Friday, July 08, 2005

Stuck in the land of DMC 3362.... :-)

I put in my weekly evening on the Celtic Band Sampler SAL tonight.... stuck for about four or five hours in the land of DMC 3362. I can barely believe I got nothing more done than adding the 3362 to the green leaves and stems I stitched in last week. I was thinking when I chose this project that it would be fun to add a band sampler to my rotation. What I had totally not realized was how huge this band sampler is.... how wide it is... with the exception of the alphabet band, I have not yet completed one full band in one sitting. Makes me feel like a slow poke. I guess I just underestimated this project. No regrets, though. I am just a bit surprised by it :-)

I totally forgot to post this a couple of days ago when I found out, but Karen is also going to join us for the Celtic Winter SAL... I think I totally coerced her into joining us, but since she and DH just opened their new shop in Katoomba, NSW at the start of this month, she surely is going to need it as a shop model - LOL!! Hope she doesn't mind that I did coerce her :-) Anyhow, check out her site, please - she is having a sale celebrating her shop's birthday!! Cool!
I picked up two new UK cross stitch magazines today - The World of Cross Stitching Issue 99, as seen above, and Cross Stitch Collection Issue 119 (couldn't find a picture on the net of this one...). They are OK, but neither are spectacular. I buy them, though, because I really want to support the cross stitch magazine industry. I adore my magazines, and if I get a bad one, oh well.... but I don't want them to go out of business :-)
I am looking for this color conversion for Lavender & Lace's Celtic Christmas. I am wondering if anyone who reads this blog happens to have this conversion? I know it is available from Victoria's Needle, but I already own the original chart and am hesitant to have to pay about $15 USD for the chart again.... I think I prefer the blue conversion over the red. While the red is stunning, the blue matches my decor much better. If anyone can help me, I sure would appreciate it... thanks so much! (******Thank you so much to everyone who sent me conversions for Celtic Christmas! Guess what?? I found the conversion I was looking for on a BB! If anyone wants it, let me know. I saved it to a word document!!).

I broke down today and ordered a fat quarter of Romantic Interlude 32 ct lugana, as well as all the Soie Cristale shades and one of the Gloriana silks needed for the Merry Cox sewing roll... which I plan to alter into a sampler... sigh. Like I think I have all this time to get everything done, right?? (The fabric is not for the sewing roll, it was just on sale at a good price... don't want anyone to think I plan to stitch this on pink and lavender lugana - LOL!!)

The remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy are upon us... my garden is quite wet, and photo taking was truly difficult today - could not seem to get anything to focus (??), but here are the best three of the lot today:Daylily: Mayfair SeasonDaylily: Suzie Wong

Red Sox 7, Orioles 2 - ah, that felt good! The Red Sox looked and acted totally unbeatable tonight! You know, I realized I pretty much degraded my feelings about this team in an email tonight to a fellow stitching blogger. I regret that. I do have full faith in this team and do hope they will return to the World Series. I am just a bit befuddled by such things like possibly putting Curt Schilling in the bull pen (how will he get himself ready for long innings of pitching that way?), or by resting four starters all at once last night... anyhow, my faith remains intact :-)
OK, Ryan Newman got bumped off the pole by Jimmie Johnson for the Nextel Cup race in Chicago... he has to sit on the "outside pole" in that one :-) No big loss! But... 'Rocketman' Ryan Newman had no problem getting the pole for the Busch race in Chicago for tomorrow! Only his second Busch race this year and already on the pole! I love Ryan! Just look at that face! ...And he is a college graduate too :-) (photo from

Stitched on today: Story Time and Celtic Band Sampler


Shelleen said...

Legends of The Dragon and Earth Angel are coming right along. Keep up the progress.

Gill said...

Hi Carol - Majesty looks fantastic, you are doing a brilliant job. and Earth Angel looks wonderful too, you always make the faces look so good. Thanks for your comment on my entry about London - much appreciated :)

Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Carol - we had a lot of rain here overnight and today but at least I don't have to water the plant pots! We finally have a Nationals baseball game on TV tonight. I for one think the National League is extremely strong this year ;) See you in the World Series maybe!!

Kiwi Jo said...

PS Is this the conversion you were looking for?

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol

If the conversion Kiwi Jo gave you isn't the one, I have it here - I bought the kit with the conversion at the show I went to in February.

Let me know if it's not the same one.

Karen said...

Your Celtic Band Sampler is looking really good, Carol!

Isabelle said...

The Celtic Band Sampler is growing nicely... :) I imagine how long it must feel, but it will be sooo gorgeous!

I love your flower pictures - especially the one in the middle, with the drops of water on the petals.

tkdchick said...


I remember that feeling. Yes this sampler is HUGE! I realized just how big when I cut my fabric.

Just to let you know that Katrina and I are going to get moving with finishing CBS once we've finished our current focuses. Since we're both at the 1/2 way point we feel that happy dance bug nipping at out heels!

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous sampler! Your flowers are lovely also!
Suz in VA

Jenn said...

Your Celtic Band Sampler is looking great! Don't give up on it.

The fabric you sent me arrived today. Thanks for the trade!

Kathy said...

Hi Carol

Your band is looking lovely. I can't help with the celtic noel change of colours, although would like them myself lol.


Kathy xxxxx

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol!

I absolutely LOVE your Celtic Band Sampler! I fall more in love with it each time you share :)

Oooohhhh, I love the Blue conversion to CC! WOW!!!!

Can I come play in your stash????? :)

hugs to you :)