Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so lucky....

I feel so lucky... I have received two absolutely gorgeous Quaker Christmas Ornaments for the HoE Quaker Christmas Exchange!

This stunning stocking is from Anne. She wrote me that she had a tough time parting with it... I think we can all see why! Wow! I sure am going to treasure this lovely from a dear friend!
And, I had two partners! Marie signed up for the exchange just a tiny bit late, right after I had drawn names for partners. But we agreed to swap with each other, as I surely wanted her to participate. And look at the gorgeous Quaker strawberry she made for me! Another amazing treasure from another dear friend. I do feel blessed! I have not mailed mine to Marie yet though... she is moving at the moment and just does not have a postal address. I might get lucky, though this weekend. She might be at Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, so I will have hers with me just in case!!

Thank you, dear friends, for these amazing treasures!

Also, thanks to those with the tinnitus advice. I start acupuncture for tinnitus and migraines on Wednesday afternoon... hoping for the best, and ever thankful for the advice and support from the stitching world... hugs to you all!

Currently stitching: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


Lisa S said...

LOVE both exchanges you received Carol!!
Lucky girl!

Deb said...

You did receive some wonderful exchanges. And good luck with the tinnitis. I hope that the acupuncture helps!!

Margaret said...

Beautiful exchanges you received! Hope the acupuncture works!

Gabi said...

Both are beautiful pieces.
Wishing you good luck with the tinnitus and migraine. I cross fingers here that you'll find some relief fast.

Lynn said...

Both are really wonderful exchanges! Even the little leaves on that strawberry look so real!
Beautiful stitching.
I hope that the acupuncture treatments give you some relief. I'll be saying a little prayer for you.

Marie said...

I am glad that you liked the ornament it was so sweet
of you to include me!
I can hardly wait to see you at the show in NH tomorrow.

Cross Stitch said...

I have never done an exchange, love the idea I should arrange one. Looks like you received wonderful gifts. You have some very talented friends :-)

Gabriele said...

What a wonderuf piece. You can be lucky!
Hugs, Gabi