Thursday, June 09, 2005

Earth Angel.... and an updated Legends picture too...

It is Earth Angel night for me. I think I got quite a bit of the blues in her gown done tonight - really starting to progress now, very exciting!
I stayed up quite late last night due to the Red Sox game having that three hour rain delay. I stuck with the entire game, ending at 1 AM (they won, Red Sox 4, Cardinals 0... great job David Wells!!). I stitched the whole time, so here is the updated photo of how Legends of the Dragons ended up last night - I got a whole lot more done on Majesty. He kind of looks a lot like a purple zebra right now! LOL!

I had fun today - I went to World in Stitches in Littleton, MA to check out their new's nice and large, and so much brighter than their old shop, but their very messy, cluttered style came along with them - LOL! I totally treated myself today by picking up Garden Gate, a kit I have been drooling over forever (or at least since it came out!!). I also picked up Something Sweet and some Petite Treasure Braids... :-) TWIS is having a Patricia-Ann Designs trunk show right now, and after seeing the stitched models of Lavender Path, Moonlit Orchid and A Secret Garden... amongst others... well, now I really want to move them up closer to the top of my "to do" pile.... groan.... it never ends - such sweet agony!! Honestly, though, the photos on these charts just do not do the finished samplers any justice at all! I was so impressed!

I have been spoilt today by Jenn! I received in the mail today a large flower fairies chart and a little flower fairies freebie kit from a UK cross stitch magazine, courtesy of Jenn's kindness! She read about how much I like the DMC Flower Fairies, and voila! She is just too, too sweet - especially with having mutilated her magazine just to do something nice for me. Jenn is great! Thanks Jenn!!!!!

Some new blooms for today - seems there are new ones every day now!

Oh my, what luck! There were actually some good solos left on the Silkweaver site today! I got two:I am feeling very lucky and excited about these!!
Stitched on today: Earth Angel and Peacock Cypher (finally found some time at work this morning to stitch on this again - with luck, I can get just a few minutes tomorrow at work and finish Section 3 - then I will post a progress scan :-)


Jenn said...


I'm glad that the chart and freebie kit arrived safely. :) If you ever want anything else from the UK Cross Stitcher just let me know. I'm more than happy to help out!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol you're making great progress on LOD! Those charts you bought sure are lovely!

And well your pretties are so pretty!

Unknown said...

I was so excited to see your LOD progress, Coming right along of course :) And Earth Angel is really beautiful.

I had no idea World in Stitches has a new store in Littleton, is it in the same spot? I only went once and it was very hard to find anything but maybe I should try it again. I think they are open Tuesday evenings or something, any idea? The last time I was up there they had this georgeous German Blackwork Sampler hanging on the wall, it sold as a kit for 119 dollars or something - way too much for me but I would love to see if they do still have it and if i can at least get the designer name and such to get just the pattern some time. it was large too.

Thanks for posting more progress!

Kathy said...

Wow, what a lovely angel. Looking forward to more updates.


Kathy xxxxxx

Kathy said...

HI Carol

Yes I am the Kathy who is close to Karen lol. The colours we are using are lovely and I am looking forward to finishing it, but it will be a while before I do, as I have the owls to finish, and then onto the Mighty Samuri afterwards.

I love the flowers too they are beautiful.

I would love to do a stitch along with you too. We will have to get our thinking caps on lol.

Take care

Hugs xxxxxx