Saturday, June 25, 2005

I decided to continue on with Petal Fairy again today. I don't think it will take all that terribly much longer to finish her, so I decided to give this one some extra time right now. I got the flower(s) done (looks like two flower blooms to me).... then I rolled the scroll and started working on her skirt, only to realize I have to go and pull out a good sized section of yellow I had previously done but miscounted.... I knew that was going to happen in this skirt :-) Ugh... oh well...
Received these two Silkweaver Solos today - love them! The 28 ct is not as pink as it had appeared it could be. It is much rosier with some grey in it.... nice! And the 32 ct is very purple and greenish... they sound strange, but as usual, they are lovely!! I also received the 32 ct parchment lugana and the robin bead for Robin's Wreath from Laurel's Stitchery today.... I can't get the tragic loss of her husband out of my mind.... I do hope she stays open, she is so pleasant to work with, and a sweet lady too....I sent her a card yesterday.

I worked out a fun trade with Jenn today. She has some fabrics she is trading off, and I am sending her a piece of lugana she wants, and in return she is sending me a fat quarter of 32 ct Winter Breeze lugana.... I have always liked that one, and I can just imagine the possibilities for it now :-)

I think Mike enjoyed the family BBQ we had today for his birthday. His mother and uncle came, as well as my mother, brother and three nieces. Meanwhile, one of his best friends is also here as we started finishing off our basement. He was framing down in the basement pretty much all day!! And it was 90F here today! What a trooper! I am getting a stash room out of this! And a room for my treadmill, plus we get a much larger family room down there. We live in a new construction, large colonial house with the tiniest living room. I am so excited to be getting all this new space soon!!
Daylily: Butterscotch Ruffles - always one of the earliest and most adundant daylilies in our Zone 5 garden. Once this one blooms, the others start to just pop! Yay!

Red Sox 7, Phillies 1 - Red Sox are on a great roll right now!

I am off to frog out that yellow area on the skirt...

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy


BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!
Petal Fairy is coming along wonderfully, she looks beautiful!

Yummy fabrics you received today :)

hugs :)

Butterfly Amy said...

Hi Carol!

Those are both really beautiful fabrics! Don't you just LOVE Silkweaver? My wallet doesn't though :( LOL

Any plans for what you will stitch on them yet?

Happy Stitching

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to rip on Petal Fairy, but she's looking lovely :)

Your plans for the house sound great; we live in a new house ourselves, so I know what it's like to have small rooms!

Anonymous said...

What a shame you had to frog on Petal Fairy. She's looking great though.

How lovely to have a basement. Only the very old houses here in the UK have basements. They don't build them into newer houses anymore. I would love one.

Just read your previous post about Celtic Winter. What a great idea for the fabric. Wish I'd thought of that before I bought :o) Can't wait to start the SAL with you for that. How many people have shown an interest so far?

Gill said...

Sorry to hear you're going to have to frog on Petal Fairy, its so annoying when that happens!

Kitty Couture said...

Hey, you have a treadmill? I have an elliptical, got it for my birthday :-) (well it's in the bedroom since we have 2 rooms! But I'm glad we managed to fit it in)

Ouch for Petal Fairy's skirt, it is tricky isn't it? I'll have to be extra careful...

Oh and your new fabrics are yummy!

Happy Stitching, and have a nice Sunday afternoon! :o)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to know that you have to frog the skirt out. It must be time consuming and tedious. I don't like it either.
I like your new fabrics, they are so pretty. Since you stitch alot of them, do you place them on one wall? Or most of it goes to friends and relatives?