Saturday, May 21, 2005

What happened to Spring? Brrrr... cold and rainy

It has been a while since I picked up Earth Angel. Was it May 12th? It was something like that. I wanted to give my SAL mate, Jenn, plenty of time to work on hers without jumping too far ahead of her. I hope this extra time helped her. Blue, blue, blue... :-) I think this angel is just stunning!
This is a standard dwarf iris that bloomed up in our garden yesterday, but I totally forgot to post it in my blog. The photo looked perfectly clear in my camera, but now shows it is out of focus... I don't know this iris's name. The name on its tag has worn off and I just can't remember it. (Upon reviewing my plant photo files on my computer, it looks like this may be 'Red Eyelashes", but the dark thumbprint on the falls has me wondering....??). I would take a new picture, but it is raining out. Spring is well behind schedule here in New Hampshire (as it is all over the northeast this year....).
I also took a scan of the two lovely fat quarters of belfast linen I received this month from Dyeing4U's Fabric of the Month.

I got a neat treat today - I talked to Mike and he had no problem with my ordering a subscription to Cross Stitch Gold, a UK magazine. I am happy about this. I just love getting stitching magazines, but there are so few good US ones now. There is Just Cross Stitch, and I am also now receiving and trying out Stitcher's World. None of the other US ones appeal to me. So, lately I have been going to the book store a lot and getting UK magazines. This subscription will help to make that easier, although I will still keep going and checking out what is on the newstands at Barnes & Noble as well.... :-)

I also splurged and ordered a fat quarter of Ametrine 32 ct lugana from Silkweaver's Reflections line - I have been looking at how well this would possibly work with Titania, Queen of the Fairies, and am tired of having this in the back of my mind for so long now .... so I took care of that today too :-) (Oh my, looks like I was right about this fabric choice - I just noticed that Silkweaver has Titania on Ametrine Reflections posted on their site already - love it!).

No great sports news to share. Braves 7, Red Sox 5 - great rally for the Red Sox near the end, but their rookie starting pitcher was quite outstanding, and Tim Wakefield fell a bit flat tonight. Johnny Damon's bat is hot again, so all is really OK for us. Ah well. And, Ryan Newman ran strong tonight. He even won Section 2 of the Challenge, but he crashed midway through Section 3 - and unfortunately he crashed his teammate, Rusty Wallace, at the same time.... I hope this does not cause a deeper rift between the two of them (if there even is one, who knows if the media is even right about them....). Congratulations to Mark Martin! He won the $1,000,000, and I thought this was great! It may be his last Challenge ever, so good going Mark!

Stitched on today: Earth Angel


Katrina said...

Hi Carol, your CB Sampler is looking great - I'm sure you will be caught up with Dani and I really soon, wink wink, lol.

You must have read my mind as I've been thinking about purchasing ametrine for Titania too! She's one of the fairies that I've been wanting to stitch for absolutely ages! perhaps another SAl might be on the agenda one day!

Carol said...

Katrina - Sounds like a definite plan to me! Let me know when you are ready! I think Treasure Trove Reflections also is a lovely choice for Titania, but Ametrine was a "must do" - great minds do think alike :-)

Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Carol, I'm glad you liked my garden photos. I can't promise too many more in the near future as there isn't going to be too much more to see! The backyard is terribly overgrown and I forsee a lot of work ahead. I do like gardening though and will have to try to fit it in between work and stitching. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Titania is going to look great on that Ametrine reflections! :)

You, Katrina and Dani are inspiring me with Celtic Band Sampler - I think it might make its way onto my wishlist very shortly and I'm looking forward to following your progress.

You're also inspiring me to share garden pics - we're planning on finishing up the back garden next weekend when hopefully a lot more things will be blooming!


Anonymous said...

Spring may be over due where you are, but it's in the 100s already here in the Sonoran Desert. :(

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." Joseph Chilton Pierce

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
That's some yummy looking fabric you received :)

Your progresses are GREAT. Earth Angel is going to be beautiful! I am enjoying watching her progress.

My Blog is still down, I am using my back-up blog
for now

I too want to stitch Titania .I have her as a kit.

As always, thanks for sharing with us!