few days and am on some meds to stop the contractions.

Looks like you had a great month of stitching!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great stitching month last month, Carol :)

It also looks like you had a fantastic stash day - I love it when the postman brings loads of parcels at once. I think I might have to get BN's Pretty in Pink - it looks so sweet.

Looking forward to our SAL - I can't wait to start CA! Must go and tweak the rotation so that I can fit it in ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol :)

WOW, I am looking forward to YOUR April :) LOL!!!

Petal Fairy is looking gorgeous! And you are tempting me to start it :) WOW, just gorgeous!

Sounds like the postman was good to you AGAIN :) :) :) Have fun!!!

Have a great weekend@

Kitty Couture said...

Hi Carol! Sorry for commenting so late but I'm catching up with blogs only now after my three days off... ;)

Oh your Lily is adorable! That's so funny, my kitty comes to me too when I start singing. Never saw a cat do that before!

Well done on your March Goals! You did great!

Petal Fairy is coming along beautifully. The more I think of it, the more I realize how much I want to stitch her some day. You know how I nearly got her at the Stitching Show... When I'm done with Skyscape (which is for DBF's birthday, that's why I won't be mentioning it on my blog!) I think I'll go for it and buy the materials! :o)

Kitty Couture said...

Oops, looks like I messed up the link to Skyscape! Here it is (hopefully...)