Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Earth Angel Update

Tonight I did grab the right project pack from my satchel and made some more progress on Earth Angel. She is moving along nicely now. I have just another dark row along the back of her gown and then it is just flowers, ribbons and wings left to do.... "just," as if that is not tons - LOL!!

I got in two of the British stitching mags I got from ebay today. Love them! I also received the Goode Huswife chart and the Marjolein Bastin kit.... a good day again.

I see that Silkweaver is doing Celebration Bags right now - I loved the Santa Bag from them last year, so I ordered up the one that has three 18 x 26 cuts in it - one Reflections lugana, one Expressions lugana or jobelan and one Expressions linen. Can't wait to see what they surprise me with :-) They will all be new colors not yet seen on the website...

OK, there are two more now for the Celtic Winter SAL starting in September.... if I am correct, we are Katrina, Kathy, Jenn, Karen, Becky, Julianna, Karen and Carol (myself) - any more takers? The more the merrier!!! I attached all the links in hopes we will all start chatting with each other and get to know each other before the SAL begins :-) How is everyone doing with getting their supplies? What fabrics are you using? I am using Silkweaver 28 ct Blue Diamonds Reflections lugana....

It is New DVD Release Tuesday, and of course, we selected one... a comedy this week, The Pacifier

Well, my Red Sox have been on a slide the past two nights, so I am not much intersted in talking about them LOL! However, when I looked up while stitching tonight, I saw a fan catch a foul ball.... I squinted and did a double take. It was one of my clients! I see a father and son every other Tuesday.... the dad caught the ball on TV tonight, and there was little guy grinning away next to him. That was totally cool! Can't wait to mention that next Tuesday when they come in :-)

Stitched on today: Earth Angel - no stitching at work today, just too busy :-)


karensff said...


Thanks for the warm welcome into the SAL. I emailed Karen about it. I might be going away for three weeks in September for work. I'll be working 12 hour shifts so I doubt I will be able to get any stitching done. Then two weeks later I will be away for another three weeks. I also won't have internet access. Because of this I will probably begin Celtic Winter as soon as it arrives. If this means I won't be able to join in I don't mind. I'm just happy that I was invited in the first place.

Earth Angel looks beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I found a cross stitch site yesterday that has some beautiful charts and freebies. Anyway, going through the galley I came across a picture of the finished embroidery that you are making at the moment. It look beautiful, as your ~will too. Just thought you might have interest:


Zohrah said...


you’ve been tagged. :-)

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play? What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

Make a list, post it in your journal, and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.

Kathy said...

Hi Carol

Ooooooo She is looking stunning. Looking forward to seeing more updates on her.

Hugs xxxxxxx

tkdchick said...

She's filling in nicely Carol!