Friday, May 20, 2005

Catching up on Celtic Band Sampler...

I did work on Celtic Band Sampler tonight - I am not caught up with the other two stitchers in this SAL, but I feel better now that I am a little closer :-)

Red Sox 4, Braves 3 - at last, something good to report! Oh, and even more - Ryan Newman is on the pole for the Nextel All-Star Challenge tomorrow night :-) I am looking forward to watching that with the $1,000,000 prize at stake!

No real stash excitement to report today - except I did pick up a spool of blending filament I will need for the Garden Fairies Sampler.... :-) Oh, but that's right - great stash related email news today! Emily of Liz Turner Diehl, Inc emailed me to let me know I can order the crystals and ceramic leaf for Emerald Jeweled Garden for only $6.50.... and I heard back from Quick & Easy Cross Stitch today, and they have posted a copy of the missing Margaret Sherry ballerina hedgehog for me! Yay!

I saw this in Jo's blog and thought it was interesting... made me wonder what my browser would bring up, so I figured I would be brave and give it a try.... I really should be stitching right now and the Red Sox are about to begin... but here goes!

Instructions: Press each letter in the address bar of your browser and list what the auto-complete function jumps to first.
A - Shelleen's Blog
B - Bea's Blog
C - My own blog
D - Dave's Garden Site
E - ebay
F - Fox Sports
G - Gosia's Blog
H - Kiwi Jo's comments from her blog
I - Julianna's Image of her Castle Sampler
J - Janlynn Dolly Mamas Freebie Link
K - - KaLu's Blog
L - Laura's Blog
M - UK Magazine Group
O -
P - Needle and Thread Bulletin Board
Q - Nothing
R - Official Site of the Boston Red Sox
S - Silkweaver
T -
U - Nothing
V - VideoETA
W - Nothing
X - Universal Currency Converter
Y - Nothing
Z - Nothing

Soooooooooo glad it is the weekend! Mike is busy working away on the stash/project database! And after the baseball game, I very much enjoyed watching White Noise.

Stitched on today: Peacock Cypher and Celtic Band Sampler

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