Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gorgeous Drawn Thread Exchange from Brigitte

Oh my gosh! I was so spoiled by Brigitte! This most amazing exchange arrived safe and sound today, and I am over the moon! She stitched this gorgeous pocket for me using parts of Sunflower Bell Pull, and I assure you that my photos do not do this any justice! It is prefectly stitched and finished... what a treat!

Plus... wow, two generous cuts of belfast linen, a chart I have long wanted off of my wish list, a yummy chocolate bar that DH took (but I shall break off a chunk for me) and some lovely notecards!

Oh Brigitte, you spoiled me beyond belief. I cannot wait for our next exchange!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Christmas Ornament for Jill

Jill is the lucky recipient for the ornaments in March for the Christmas Ornament Swap, and she has let me know that the one I sent to her has arrived safe and sound. I decided to stitch this one for her:

Candy Cane Wishes: Noel Ornament
Plum Pudding Needleart
28 ct Cafe Mocha Country French Linen, DMC Floss

Jill has already received a couple of other really beautiful ornaments, and I hope she enjoys receiving them this month as much as I enjoyed receiving mine last month.

Stitched on this week: Stitched a replacement for the HoE Biscornu Exchange (original stitcher disappeared) **Mailed HoE Biscornu Exchange (replacement) today

Friday, March 20, 2009

Winter Quaker Exchanges

Two blog entries in one week... maybe things are looking up for me again? I am sure trying, at least ;-)

I sent off and received for the HoE Winter Quaker Exchange this past week, and wanted to share them...

I received this really cute quaker snowman ornament from Ellen (oops, sorry - her blog is still empty!). I just love it, and cannot wait to put it on the tree this Christmas. So nicely stitched up and assembled too. She also sent some goodies - a beautiful skein of ThreadWorx floss, a magnetic needle case and a pad and pen for my purse... but I already stashed those away. Thank you so much Ellen, I love it all!

Also, Shay let me know that she received the HoE Winter Quaker Exchange that I put together for her too. Like Ellen, I also chose to make a Christmas ornament for this exchange.

Quaker Christmas Smalls Ornament
Milady's Needle
36 ct Flax Linen, Crescent Colours Floss (my own conversion to Bandana, Cupid, Sassy Brass, Balsam Fir and Milady's Teal)

...And my little goodies for her too... glad you like it Shay - it was a treat to stitch for you again ;-)

I had also sent a birthday gift to dear Anne at the very start of February, but it only just arrived in Melbourne a few days ago... but at least it arrived safely. Here is the stitched part of what I sent to her.. happy belated bday, Anne!

Garden Alphabet "A" Floss Ring Tag
Prairie Schooler
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Stitched on this week: Started Christmas Ornament for Jill for Christmas Ornament Swap

Monday, March 16, 2009

Drawn Thread Exchange for Kerstin

I know... I am still pretty much the "missing blogger" right now... we were away over the weekend in Buffalo, NY for DH's cousin's wedding - a very fun time (I love the paternal side of his family so much!), but our flights coming back were both delayed and we got in well after midnight. After a long day at work today, I am just beginning to catch up. I have a couple of exchanges to share, but for today, I will start with this one. I got an email on my phone from Kerstin while I was in the airport, letting me know my Drawn Thread Exchange for her arrived safe and sound in Germany - after looking through all of my charts, this one just called to me the loudest... yep, another early Christmas ornament!!!.
Home For the Holidays Christmas Ornament
The Drawn Thread
36 ct Flax Linen, DMC and Weeks Dye Works Floss

... And the rest of the goodies for the exchange. Glad you liked it, Kerstin! And fun meeting you too ;-)

Stitched on this week: Finished HoE Winter Quaker Exchange, but mostly was just travelling...

Monday, March 09, 2009

More ornaments!

Two more lovely ornaments arrived this past week! I feel so spoiled!

I received this beauty from Carolyn - I love the red in it. Carolyn writes that this is called Christmas Redwork Ornament by Historic Stitches. I love it!

And from Vonna... oh my gosh, a Mary Garry ornament. Vonna does know how much I love MG - thank you Vonna - this is gorgeous!!

I will surely love these forever :-)

Stitched on this week: Finished Drawn Thread Exchange and started HoE Winter Quaker Exchange **Mailing DT exchange today, as soon as the snow slows down enough to get to the PO ;-)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Late Birthday Gift for BeckySC

Why did it take me something like forever to stitch this ornament? What is up with me lately? Everything is taking me forever - especially these bees! BeckySC has sent me a sweet email this week to let me know that my rather late birthday gift for her has been received. Yep, another Christmas ornament, well after Christmas! With Becky's love of bees, I just could not resist this one! A very simple design, so I finished it simply...

Bee Merry Ornament
Barbara Ana Designs in 2008 Christmas SAL Book
Wichelt 32 ct Silvery Moon Linen, DMC Floss and DMC Color Variations

Stitched on this week: Started Drawn Thread Exchange

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Finished Hannah's Halloween RR

Last night I was able to stitch up Hannah's Halloween Round Robin - which should have been stitched and mailed by Feb 24th... four days late... She did not specify Prairie Schooler designs, just Halloween designs. But I noticed everyone else had been using little PS motifs and I thought they looked good, nicely balanced. And her colors matched so well this way, so I added the little jack-o-lantern from Pumpkin Patch. I hope Hannah likes it. I will mail this to Edgar tomorrow (unless the snowstorm they are forecasting is as bad as they say it might be - if so, it will go out on Tuesday).

Goal Review Time:
February Goals:
1. Continue to stitch on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - yes
2. Start a unique project that I haved planned - no, I haven't quite figured out my starting point
3. Stitch and send Hannah's Halloween RR to Edgar - yes, finished and ready to mail
4. Stitch some Christmas ornaments - yes, one
5. Stitch some gifts - yes, I stitched some gifts
6. Start working on Autumn Exchange for Cathy K. - no, not yet

March Goals:
1. Continue to stitch on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
2. Start a unique project that I have planned
3. Stitch some Christmas ornaments
4. Stitch some gifts
5. Stitch and send Autumn Exchange to Cathy K.
6. Stitch and send HoE Winter Quaker Exchange by 3/12
7. Stitch and send a Christmas ornament to Jill for the Christmas Ornament Swap
8. Stitch and send Drawn Thread Exchange by 3/16