Thursday, December 01, 2005

2005 is winding down...

It's the beginning of a new month, and that means the password is here for another part of Medieval Town Mandala. Part 3 now. I got a pretty good start on it tonight while watching TV. I love the little over-one butterflies. I am wondering if I will still love them by the time I get to the eighth one, though. Martina gave us a nice reasonably sized portion this month - nothing too large during this otherwise busy month - thank you Martina!

November Goals:
1. Finish Part 2 of Medieval Town Mandala - YES
2. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL with Jo - YES
3. Continue Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nikki - YES, with Happy Dance!!
4. Continue Celtic Winter SAL - YES
5. Continue Convent's Herbal Garden - YES
6. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn - YES
7. Continue An Open Heart SAL with Karen and Tannia - YES
8. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden - YES
9. Continue Girl with Cat - YES
****Also, I worked on Angel of Love and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

December Goals:
1. Finish Part 3 of Medieval Town Mandala
2. Continue Garden Spot Sampler SAL with Jo
3. Continue Celtic Winter SAL
4. Continue Convent's Herbal Garden
5. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn
6. Continue An Open Heart SAL
7. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden
8. Continue Girl with Cat
9. Continue Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
10. Continue Angel of Love

I got some fun stash today! I received the silk conversion pack I had ordered from Victoria Clayton Silks for Heirloom Christmas Sampler. I chose the red/green colorway. After watching Sabine's progress on this one lately, I felt inspired too :-) And, I also received the stunning Father Winter kit I recently got on ebay. I used to have this lovely kit in my stash, but for some unknown reason or whim, I sold it on ebay. I just got it again for a steal, though, and am so happy to have it back!!

And... I ordered my Santa's Stitcher Stocking from Silkweaver today - I loved that they let us "peek" at the insides - that was fun! I love the Iris Garden 32 ct Jazlyn that will be in the stocking! Pretty!!

Q. Do you have any rules in the way you stitch? (ie Do you start in the middle? Do you determine which blocks to stitch first? Do you always start from the top or the bottom? Do you have special paths to prevent wasting thread?)

A. Pretty good question - I guess I really don't have any rules. I do truly prefer to start in the middle of a large design - I have a bad history of not centering well if I start at the top, bottom or a corner... Other than that, no rules!

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala


Anonymous said...

I really love how Medieval Town Mandala is looking Carol - those butterflies are going to be really pretty :)

Sharon said...

Medieval Town Mandala is looking great... I have enjoyed watching your progress so far... It seems to be growing very quickly...

Bastet said...

MTM is looking wonderful, the butterfly is adorable.

mainely stitching said...

Your needles must smoke! What excellent progress!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Carol, MTM looks fab hun. I love CA too, she is my fav at the moment as I am stitching her lol, but i am hoping to start CW after Christmas as I am getting some Silkweaver Fabric for Christmas of DH.

Yippeeee can't wait lol.

hugs xxxxx

Margo's Musings said...

Hi, Carol, Your MTM is looking great! I am really enjoying watching your progress - your work is amazing! I am still slowly working on CW. Lately I have been working on little ornaments and trying to catch up on Mystery VIII - since Mystery IX will start very shortly. Keep on with all your great work!!! Margaret in Maryland

Bastet said...

resaving as in full republish of blog? If so did it and it didn't change. Though I did notice that the begin sidebar is near the bottom of the listing. Is that where it should be? Down near the footer?