Sunday, September 30, 2007

A little Spring Ride

Here it is... tonight's update of Spring Ride. I didn't have as much stitching time as usual today. Mike and I took a long overdue drive to see my mother today and have dinner with her, watch the Red Sox and talk about all kinds of stuff. It was great!

I don't ever seem to have much to say on Sundays... I use Sundays to relax, stitch, watch sports or movies, maybe garden (oops, Leslie, I didn't dig the daylilies yet), and spend time with family... selfish days, for sure!

Wow, is tomorrow really October already??

Stitched on today: Stitched on my USEBB Halloween Exchange project, and Spring Ride

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Update Pic of my RR :-)

I received this photo a little while back, and I keep forgetting to post it! This is the block that Becky stitched for me this month on my original Neighborhood Round Robin. She volunteered to stitch the block that was left vacant when one of the stitchers in the group had dropped out. Isn't it sweet?? Thanks Becky! One last stitcher to go now!

Back to the forest tonight... wow, I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel with this one now! I am going to stay up a bit longer, but decided just to post this progress for now as I feel like starting my USEBB Halloween Exchange project before I go to bed.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Stitched on today: Finished SBEBB Halloween Exchange project, And A Forest Grew, and started USEBB Halloween Exchange project **Sent off Autumn Quaker Exchange today **Sent Bine's RR to Nikki today

Friday, September 28, 2007

Finished Bine's RR

I finished Bine's RR tonight, and shall be able to post this off to Nikki in time now. Since my house is a farm house, I ended up finishing my area with an ox and a pig... it was fun, and I hope Bine likes it!

Beau says hi! Just found him laying next to my chair like this...

Stitched on today: The Mermaid and the Sea, finished Autumn Quaker Exchange project, started SBEBB Halloween Exchange project, and finished Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dawn is Back

I just couldn't resist. It has been five weeks (8/17/07) since I have worked on Dawn. I picked her up tonight and stitched a whole lot of the pearl Petite Treasure Braid. It was so nice to stitch on her again. I guess finishing Bine's RR is going to have to wait until the weekend :-)

Stitched on today: Stitched on Autumn Quaker Exchange, and Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grateful Hearts Exchange from Amy

Today I received a beautiful exchange from Amy . It is the SBEBB Grateful Hearts Exchange. Amy must know that I do love needlerolls. She stitched me this sweet one... I just love it, thank you Amy!
Amy also sent me a LHN/CC chartpack off of my wishlist and a Fabric Guage (what a neat tool to have!). This was a wonderful exchange, and I was so thrilled to see Amy's name and address on the return label when I pulled this out of the mailbox this afternoon! I feel very lucky :-)
I spent much of the evening finishing off a gift that has to travel to the one location on the planet that takes forever.... (no An, not your house, but then again, your house sometimes does take the longest - LOL). After finishing that, I put in some time on Bine's RR. I added three little pumpkins with a blackbird in the open area under the tree Karen stitched.... it was calling for something. Plus I had been thinking this RR would look good with some pumpkins.. I stitched them over one, and on this tight linen, that took me almost three hours. Now to figure out what to stitch under my house (something over two, of course!!)... hmmm.... I received Deb's RR already today, which is a clear sign that I have to get this one off to Nikki very soon!

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Victoria's Quaker Again

No surprises here. It is Tuesday, and of course, Victoria's Quaker again. I wouldn't miss it for anything. I did get in the extra skein of OMG Red from Vikki Clayton a few days ago, and the dye lots are relatively close. Close enough to really not matter much. I started using some of the new red tonight so that it will be mixed in with the original red a little. The new skein is just a little bit duller than the original one. Getting the silk was a bit of an ordeal. The customer service from this seller leaves a lot to be desired. OMG. I will leave out the gorey details.

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Victoria's Quaker

Monday, September 24, 2007

Halloween Exchange from Michelle!

What a surprise!! When I pulled into my driveway after work this afternoon, there was a big box sitting outside my garage door where the postman had left it. I thought that maybe Mike had ordered something from a wholesaler or some such thing. Then I saw my name on the box and thought that maybe it was the Harvest House Exchange, as that one is due to arrive now... or maybe, just maybe, the Grateful Hearts Exchange since that one just had its posting date... but nope! It was the SBEBB Halloween Exchange from Michelle! The posting date is not until October 10th for this one (I haven't even stitched mine yet...), but lucky Michelle is going to be induced into labor tomorrow and wanted to get this out to me before her hands got really full with her new baby boy! Oh my gosh - look at this, she utterly spoiled me! I already emailed Michelle, but want to thank her very, very publicly here too - what an awesome and unbelievably generous exchange! As you can see, Michelle stitched me not one but THREE pieces! Aren't they wonderful? Spooky Time is her first ever pinkeep - you would never know it. It is absolutely perfect. And she sent me a chart (Jeannette Douglas' Acorn Stitches) off of my wishlist, some fun Halloween trims and stickers... and this adorable little witch's hat trinket box... is a closeup - the chain has a little spider on it - oh, I just adore it! Michelle is such a sweetie!
And, of course, it is Monday, and that means HOHRH night here at Casa Sutcliffe! Yep, it is still a little difficult to see the stitching in this block, and I am sure it will show wonderfully when all that black fill in is stitched... but the roof colors are showing better than anything else is in the block now. It's been an easy start to this intimidating block so far!

I am still not caught up on blog reading... but I really hope to get there soon! ;-)

Stitched on today: Stitched on Autumn Quaker Exchange project, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quittin' Early

I am quitting early on Spring Ride tonight. I'm just not feeling it. I did work on it for a while tonight, but since it felt like work, I knew it just wasn't time to be stitching on it.... even though it is Sunday. I am sure my SAL mate does not mind, of course! It is not like I didn't actually stitch much today - I did plenty of exchange stitching, just can't show it :-)

Stitched on today: Finished return exchange for Susan (Crazy Exchange), stitched on Autumn Quaker Exchange project, and Spring Ride

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crazy Exchange for Cynthia

I heard the good news today that Cynthia has received my little Crazy Exchange - this is a fun little group that runs differently from most of the other blogger exchanges.... and is always open to new members if you want to join... I sent this little fob to Cynthia, a group member who lives a mere 20-30 minutes away from me - I couldn't resist choosing my neighbor as my next exchange person! Since Autumn has just started here in the northern hemisphere, I chose this for her:

Fall Fob

Trail Creek Farm

Dirty Belfast Linen, GAST, Weeks Dye Works Floss

I spent a while today starting my return exchange for Susan, who sent me a sweet quilted needlebook for Crazy Exchange (see August 27, 2007 entry in my blog). Then I found time to do what I always do on Saturdays - add some more to the forest (And A Forest Grew). I was able to add a few smaller motifs and another good sized tree (maybe a peach or grapefruit tree?). I also think I may have found a motif or two on this tonight that I can add to the landscaping on Bine's RR :-) I am getting closer and closer now to that right side edge, which is the end of the sampler!

There have been a few questions of late asking how Angus is doing. He appears to continue to do well! He was able to eat a bit of dry kibble tonight (the other cats whine for it, so sometimes we give in and put a little out, despite the fact that the vet does not want Angus eating it - he adores it so much!!). We do try to keep that to an extreme minimum, but as a result, he is a happy cat right now. Here is he is resting, as usual, with his catnip bag nearby. He is right here by my computer just now as I took the photo.

Stitched on today: Started return exchange project for Susan (Crazy Exchange) and And A Forest Grew

Friday, September 21, 2007

More of Bine's RR

I cannot show the majority of what I stitched today, as I was working on the Autumn Quaker Exchange project. But while watching baseball tonight, I did work some more on Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin. Now that I have finished the parts that I had planned out so far, I need to now go and look for items to add to some landscaping underneath what I have stitched. I would like my area to line up with the bottom areas that were stitched by the first two stitchers.

And, to the dear recipient of my latest Crazy Exchange project, please email me or post that you have received it... it should be at your home by now - thanks :-)

Stitched on today: Autumn Quaker Exchange project, and Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Harvest House Exchange for Cari

Good news tonight! I was beginning to wonder about the Harvest House Exchange I sent off to Cari. But tonight I saw on the SBEBB that she left a message that she has been ill and had received this a little bit ago... so, now I am relieved and I can share it :-)

Fall's Notice Fob

Blackbird Designs

Lakeside Linens 40 ct Mocha Linen, Weeks Dye Works Floss

This is a total fluke and surely unprecedented, but for some reason I took a photo of the entire exchange before I mailed it out. After surfing Cari's blog a bit, I discovered she likes Blackbird Designs. She even had this Awake the Dawning Day chart on her wishlist, so I got it for her and kept with the theme by stitching her a BD design. It was fun, and so cute that I really wanted to keep it! Cari and I have the same initials, thus I personalized it with a CS on the front like in the model on BD's website... they mean Cari S and Carol S both at the same time :-) Cari, I am so glad you liked this!
And... some more time on Bine's RR tonight. This photo shows the colors much more accurately!!

It's the weekend now for me! Wahoo!

Stitched on today: Autumn Quaker Exchange project, and Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grateful Hearts Exchange for Julianne/Fair and Square for Wendy...

A banner day today! Two exchanges I sent off recently have been received! I am still waiting for word on the Harvest House exchange. It should have been received by now, but no word....

First, Julianne has already received the Grateful Hearts Exchange. I can show you what I stitched, but we will have to wait until she can post a photo of the entire exchange, since, as always, I did forget to take a photo of the goodies too! Julianne, what a sweet email you sent me! I am so glad you like it, as it was so much fun to stitch this for you!

Four Little Hearts Biscornu

Indigo Rose

32 ct Lambswool Jobelan, DMC Floss

I stitched the same design on the back, using only DMC 712...

And a side view, since I find photographing biscornus to be quite difficult... top views don't look right, and side views don't show much...LOL

Also, the lovely Wendy received my Fair and Square exchange for her today... oh Wendy, I am so happy that you like my choice - and thank you too for the wonderful email today!! Wendy likes Prairie Schooler very much, and since we are in a Neighborhood Round Robin together, selecting a chart for her was easy. She told me she had never seen this old PS freebie (c. 1990) before, so I was really happy I could surprise her!

Grey Home Sweet Home

The Prairie Schooler

Wichelt 32 ct Chantilly Country French Linen, DMC Floss

I worked on Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin again tonight... looks more like a house now!! I had to photograph it without flash, thus the blurriness and the house I am stitching looks black/blue when it is really red (Crescent Colours Bandana). I should be able to finish this and get it to Nikki by the next mailing date on 10/1.

Good news! I got to visit some blogs today! My reader says I still have 200+ to go, but the dent I made today was so uplifting - so far, it appears you are all doing well :-) I have missed you, and thank you for your kind words of support.

For those who asked, I emailed Vikki to let her know I am not going to have enough OMG Red to finish VQ. I let her know I am using 36 ct linen and am a very frugal stitcher who wastes no floss. She said she knows of 30 stitchers, at least, who have stitched this with one skein. Now, since I will barely get to the 3/4 mark on high count linen, I was stymied. She is, however, happy to send me another skein gratis. I am not sure how 30 stitchers could have done that... they must have stretched their silk extra thin?? (I am kidding, I know you cannot do that! LOL)

Stitched on today: Autumn Quaker Exchange project, and Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of Page 1

I made it to the end of page 1 of Victoria's Quaker tonight. There are only two pages to the chart, and page 1 is longer than page 2, so this is a little over halfway finished now. I am doubting that there is enough of the OMG Red, though. I will need to contact Vikki Clayton. I bought the silks as a project pack, so I will alert her that even on 36 ct and being extra frugal, one skein of OMG Red does not look like it is enough. Fortunately, she ships quickly :-)

Thank you, everyone, for all of your kind words and support while I was going through my huge work project. It ended today - with positive outcome :-) Little by little, I will now get my sea legs back and be visiting blogs again!! I missed you all!!

Stitched on today: Finished Crazy Exchange project, started Autumn Quaker Exchange project, and Victoria's Quaker

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday

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Ah, Monday again. I worked away and did all I can... tomorrow is my big work meeting, and then... life goes back to normal again!!! I unwound tonight by working on the intimidating House 6 block on HOHRH. I took an up close of the area as it is very pastel. Blogger is hanging while uploading photos, so I had to use Photobucket. I don't think you can click to enlarge. Oh well. Anyhow...

Hope you are all well! Will be visiting you again soooooon!!! Yay!!

Stitched on today: Stitched on Crazy Exchange Project, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow **Sent off Grateful Hearts Exchange today

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spring Ride - on to a new page

Leena has let me know that she has received the birthday gift I sent off to her. I got it off to her late, but she was so sweet about it! Here it is:
Nature's Alphabet "L" Fob

Elizabeth's Designs

Silkweaver Belfast Solo, DMC Floss

And tonight, I finished up the page I was working on for Spring Ride (or, at least I think I did - it is a pretty busy page), and moved on to the extreme left edge now. Maybe soon I can add a head to the girl and to the horse too :-)

Stitched on today: Finished Grateful Hearts Exchange project, started a Crazy Exchange project, and Spring Ride

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Just a quick entry tonight to show the little bit (well, four motifs is not so little) that I did on And A Forest Grew tonight. I was good today and finished all of my "homework" that I brought home, and stitched 3/4 of my Grateful Hearts exchange project too :-)

Thanks for all the comments - yes, Bine's RR layout is wonderful! I might do that someday too, if I can find a piece of linen long enough :-)

Oh, and here is a cute Halloween Freebie link for you from The Cricket Collection - enjoy!

Stitched on today: Started Grateful Hearts Exchange project, and And A Forest Grew

Friday, September 14, 2007

A new neighborhood/retired Gingher scissors available

A new neighborhood is now underway... here is a peek at what I started tonight on Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin. As you can see, she set her fabric up as a Neighborhood Row. Very nice idea! I will keep secret on what chart I am using... ;-) The color is off Bine - my house for you is red, not black or navy as it appears here.

Mike has some retired Ginghers available right now! He has Sophia and Olivia left-handed 8" Dressmaker Shears, and he has Olivia 5" scissors available here They are beauties!! The cats have been busy! Tonight I heard some rustling noises across the room, and when I looked beside the love seat, I saw that Ava had climbed into a stitching tote that I keep there holding some of my more neglected WIPS. Looks like she found a new room for herself.
And last night, Beau took over my stitching chair for a bit... :-)

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I had to bring home work from the office today. My big project ends on Tuesday, so I just need to push ahead a little more and then, all going well, life will be back to normal!!

Stitched on today: Started Bine's Neighborhood Round Robin **Posted off Harvest House Exchange today

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Great Mail Day

I received some really beautiful mail today! Aniza sent me this really pretty little pinkeep for the SBEBB Quaker Alphabet Exchange. It is stitched over one with a lovely purple floss - and of course, is so beautifully stitched.. and so wee :-) And.. wow, I have admired Aniza's own hand dyed floss via her blog for some time now... and now I have a nice packet of several lovely skeins all for myself! Thank you Aniza - what a lovely exchange, I love it all! And, the mail just kept getting better as I received these fantastic Fair and Square blocks from Wendy. Aren't they wonderful? She stitched Opalescent Heart by The Sweetheart Tree for me! Oh Wendy, I adore them, thank you! I hope you receive yours from me very soon too!
And... I finished House 5 on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow tonight ;-) Then I took the plunge and started the border on House 6, aka the intimidating "leave-no-space-unstitched" block, which also features the one house on the sampler that also calls for overstitching. This one will take a while. I had to chuckle when I saw a comment in my blog earlier today about last night's HOHRH post. Someone wrote that my finish is only a few months away - ha! Naive writer, ha! LOL. I think the finish is still some ways off on this massive endeavor.

Stitched on today: Finished Harvest House Exchange project, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An extra night with HOHRH

I couldn't resist. I spent some time tonight working on my Harvest House Exchange, but I cannot show that here yet. And, it is my blogging style to show something every day that I am working on, right? So, I didn't really feel attracted to Mermaid Heaven tonight, and I have not pulled a chart yet for Sabine's Neighborhood Round Robin (still just have thoughts in my head)... so I picked up HOHRH and got a bit more done on House 5. Now there is only a smidge of the pond (I now recognize that that is a pond under the houses) and a bit of the outer border to do. Next Monday, should be a piece of cake to finish it!

I am now in my final week of my huge work project. While I have not been able to find time to comment much in or even read many blogs, I am amazed at how many of you are still visiting me daily and commenting! Thank you! I did get exhausted from work today and took a break and spent 30 minutes reading blogs again. It was great to revisit some of you! I hope to be back at my regular pace soon - thank you so much for sticking with me!

Stitched on today: Harvest House Exchange project, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Victoria's Quaker

Victoria's Quaker night :-) Here is this week's rather small update. I was distracted tonight by enjoying the Harvest House Exchange project I am stitching, so I divided my time between the two projects. I just love Victoria's Quaker. I decided to go right ahead and stitch the year on it tonight. This is such a relatively quick stitch that it will not take all that much longer to finish, so why not just stitch the year now as I came across the area for it.

Blessings to all on this somber anniversary... wow, six years already have passed...

Stitched on today: Harvest House Exchange project, and Victoria's Quaker

Monday, September 10, 2007

HOHRH Monday

It is Houses of Hawk Run Hollow night, of course. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now with House 5. Maybe next week?

Thanks for all the sweet comments about Amy's little doghouse. I was worried that it might get squished in the mail, so I am waiting to see a photo of it from her end to see how well it fared.

Stitched on today: Started Harvest House Exchange project, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow **Sent off Fair and Square blocks to Wendy today

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Football is Back :-)

I won't talk about it, because this is a stitching blog... but I am just happy right now that the NFL Football Season started this weekend :-)

OK, back to stitching... Amy is 9 years old today - Happy Birthday Amy! I am so happy you had two parties! That is fantastic! Thank you for the nice email. I stiched this wee little gift for Amy. This is the gift that took me a bit longer to finish than I had anticipated.

Dog House


Taupe Cashel Linen, DMC Floss, The Dye Shop Floss

And, of course, this week's Sunday update of Spring Ride... still stitching flowers :-)

Stitched on today: Finished Fair & Square blocks for Wendy, and Spring Ride

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Finally... a new update for the Forest

Finally, I have finished the tree to the right of the big tree - lots of starting and stopping on those leaves :-) I am well into Section 12 now, and just peeked and saw there are only 14 sections in total. Wow, I am really near the end. Only a couple of medium/big trees left now.

I am keeping this short. My right hand is so cramped up. Typing is uncomfortable. I think this is from doing so much paperwork at the office lately ;-)

Thank you Becky and Vonna for the lovely email chats today. You two are such good friends and you are both very REAL, which I just love!

Stitched on today: Fair & Square blocks, and And A Forest Grew

Friday, September 07, 2007

Beautiful Gifts!

I received such a lovely surprise in the mail today! Anne sent me a belated birthday gift! She sent me this beautiful needleroll that I had recently been drooling over on her blog! She also sent me some overdyed fibers and a cute cat card, both of which I forgot to photograph - sorry! Oh Anne, this was so unexpected and so sweet of you! Thank you - I just love it! Earlier this week, I also received a surprise package from Lelia :-) She sent me a couple of fobs out of friendship. Awww, thanks Lelia! The heart fob is from a kit from when she volunteered at the Midwest Stash Exchange. The kit was for charity. How sweet! And the beaded fob was made by her friend Amanda. Thank you Lelia. I have already emailed you, and you know I really love them :-)
Ta Da - I finished Cathy's Neighborhood Round Robin tonight. Sorry the photo of my block is a bit blurry. I didn't realize it until now, and the project is already packed up and ready to go to An.
And, for the curious amongst you, this is how Cathy's RR looks now. She wanted our houses to reflect the area in which we live... next stop, The Netherlands! I hope you like it Cathy!

Stitched on today: Started F&S squares (yes, I am late, I can barely stand it!) and finished Cathy's Neighborhood Round Robin

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quaker Alphabet Exchange for Chizue

I am blogging early tonight as I would like to dedicate my evening to finishing a very important birthday gift, which is already late. Since I learned today that Chizue has already received the SBEBB Quaker Alphabet Exchange that I only posted off to Japan on Friday, 8/31 (yet Annemarie's RR has half the distance to travel and is not there, despite being posted on 8/17??)... so I will share what I sent her.
front above... back below...

Quaker Heart Pillow

Janice Wood

Zweigart Vintage Country Cream Belfast, DMC 115

Thank you all for the wonderful comments about Maria's gift for me! I hope she takes a moment to read all of the wonderful things you wrote about her!!

Susan, the chart I am using (chowder house) on Cathy's RR is in a 1990 leaflet by The Cricket Collection called "Kiss the Cook." (It is still available - I just checked and Stitching Bits & Bobs has it).

Stitched on today: Finished a gift