Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lots of new fabrics!

Back to Angel of Love tonight. I got her collar done, and a bit more of the stitching in her skirt, preparing it for all of that incredible beading that is yet to come! LOL!

When I got home from work this afternoon, my husband commented that the mail was like Christmas today - he sure was right! I got in a whole lot of fabric today :-) First is my Celebration Bag from Silkweaver. I always love receiving these bags that Silkweaver sells when new colors come out in their various lines.... you receive random colors, and I received a fat quarter of 28 ct Reflections lugana in Rock-A-Bye, a fat quarter of 32 ct Expression jobelan in Elegance (nice lavender!), and a fat quarter of Expressions belfast in Jubilation, which just might be what I am looking for when I do the future Fairy Idyll SAL with Karen (must check it with the floss to truly decide, though).... I also received the Blue Diamonds Reflections for the Celtic Winter SAL and the Green Apple Reflections that I might use for Celtic Summer.... I also received the odd cuts I ordered from Dyeing4U...small cuts in various sizes of lugana and jobelan in Manhattan Myst, Nautical Lights and Majestic:OK, I got more stash from ebay in the mail too - a fat quarter of 32 ct antique white linen, a fat half of Silkweaver Antique Gold Cashel, the Stitcher's World magazine featuring Teresa Wentzler's Dragon Ride, the chart I bought to surprise my friend, the Winter Visitor chart by Crossed Wing Collection, the two charms by The Trilogy, and the DMC Lavender Fairy chart.... I bet the mailman had tons of extra room in his Jeep after he stopped here! When it rains, it pours, I guess :-)

I stopped at AC Moore's this afternoon and picked up all the DMC for Celtic Winter, Celtic Summer and Moon Fairy Spirit.... getting ready to go soon on all of these :-) I also ordered the Petite Treasure Braid for Celtic Summer from Paw Prints Cross Stitch, and I am going to contact them tonight to also add the three colors I also need for Autumn Fairy Spirit... along with Night...or Resting Butterfly (seems to have two names, depending on whether you use the booklet, as I am, or buy the kit...) that is already now kitted up and ready to go...I should be set for a little while... or until something else that is pretty comes along.... like the SAL Isabelle and I are thinking of doing: Cats' Eyes - LOL! Someone help me!! :-)

A lot from various spots in the garden today:
Daylily: TutankhamenDaylily: Black-Eyed StellaDaylily: Butterfly GardenDaylily: Starlift
New DVD Release Tuesday again!! I am anxiously awaiting a chance to watch my new DVD: Hide and Seek!!

Red Sox 7, Rangers 4 - at last, the Red Sox are ready to look into what is wrong with Keith Foulke! I feel for the guy - the highest highs to the lowest lows.... and Mike Timlin showed no problem with stepping in and taking over that closer job tonight! And how about Manny Ramirez' huge grand slam... with Bill Mueller on his heels with a HR of his own! Woo Hoo guys! Still sitting pretty (for now) atop MLB's toughest division!!

Stitched on today: Angel of Love


Jenn said...


Oooh we got the same colors from Silkweavers. How cool! Let me know when you want to start Resting Butterfly I have mine all kitted up.

Hope the Sox don't break our hearts like the did last night. :(

Sharon said...

LOL Carol you make me feel so much better... I continually feel guilty when I think of all the things I have to do - then I read your blog. You have an amazing persistance regarding your stitching... I do a littel bit then do a little bit of something else... I have projects ready for the first stitch and they lay waiting... I am too afraid of starting something else just in case it ends up like all the rest, doomed to a life of incompletion... I too have Earth Angel - bought would you believ about 10 years ago - she is destine for a life of eternal sleep I think.... Sometimes I think I should sell some of my stuff... But it is so soothing to sit and go through it at times... LOL and of course I forget what I have so I am surprised and delighted all over again... I love reading your blog as I am having my breakfast over here in Oz...Your garden is amazing too... You must have found a way of having more hours in the day to accomplish all that you seem to... Look forward to seeing more...

Rowyn said...

Enjoy your haul!

I watched Hide and Seek at the weekend, it's a good storyline which will leave you guessing until the end.

Nicki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

Love your garden piccies. I'm garden deprived (we're in bush - lots of trees and nothing else), so have to live through others!

Anonymous said...

Your progress on Angel Of Love looks great.

Unknown said...

Angel of Love is really coming along, I love the intricate details that make up her dress!
I'm looking forward to a Legends update :) Hopefully I'll have a little lunch time to work on that again, still plugging away on backstitching, actually looking forward to working on the border again!

lobea2004 said...

well...Merry Christmas, Carol! ;)
The fabrics are wonderful!

Cathy said...

I can't imagine how much stash you have! Where do you keep it all? You're so lucky to have all that fabric right at your fingertips when you're ready to start a new project.

Schokti said...

I will just sit here and drool, if you don't mind.

... oh, and your angel looks nice, too! lol

Kathy said...

Hi Carol

Your angel looks lovely and wow what lovely material.

Today I have received the material and speciality threads and beads for the Celtic Winter SAL. Looking forward to starting this now lol.

Hugs xxxxxxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol you are going to have a hundred and one HD's soon! Keep it up!

Katrina said...

Lovely fabric Carol :).

I was wondering if by chance you'd seen Periwinkle Prisim (I think thats what is called, lol) by Silkweavers as I'm thinking about using it for Celtic Winter?

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog as you have so many things to show all the time and stitch all the time...just one question though...you have so many things to do...I wonder where you get all the hands to do everything. DH help?