Monday, June 06, 2005

Early Birthday Gifts from Karen!

Here is my quilt that Karen made me for my birthday. This gift totally overwhelms me! I adore it! Look at all the lovely floral prints she used! She carried this all the way from Australia in her luggage! She admitted yesterday that she was feeling glad to have the room back in her suitcase - LOL!And here is her little personalization on the back :-) How sweet!

Now this was not even the end of the gifts! Karen also brought for me Celtic Christmas, Celtic Spring, Celtic Summer, Take Time to Knit, Sampler Girls, Live Each Season, Pretty in Pink, Morning Flower, Robin's Wreath and The Good Neighbor!! I am truly spoilt!!! She sure does know my tastes! And, my birthday is still almost two months away!

I took today off from work, originally in hopes of being able to extend time with Karen and Bren. That didn't really work out, as Karen had her heart set on going all the way up to Center Harbor, NH, in the Lakes Region, to visit a quilting shop. So, Mike and I decided to give the new Corvette a ride (we have to get those first 500 break in miles under our belts) and went all the way up to Somersworth, NH to check out Enchanted Stitcher. What a nice shop! They carry pretty much every fiber I could think of and lots and lots of fabrics including hand dyed from Sugar Maple Fabrics, Silkweaver, Country Stitch and Picture This Plus! And the charts! So nice! Sew To Be Seen, Chatelaine, TW, The Drawn Thread, Indigo Rose, Dracolair... it was all there! OK, almost an hour northeast of us, plus two tolls, but it was so worth it! I picked up The Minstrel (one of the last TW charts I have been looking to pick up) and Water Dragon, a Janlynn chart I had seen in someone's stitching album and was excited to come across it today... and pack of John James size 28 petite tapestry needles as well :-) We met the shop's cat, Gabby, too. A zealous little one year old calico. She was in a bit of a mood today, and when Mike went outside to light a cigarette, she ran out. I don't think the clerk (do not know yet if it is Niki or Denise) was too thrilled about that as the shop was closing at that time... but apparently Gabby does that and has a mind of her own... they plan to get her back in when they reopen at 6 PM for a stitching get together. I felt pretty cruddy about the fact that Gabby got out. She was not far from the door but obviously watching little birds.... sigh.
Here is where I can find Mike anytime of the day right now! I think he was setting his XM Radio stations when I snuck out to find him a few minutes ago - boys and their toys!
Fairy Flora is the project that I must finish before I can start my next big project... so, pulled it out tonight and keep working away on that last rose... I really have to commit more time to this project this month, with hopes of even finishing it (too much to expect??).More pretties from the garden today!

Received the Maggie the Messmaker kit from the ebay seller on Saturday, but it was too hectic here to remember to mention it :-) And, today I received the Olde World Map kit from another ebay seller (yep, DH does love it! - I just ordered up some 32 ct Parchment jobelan for it to use in place of the aida in the kit) and the Silkweaver 32 ct Sapphire Sky Hand Dyed Lugana for Angel of Dreams - and this morning I was totally thrilled to learn I was high bidder for The Potting Shed kit for a measly $18 on ebay! I bid all the time on this long wanted kit, but always get beat out. I have no idea how I managed to get this beauty for only $18!! :-)
Stitched on today: Fairy Flora


Kiwi Jo said...

OMG, that quilt is absolutely stunning. What a fabulous gift!! I enjoyed hearing about your little jaunt in the new Corvette too, it sounded like a lot of fun.

tkdchick said...

Carol you know you've truly found a special friend when she makes a quilt for you!

Beautiful Bargello Heart!

Katrina said...

oh wow, what a beautiful quilt - you have one very special friend there Carol! and wow again for your new stash - you've just made me add something to my wish list now, hee hee.

I'm really pleased to hear that you've had a wonderful time with Karen and her husband! awesome!

Karen said...

That quilt it stunning! What a fabulous gift from a special friend :)

I think you should go for it and try to finish Fairy Flora this month - it's looking beautiful!

Nicole said...

The quilt is amazing! What a great gift, along with some great stash!! :)

We like the same needles ;) I also use 28 petites, I have tons and always seem to buy more.

Sounds like fun breaking in the new corvette, I have not been up that way in NH, probably quite a drive from way down here.

Fairy Flora is so close! With your rotation it's amazing how fast you do end up finishing these large pieces! I'm sure you'll have her done in no time at all!

Christine Doyle said...

What a beautiful gift! The quilt is astounding. Great progress on Fairy Flora!

Isabelle said...

What a gift of love and how well you deserve it Carol!

It is absolutely beautiful and you'll keep it all your life... Wow.

Yes, I think you should stitch away on Fairy Flora! You're in the home stretch with her and I'm sure seeing her so close to being completed will make your needles smoke! ;) And she is so, so pretty.
Have you decided yet what big project you'll start after she is done?