Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spring Cactus in Bloom

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy spring cactus has taken to full bloom on my kitchen windowsill.... isn't it a sweetie? I am so glad it decided to bloom this year - it loves the southern exposure out of our kitchen window.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comReally starting to make progress now on finally finishing the pink and lavender dress on Fairy Flora - it shouldn't be too much longer now!

Ryan Newman came in a rather unhappy 14th place in the race in Phoenix tonight, but he did manage to climb up to 7th in points! I realized today that no Dodge has yet won this year... I am not sure the move from the Intrepid to the Charger was at all good for the Dodge teams :-(

Wow, Silkweaver had an awesome 8 hour sale today, 25% off storewide! So, I scooped up a fat quarter of 32 ct Charizma lugana for Moon Fairy Spirit (though I think I was supposed to order Karma for this, oops!), a fat quarter of Tuttie Fruitie belfast for Mermaid Heaven (hey Jenn, I see you ordered some Silver Mist for this one - hmmmm, maybe we can stitch together again??) and a cut of Lakeside Linen 36 ct Vintage Meadow Rue for Six Hem Sampler (I know, I ordered light sand 36 ct for it last night, but Vintage Meadow Rue is the actual called for linen and this sale enables me to get it easily - so I am sure I can use a piece of 36 ct light sand for something else!! - for instance, one of my many Elizabeth's Designs charts....hmmmmm). Anyhow, I am psyched to hear that a lot of my pals have ordered from this sale too - great sale!!!

Earlier today I revisted The Avid Stitcher and picked up two skeins of Moss Waterlilies for Skyler Wayne (she has a limited selection of colors, but only $4.20 a skein!) and a fat quarter of 32 ct Breeze lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics, a retail shop exclusive color.... I can always use blue fabric :-) And this one was only $18!! Good deals can be found here!

Devil Rays 6, Red Sox 5..... why oh why??

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden (just finished the backstitching of the camellia garden and did the spider web stitch there too) and Fairy Flora


Anonymous said...

I'm using Meadow Rue in 32ct for House in the Country and I love the colour. LL are so thick and soft, they're wonderful to work with. Enjoy your new fabric :)

Karen V

Isabelle said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the heads up on the Silweaver sale! :)
Unfortunately I saw your email only this morning, and even with though the time lag was in my favour, it was too late... :-(
Ah well... At least I got to check out their postage fees to Europe, and they're VERY reasonnable! That's a nice surprise. :)
Have a nice Sunday!

Jenn said...

Hi Carol! That's funny that you got Tuttie Fruitie to do this piece on as I was looking at it too but, it just didn't call to me. If I don't like the way Silver Mist looks I may just have to order the Tuttie Fruitie. Yeah I'd love to do this as a SAL with you.

Isabelle said...

Oh Carol, I forgot: love your blooming cactus! What a lovely sight! :)