Saturday, August 06, 2005

Back to Mermaid Heaven at last... I have really missed stitching on this one. I find it is really a rather quick stitch without any fractional stitches or backstitching, save for minimal details like eyelashes. Very fun to work on! I hope that Jenn will be able to work on hers soon too :-)

I received some wonderful mail from Stitching Bits & Bobs today - I received the two copies of Spring Ride (one for me, and one for Karen - for what is bound to be an upcoming SAL sometime within the next year!!), Manorah Thai Dancer, a backordered skein of Gloriana Silk (Winter Woods)... and Fish City and the six skeins of NPI I ordered just a few days ago using the lovely gift certificate from Jenn. Everything in the package is wonderful, and it was such fun to look through it all :-)
Then I ordered this solo from Silkweaver tonight, as it appears to be the right size and perhaps a good shade to stitch up Manorah Thai Dancer- I just love this design so much!!
Daylily: Victoria Elizabeth BarnesDaylily: Red ThrillDaylily: Canyon Lands

Mike and his friend, Dave, worked in the basement for 11 hours today - Mike feels that if they stay on this schedule, we should have a finished basement in 2-3 weeks! Can I possibly be that lucky??!

Stitched on today: Mermaid Heaven


karensff said...

Mermaid Heaven looks great and that little face is so sweet. Bugs is by designer stitches. You can find it on sew and sew.

Dawn T. said...

Mermaid Heaven is looking great and I love the fabric. Good luck with the basement.

Kathy said...

Wow you have done well on Mermaid Heaven, looking forward to more updates.

Love the fabric you are stitching her on.

Lovely flowers as usual hun.

hugs xxxxx

Gill said...

Mermaid Heaven is so sweet, she must be a fun stitch. I'd love to have a basement! What to you plan to use yours for?

Bastet said...

The baby mermaid is so sweet! And very little backstitching should be a breeze....

Basement? You have a basement?! We can't use ours. the landlord rents it out to a business for thier storage instead of tenant storage or coin-op washer/dryer etc. Lucky you!