Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lovely Christmas Ornaments From Dear Friends

Over the past two days, I have received some real blessings from two very dear friends... Yesterday I received this lovely surprise from Marie, and I just adore it - the sparkly trim is stunning and really stands out on my tree... Marie has become such a sweet and caring friend during this very difficult year for me (news on that will be at the bottom of this post)- I really want to thank Marie for her kindness, love and support... and for this gorgeous ornament!

Miss Crescent's Crowne
2009 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

Today I received a box that was an utter embarassment of riches from my dear, dear friend Margaret. She sent me so many treats - and even a treat for Mike (I put it in his stocking but he knows it is from you!)... I was so overwhelmed I only took a photo of this gorgeous ornament that now adorns my tree...

I believe Margaret wrote that this one is called Poinsettia Wishes by Stitches by Cheri. So beautifully stitched and finished.... the chenille trim is a great idea (she even sent me some for a future ornament or two).... and so much more.... yet another friend who stood by me during this year of weird health problems and utter exhaustion - I love you both so much!

And finally, I realized I never posted this little ornament I stitched for our tree a week or two ago..

White Christmas Ornament
The Stitcherhood
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, November 2011
32 ct White Belfast Linen, Atalie Fil a Broder in Passion
Stitched one-over-one

OK - my health update. Many of my former friends/readers are gone since I have been in too much pain to blog or stitch consistently. I miss them terribly, but am grateful to those of you who visit at times and bring me cheer - thank you! Here is the scoop - I have tinnitus. Really awful, severe, debilitating tinnitus in my left ear. I have been to every kind of doctor I could think of or was referred to since this started in March... No relief. Over time, other symptoms became equally awful, painful and debilitating. Severe migraine headaches with aura, poor vision, unbelievable neck and shoulder pain with very limited range of motion when turning my head... tingling in my fingers and toes.... and often, my femoral nerve on my left side shoots awful, sharp pains into my groin. Oh, and vertigo! Awful vertigo.

OK, my focus has been to 1) stay focused and keep working - our livelihoods depended on me to do this despite often feeling I could not do it - resulting in extreme fatigue (but not missing any work, and I am really proud of myself for getting through that), and 2) to find out just what is going on with me and get it fixed. I cannot tell you how many times I thought I had an aneurysm building - though my CT scan was clear - my dad died of a cardiac aneurysm, so of course, that is the first thing to jump into my mimd!

I figured out relatively recently that this is somehow related to my mouth/jaw... TMJ type stuff. I put myself on a "pablum diet" (soft foods, as little chewing as possible), wear my nightguard as much as I can (like, right after dinner until I get up in the AM), and sleep flat on my back, no turning of my head in either direction. These things help a lot - but... some nights I guess I am restless and wake up with a screaming ear. If it is screaming when I wake up, there is no relief AT ALL until the next morning - quieter days now follow the really loud days, but there are no guarantees.

I do believe I am now on the right path. Last Wednesday, I had a consult with a neuromuscular dentist. How may of you knew there was such a thing?? I had to google for a long time and make sure to combine all of my symptoms to finally get to this specialist. It turns out, I have a misaligned bite. I failed the muscle reaction tests he gave me. He told me my situation is chronic, but he can help. On January 18, 2012 I hope to begin my path towards health. He will relax my facial and neck muscles (somehow this involves a tens unit), find my correct bite for me and build me orthotics to wear until my bite is corrected. At that point, I can expect alleviation or cessation of my tinnitus and neck pain. Every time I chew, talk, breathe, my misaligned bite is throwing my atlas and axis (C-1 and C-2) vertebrae out of whack. I have been seeing a chiropractor who does his best to realign them, but those adjustments do not stay put.... I chew, talk or breathe again and pop - out they go. Can you even imagine this?? I have a leaning forward posture as a result. My neuromuscular system is all beat up. But... I am going to get this fixed. I truly am..... I cannot begin to tell you what the financial cost of this 9 month journey has been for me.... I just hope that at the one year anniversary in March, I will be close to whole, healthy and relatively sane again.

If that does happen, I hope to be back here with a vengeance - LOL

Merry Christmas dear friends.... and Prosperous New Year!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa's Helper Ornament

Stitched a little something for my own tree in the past couple of days...

Santa's Helper Ornament
Dragon Dreams
Chart available for purchase at Patterns Online
32 ct Amsterdam Blue Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, RG Fuzzy Stuff, Assorted beads and Star Charm

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stitcher's Choice Ornament for Nancy

I have learned that Nancy has received the ornament I sent to her for the Hoe Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament round... I had great fun with this one, and my DH really wanted to keep it... maybe I will have to stitch another?
Christmas Rose Ornament
Nancy Pederson
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, November 2011
32 ct Opalescent White Belfast Linen, Victorian Motto Sampler Thread, RG Petite Treasure Braid

Hope you enjoy it, Nancy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Quaker Snowman Ornament

Stitched up another ornament this weekend... too cold outside to enjoy doing much else..

Quaker Snowman Ornament
Designer Unknown
32 ct Amsterdam Blue Belfast Linen, DMC Color Vartiations 4150

Friday, December 09, 2011

Stitcher's Choice Ornament from Roberta

I just received this really cute ornament from Roberta for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament Exchange - it is such a cutie. I have always liked this design - now I can scratch it off of my "to stitch" list - such a treasure, thank you Roberta! And a pic of at least one side of our massive tree this year... don't see your ornament on it? If you stitched one for me at any time, it sure is there! I always love putting up my tree and ogling all the beautiful work my friends have done for me!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Noel Squared Ornament

Finished up an ornament early, early this morning.... couldn't sleep, loud ear... so here it is - oh, and why is it so darn hard for me to take photo of an ornament when it is on my tree?? Geesh.... probably time to upgrade my digital camera.

Noel Squared Ornament
Lizzie Kate
28 ct Gingham Linen, WDW Floss

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Greetings

Yesterday, I managed to do the finishing on this gift for a friend... I really love the Victorian color scheme I selected for this one...

Christmas Greetings Ornament
iStitch Designs
R&R Reproductions 28 ct French Vanilla Linen
Crescent Colours Floss - Erin Go Emerald, Wild Berries
Stitched one-over-one

Kinda don't want to send this one off - looked cute on my tree this morning, but here goes, packing it up - LOL!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A couple of very small ornaments...

In the past couple of weeks, I have managed to stitch some tiny ornaments... the first two that are totally finished are ready to share are... (I love to make really tiny ornaments sometimes, as I have so many and still want to keep adding to my tree... so I make little guys that can get tucked in anywhere, like these two can)...

Joy Ambigram Ornament
The Flower Thread Company
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, November 2011
32 ct Opalescent White Belfast Linen, Victorian Motto Sampler Thread, DMC Floss

I also stitched this one up a bit ago.... I put the very last stitch in the finishing just as our power went out during the late October freak snowstorm that hit the East Coast of the US.... it was over four days before we got power back, and longer than that before I remembered to go peek and see how it came it! Here it is...

Joy to the World Ornament
Helga Mandl in Carolling Cards
32 ct R&R Reproductions Creek Bed Brown linen, Crescent Colours Floss
Stitched one over one

Have missed so many of my blogging/stitching friends. Last night I shocked my tinnitus (it is only in my left ear) using ear buds and some sound program apps on my iPad... having a very quiet day today, so I am hoping I am on to something... will do more of that shock therapy tonight - no worries, I don't blast it, I am just trying to habituate my brain to the chronic hissing that is now part of my life...)

Oh, we just got our tree and Mike is stringing the lights. Maybe I will decorate it tomorrow and will have a photo to share soon.... anyone else getting ready to decorate a post a photo of their tree???

Currently Stitching: Christmas Ornaments - ornament for HoE Exchange

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Words of Christmas Ornament from Carla

Yesterday I received this really stunning ornament from Carla for the HOE Words of Christmas Christmas Ornament Exchange. She stitched Peace Ornament by Keepsake Stitches in the 2011 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue - it is so stunning. I love the hand dyed fabric she chose and her finishing is just so lovely. What a treat, and I will treasure it always. Carla is such a dear friend, and I look forward to hanging this little dove on my tree in just a few weeks now :-)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Started my Christmas Ornament stitching...

OK, it is autumn in the western hemisphere, so I have started my non-exchange Christmas Ornament stitching... starting with two from the JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, of course..

The First Day Ornament
Plum Street Samplers
JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, July/August 2011
Lakeside Linens 40 ct Basketweave Linen
CC Belle Soie Cranberry Silk and Valdani Floss in Muddy Monet

Baa Baa Birdie
Miss Crescent's Crowne Designs
JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, July/August 2011
Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Howling at the Moon lugana (stitched one over one)
Crescent Colours Floss

Sooo... OK.... whoever put the pin in the left side of the head of some voodoo doll of me, please, I beg you.... please remove it! It had to have been inserted around March 15, 2011. Since then, the left side of my head has been screaming and hissing. Yep, there are days with hints of relief... the chiropractor provides most of that. But honestly, I think he is just trying to work around that pin that the voodoo witch put in the doll :-( If I must make amends with someone to have it removed, please let me know - before I start to lose hearing in my left ear, pleaaaase....

Currently Stitching: Really don't know - other than Christmas Ornaments...

Thursday, October 06, 2011

HoE Words of Christmas Ornament Exchange for Erin

I heard today from Erin that she has received the HoE Words of Christmas Ornament that I stitched for her. I have always wanted to stitch this particular design, and was thrilled to get a chance to use it for this exchange.
Joy*Love*Peace Ornament
From Merry's Heart (Merry Cox)
Just Cross Stitch 10th Anniversary Christmas Ornament Collection
30 ct Medium Exampler Speckled 739 Jache Linen
TG SNC Silk, Carol Waterlilies and Weeks Dye Works Floss

... and the psychotherapist in me just LOVES this Angry Birds cartoon... :-)

Quiet ear! Yes, almost completely quiet! Last night my chiropractor adjusted by Axis (C2) vertebrae instead of my Atlas (C1 vertebrae) after I told him my ear screams the day after C1 ajdustment.... every.single.time. We opted to go one vertebrae lower this time, and we either got lucky for now, or we found the track we need to be on! Unfortunately, caught a nasty head cold from my clients this week, though.

And... tomorrow is my first day with my first client in my new New Hampshire sublet office - wonder if the couple will show??

Currently Stitching: Christmas ornaments

Friday, September 23, 2011

A non-stitching update...

...Well, there will be a stitching update soon enough as I am soon to finish my ornament for the HoE Words of Christmas Exchange, but.... there is other news to share :-)

First of all, thank you to those who offered kind words of support during this year of poor health for me. It took six months to finally get a diagnosis. I have a misalgined atlas, also known as the C1 verterbrae. This is a tiny two ounce bone that sits atop my spine and connects to my brain stem. How did it get misaligned? I have not been in any accident. My chiropractor is as stumped as I am. I may have been born this way and now, at age 48, pathology is showing. However, my chiropractor is wonderful. I have been having two adjustments a week since 9/2/11. My tinnitus is quieter, although not gone. There is still hope in me that it will pass. My migraines are virtually gone, and I cannot recall my last episode of vertigo. I do still get radiating pain in my jaw and into my sinuses. This will all take time...

Second bit of news - as some of you know, I am a psychotherapist in private practice. I received my master's degree in 1989, 22 years ago. I have only been licensed in Massachusetts, although have lived in New Hampshire for 20 years now. I live near the state border, about a 45 minute commute to work. Anyhow, I finally set a New Year's Resolution to get my NH counseling license this year. It took forever (8 months) to gather documents I needed - my old exam score from the National Board of Certified Counselors for oh way back when.... documentation of my many supervised clinical hours for oh way back when... college transcripts... graduate school transcripts.... documentation of my MA license in good standing from the MA Board of Allied Mental Health... three references from colleagues.... oh, and I had to answer a voluminous pile of essay questions, document my previous continuing education courses.... sigh.... it was worth it! I was approved for my license this week! What am I going to do with it? No truly formed idea quite yet. I love my practice in MA, but am going to talk to a local therapist here this week to see if I can sublet space in her office one day a week once I get some insurance contracts (ie., Blue Cross, Medicaid, etc)....

And... I was bored with my life in general recently - being ill can make being bored VERY easy - so I signed up to become a Certified Obesity Management Specialist. I am almost done with my exam. Maybe I will finish it this weekend. Yay!!

Hope you are all well... I know I have dropped off of the blog rolls of almost all of my old stitching buddies. I think mostly only newbies will read this. It is sad that falling ill can make one become so detached, but I do welcome those of you who do visit often and offer kind words - thank you!!!

Hugs to all, Carol

PS- hope to be "back" soon!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Lizzie Kate Ornament Received

I got the good word this morning from Anne that the HoE Lizzie Kate ornament I stitched for the exchange has arrived safe and sound in Australia. What a relief. The postal service in the US is going through major changes and trying to survive. Seems their international post has slowed down terribly... but alas, they got the moose there safe and sound!

Merry Moosemas
Lizzie Kate - in Tiny Tidings
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, Kreinik #4 braid and blending filament, little brass stars (likely ByJupiter! or Homespun Elegance - had them lying about in my stash)...

Hope you enjoy Anne, it was great fun to stitch for you this time around!

Currently Stitching: Despite physical problems, working on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, Family Ruenion and Christmas Ornaments as my health allows...

Friday, September 02, 2011

Tinnitus/Blinding Headaches/Jaw Pain/Decreased Neck Mobility

Subluxated C5 and C1 vertebrae... Twice a week chiro adjustments ordered and have begun. Never buy a too hard mattress!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HoE Lizzie Kate Christmas Ornament Received

I just received my Lizzie Kate Christmas Ornament for the HoE Exchange. Jen (sorry, cannot find her blog link!) stitched this cute design for me - thanks Jen!!

Mine is on its way but has quite a long travel ahead of it... hope to be able to post it here soon :-)

Currently Stitching: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hello stitching friends.....

Long time, no hello! Today is one of the first days in many months where my constant tinnitus in my left ear is held relatively at bay.... No migraine and my thoughts are my own. I know why I have been ill, but recovering has been a long road. Tomorrow may be awful again, but for today....HI! I miss you all!

Hugs, Carol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snowman Ornament from Ellen

I have received my HoE Snowman Round ornament from Ellen L in Singapore... and isn't it a beauty? It is one of SamSarah's designs from a recent JCS Christmas Ornament Issue - one I had hope to stitch one day, and now I do not have to :-) It is happily sitting in one of my Christmas ornament baskets in my curio and I can admire it even before Christmas comes. Yet another gorgeous treasure for my tree - Christmas ornament exchange swaps are my favorite!!

Thank you again, so very much, Ellen. I truly do love it!

Currently Stitching: Christmas Ornaments (still struggling with severe migraines and tinnitus, which affect my vision, so my going is slow)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

HoE Snowman Round for Elisa

I awoke to good news in my emailbox this morning from Elisa - she let me know that the Snowman Ornament I stitched for her for the HoE Snowman Round of the Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange arrived safe and sound at her home in the UK this morning. Whew! I was starting to get a little concerned :-) Glad she likes it, I think I am going to stitch this one for me someday too...

Another Snowman Ornament
Val's Stuff
32 ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen, Crescent Colours and DMC Floss

**This freebie can be found at here, just click on current newsletter and scroll to the end...

Currently Stitching: two Christmas ornaments

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebration of Needlework 2011

Yesterday I attended Celebration of Needlework 2011 in Nashua, NH. I always love this annual trek 30 minutes (or less) from my home, (how blessed am I??), to meet up with stitching friends, take fun classes and shop... and eat... :-) The economy surely seems to affected Celebration this year. It was a much smaller crowd. There were only 4 students in the class I took, and I was told there was only 1 student in a class the day before :-( None of the designers I usually take classes from were there this year - no Betsy Stinner, no Catherine Strickler, no Jeannette Douglas, no Cynthia Zittel (aka Covol)... sigh... but, I still had great fun. There were still plenty of vendors there, and great friends too!

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this small class with Theresa Venette of Shakepeare's Peddler. The project is a small, basic spring pattern with the emphasis on learning a fun, easy and inexpensive way to convert this to a pincushion on a square pedestal... you will have to wait until I finish mine to see what I mean ;-) Theresa is lovely - a very open, candid and humorous lady. Totally fun!

I hit the shopping area with some gusto.... with my health issues this year, stitching has not been in the forefront for me. I loved being re-exposed to my favorite hobby while I was there. I picked up some Blackbird Designs charts, a La D Da chart and Shakespeare's Peddler's Jennie Bean... however, my biggest splurge of the event was this full kit for Quaker Diamonds. Karen Kluba was there (as a vendor, not as a teacher, unfortunately), and her booth was amazing. I could have furnished all of my house, my mother's house and your house with her many stunning models! This was the last of the full kits she had, so I feel like I won the lottery. I am so addicted to this piece already - so unusual for me to stitch on 28 ct using three strands of floss. Those who know me, know I am very much a one strand on 40 ct please, thank you so much... This is a treat and no strain on my eyes, thus no triggering of migraines. Whew! The colors are stunning, and I already know this is going in my dining area. The colors complement by newly installed Brazilian Cherry wood floors just perfectly. I am in stitching heaven again!

Plus, as well as spending time with dear, beloved Margaret as I do every year, I got to meet up with any dear stitching friend, Marie, for the first time ever! She is in transition, moving from Texas to Connecticut/New York/Vermont - some crazy combination of all three, actually :-) She is living in a hotel in Connecticut at the moment - what a treat for her to come and visit at Celebration... we had a fun dinner along with Margaret, and I got to give her my HoE Quaker Christmas Ornament in person!! Here is what I stitched for her...

Quaker Christmas Smalls
Milady's Needle
40 ct Flax Linen, Crescent Colours Floss - English Ivy, Auntie Dee, Sassy Brass, Bandana

On the health front, I am thoroughly enjoying "needle naps" (aka acupuncture) now... along with the magnesium supplement advice from Joanne, and Theresa Venette's recommendation for me to try Progesterone Cream, I think I may actually start to feel better soon - imagine that! My tinnitus volume is much lower as long as I keep this up, and I have only had a glimmer of a migraine since I first started acupuncture on Wednesday afternoon! Thank you to all for your help and support!!

Currently Stitching: Joy Christmas Ornament (thank you Margaret for giving me your used chart - I love this one!), and Quaker Diamonds

Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so lucky....

I feel so lucky... I have received two absolutely gorgeous Quaker Christmas Ornaments for the HoE Quaker Christmas Exchange!

This stunning stocking is from Anne. She wrote me that she had a tough time parting with it... I think we can all see why! Wow! I sure am going to treasure this lovely from a dear friend!
And, I had two partners! Marie signed up for the exchange just a tiny bit late, right after I had drawn names for partners. But we agreed to swap with each other, as I surely wanted her to participate. And look at the gorgeous Quaker strawberry she made for me! Another amazing treasure from another dear friend. I do feel blessed! I have not mailed mine to Marie yet though... she is moving at the moment and just does not have a postal address. I might get lucky, though this weekend. She might be at Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, so I will have hers with me just in case!!

Thank you, dear friends, for these amazing treasures!

Also, thanks to those with the tinnitus advice. I start acupuncture for tinnitus and migraines on Wednesday afternoon... hoping for the best, and ever thankful for the advice and support from the stitching world... hugs to you all!

Currently stitching: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quaker Christmas Ornament for Janet

I just heard this morning that janet has received the ornament I sent to her for the HoE Quaker Christmas Ornament Exchange.

Quaker Holly Ornament
The Workbasket
36 ct Ivory Edinburgh Linen, GAST and Victorian Motto Floss

Currently Stitching: Earth Sampler

Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas Hearts Ornament

Well, OK, I am still stitching Christmas ornaments on a pretty regular basis here. I figure it is because it still very much looks like Christmas here. While my pals and family down south are happily reporting to me (all the time) that spring has arrived for them, it is still ultra snowy, very cold and oh so icy here in NH. I am home today due to severe ice this morning. I heard there were 12 rollover accidents between here and the Massachusetts border this morning, at the height of the morning commute. Glad I did stay home! I would have rolled or been stuck behind a rollover for most of the morning anyhow... hurry up Spring, this is getting to be pretty cruel and unusual punishment for us New Englanders now...

So, here is what I stitched this weekend, and just now did the finishing... a gentle reminder to myself of just how much I hate working with Kreinik blending filament!

Christmas Hearts Ornament
Just Nan - chart available HERE
32 ct Flax Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, Kreinik Blending Filament, SJ Designs Beads

Several of you have asked for details on the 1999 JCS Ornament Issue I have available... it is not officially sold yet. I offered to the first stitcher who asked, and now she has not gotten back to me. I will offer to the next in line tonight if she does not reply to my email...thanks for the strong interest in the magazine, and I hope to get it off to its new owner soooo soon!

eHarlequin Coupon Code - Get Free Shipping

Currently Stitching: a Christmas ornament, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, and Winter at Beacon House

Sunday, February 27, 2011

JCS 1999 Christmas Ornament Issue for Sale

I find myself with two copies of the hard to find, out of print JCS 1999 Christmas Ornament Issue. I wish to sell my extra copy. Please email me (click to view my profile in sidebar... Email is there), and I will tell you what I paid for it... Will sell for that price. Thanks!

SOLD- thanks for the interest!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Red Exchange for Lucy

Lucy let me know today that she received the HoE Stitch Red for your Heart Exchange that I sent off to her... I had such a devil of a time finding a chart for this exchange. I thought it would be easy, but somehow got all mired up in things... finally I was cruising Oakhaven Designs blog and figured I would try this freebie as a needlebook.... Lucy wrote kind words, so I am glad she likes it!

Happy New Year 2011 Needlebook
Oakhaven Designs
32 ct Dirty Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Currently Stitching: a Christmas ornament, Winter at Beacon House

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Cookie for Santa

It's far too cold and windy here in New Hampshire to do much more than the essential errands, so yesterday I sat down and made this little whimsy for my Christmas tree...

A Cookie for Santa Ornament
Hillside Samplings
Just Cross Stitch 1999 Christmas Ornament Issue
36 ct Sand Edinburgh Linen, NN and DMC Floss

eHarlequin Coupon Code - Get Free Shipping

Currently Stitching: Winter at Beacon House, a Christmas Ornament

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stitch Red Exchange from Faye

I received this really pretty pincushion from Faye earlier this week for the HoE Stitch Red Exchange. I had a chance to finally take a photo this afternoon. She stitched La-D-Da's design from the latest Christmas Ornament Issue, and then added her own really pretty homemade pins, plus a skein of overdyed floss. What a treat, and it already looks great in my curio cabinet. Thank you so much Faye!

Currently Stitching: HoE Stitch Red Exchange (down to doing the finishing now), Winter at Beacon House, a Christmas ornament

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rudy Ornament for Ina

I received word this morning that Ina has received the ornament I made for her for the HoE Reindeer Round Exchange... I stole the finishing technique from Lynn's blog (she had a tutorial, so I doubt she minds - LOL)... and here it is:

Rudy Ornament
Glory Bee
Just Cross Stitch 2007 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Natural Light Linen, DMC Floss, Mill Hill Bead

Happy Friday to all!

Currently Stitching: HoE Stitch Red Exchange, Winter at Beacon House

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Poinsettia Ornament

Another tiny ornament finish... I love the tiny ones, there is always some place to fit them in on my tree. I stitched this little one up during one of the snow days we had last week, and then did the finishing while watching TV with Mike last night...

Poinsettia Ornament
Earth Threads
Just Cross Stitch 2003 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, RG Petite Treasure Braid, DMC Floss, Mill Hill Petite Seed Beads

Currently Stitching: Winter at Beacon House, a Christmas Ornament, HoE Stitch Red Exchange

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I stitched up this little, tiny ornament on Sunday. It's an old freebie from The Sampler Girl, which I figure must be retired as I cannot find it anywhere in her blog any longer... I had stitched this a couple of years ago for a friend, and this time around I made it really, really small to tuck into my own tree... kind of a "note to self" ornament as I have struggles with family and holidays... I need the reminder at the holiday season to just "believe" and not stress out too much... so here it is!

Believe Ornament
The Sampler Girl
Retired Freebie
28 ct Taupe Cashel Linen, DMC 115
Stitched one over one

Currently Stitching: HoE Stitch Red Exchange, a Christmas ornament and Winter at Beacon House

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Sampler Ornament

I've been keeping myself busy with my personal goal to stitch as many Christmas ornaments as I can this year. Last night I did the finishing on this ornament that I had actually stitched earlier this month... I backed it with Silkweaver 40 ct Morning Dew linen, but did not manage to get any of that in the photo... it turned out to be really delicate, I just love this one...

Winter Sampler Ornament
Little House Needleworks
Just Cross Stitch 2009 Christmas Ornament Issue
Lakeside Linens 40 ct Basketweave Linen, Crescent Colours Floss
Backed with Silkweaver 40 ct Morning Dew Linen

Currently Stitching: Winter at Beacon House, HoE Stitch Red Exchange, christmas ornament

Friday, January 28, 2011

Noel 2008 Ornament

After seeing the gorgeous ornament that Tracy D. stitched for Sonda over on HoE, I just knew I had to make this one for myself! I had fun choosing my colors, as the ornament is charted in pastels and I wanted holiday bold colors... here is my end result...

Noel 2008 Christmas Ornament
Macha Creations
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, November 2008
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, Crescent Colours Floss in Cupid, Balsam Fir, St. Bernard, Eve's Leaves, Bejeweled and Finley Gold

Currently stitching: Winter at Beacon House, HoE Stitch Red Exchange

Thursday, January 27, 2011

HoE Reindeer Ornament from Gabi

Yesterday, I received a little packet from Australia.... in it was this gorgeous Blue Ribbon Designs ornament from Gabi. I love it! I have stitched BRD ornaments as gifts, but now I finally have one for my own tree...

She even personalized the back reflecting the year and the exchange group.... how sweet is this?? Thank you so much Gabi. I sure will treasure this always...

Ack... another very snowy morning yet again... the 3rd snowiest January on record in Boston... OK, I am 45 minutes north of Boston, but it counts! Praying for a drier February so I can get back to working full time again!

Enjoy your day -

Currently Stitching: a Christmas ornament, Winter at Beacon House, and starting my HoE Stitch Red exchange today

Saturday, January 22, 2011

HoE Reindeer Round from Cindy

Today I received my Reindeer Round ornament from Cindy for the HoE Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange. It appears she used at least some portion of one of Daffycat's free reindeer charts... not sure which one, will have to look and compare. Very cute, thanks Cindy!

I somehow messed up while setting up the partners for this round. I either overlooked Cindy's request email or never got it.... she caught the oversight after partners were exchanged, and we decided to swap with each other... while I also have an original partner for the group... so I am doing two rounds... will keep you posted re: what I sent and what I receive to/from my other partner(s)... confused? You are not alone :-)


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Currently Stitching: Winter at Beacon House

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mistletoe Reindeer Ornament... and a new start!

I mentioned in my last post that I had stitched the companion ornament to the one that I sent off in the HoE Reindeer Round Exchange... and here it is... this one I am keeping for my tree. I love Daffycat's delicate reindeer freebies! One left to stitch (Jingle Bell Reindeer)...

Mistletoe Reindeer Ornament
Daffycat Designs - chart available here
36 ct Flax Linen, DMC Floss

I also started a new project late last night... Since we had yet another snow storm this morning, I was free to stay home and work on it for a bit. This Praiseworthy Stitches sampler in the new Just Cross Stitch Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011) called to me as soon as my issue arrived... as New England native who is suffering through a brutally snowy January, this fits, and so I had to start it...

I am stitching this on Silkweaver 32 ct Sudden Storm Belfast Linen. The fabric of the model is bluer, but since I live where it snows a lot, I know that when it snows, the sky is grey like this, not often is is very blue.... nor is the sun smiling or really even out at that time, but we have to give PS artistic license for that one ;-)

If you are planning to stitch this sampler, please note some chart errors that I found - first of all, your fabric needs to be at least 15" x 24" - I am using a FQ - the chart calls for much smaller fabric. Also.... the symbols for the algerian eyelets (for the trees) in Cucumber and Endive Sampler Threads are reversed.... the symbols for the flag on the lighthouse and the little red bands atop the chimneys on the house are all coded for Cinnamon Sampler Thread, while the model clearly shows they are all stitched in Cherry Wine Sampler Thread.... makes me wonder how many other errors there will be, so keep an eye out as you stitch!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reindeer Ornament for Cindy

I heard today that Cindy has received the little ornament I made for her for the HoE Reindeer Round for the perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange in HoE. I loved how this came out, and then made one using its companion chart for myself. Once I get a photo of that, I will share it... for now, here is the one I sent to Cindy...

Holly Reindeer
Daffycat Designs - design available HERE
36 ct Flax Linen, DMC Floss

Currently Stitching: Starting a new sampler tonight ;-)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Holly Berries Mini Biscornu Ornament

Another little finish over the weekend...

Holly Berries Mini Biscornu Ornament
Cherished Stitches
Just Cross Stitch 2008 Christmas Ornament Issue
Silkweaver 36 ct Heritage Linen, Thread Gatherer Silk, Mill Hill Beads

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackwork Star Ornament

I finished up a couple of ornaments yesterday. One is for an exchange, so I certainly cannot share a photo yet, but I can share this one now...

Blackwork Star Ornament
Serendipity Designs
Just Cross Stitch 1998 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, DMC 115

Saturday, January 08, 2011

First Finish of the Year

I have my first finish of the year... now that the holiday break has passed, I am back to work and well, slower on the stitching again. I suppose I am not the only one in that boat :-) Anyhow... my first finish is another Christmas ornament...

Christmas Comes Ornament
Vivian Bales
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, December 2007
28 ct Antique Ivory Cashel Linen, DMC Floss

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