Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Here is my album of finishes for 2007 - it was a productive year, primarily a year of stitching smalls and learning a whole lot of new things. What a wonderful year it was! Thank you for being here with me throughout, dear friends.

We are celebrating quietly tonight. It is snowy here. Our big adventure for the day was to go to WalMart for welding supplies to fix the snowblower. While there, we picked up Ratatouille on DVD and are enjoying that together for the holiday :-)

Oh... and a little more of A Quaker Christmas :-)

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy new year!

Stitched on today: Finished a CE Exchange project, and A Quaker Christmas **Mailed out two PIFs today

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Rose is a Rose...

I am sorry Karen! Apparently, when I am on vacation, I am not able to remember it is Sunday evening! I forgot again and did not work on Spring Ride. I promise I will get right back to it next week when life returns to normal again ;-) Today I started a new Crazy Exchange project. I figured I could squeak one more in before the year officially ended. I also figured it is safe to post a WIP of it here. I don't think the recipient reads my blog, and even if she does, I don't think she will figure out it is for her. Tomorrow I will stitch the border around this pretty freebie by La D Da and then whip it up into a little something.

Wow, tomorrow is New Year's Eve already! Anyone have big plans? Not us, we will be home relaxing - and it is snowing, snowing, snowing anyhow!

Stitched on today: Finished a PIF, started a CE Exchange project

Saturday, December 29, 2007

History is in the books :-)

Stitching stuff first... at last, one of the packages I sent out that seem to be lost somewhere in the vast world of the postal service did arrive. Jean has let me know that my birthday parcel for her has arrived safely in Singapore. The stitched portion of my gift is below. Now I am waiting for packages to arrive to Tannia in Australia, Janaina in Brazil and Katrina in New Zealand... that is a lot to wait on, and two of them have been in the post for quite some time now... I am also waiting for one from Malaysia to arrive, and it has been in the post for about six weeks. Hopefully the Christmas postal delays will clear up soon.

Petite Exemplary #4 Fob

Ewe and Eye and Friends

32 ct Putty Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

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Thank you, NE Patriots, for making history tonight!!

Stitched on today: Finished a PIF, started a PIF **Mailed out a PIF today

Friday, December 28, 2007

Finished the alphabet

I did a lot of secret stitching today ;-) But I can show this... I got the alphabet at the top of Serenity finished tonight.

There are a lot of questions going on right now about exchanges and what will be happening. I am happy to take new people into Hooked on Exchanging. What will develop from it is unclear. Becky and her role in exchanges simply cannot be replaced. I am hoping to be in touch with her to talk about the future of exchanges. I will do what I can to please anyone who wants to keep exchanging. A fellow blogger/exchanger also wants to do the same. But, first things first. I want to chat with Becky - these exchanges were born from her and I want her input and to give her all of the respect the sweet woman deserves. I know you all understand. I refuse to step on any toes here.

Stitched on today: Finished a PIF, started a PIF, and Serenity **Mailed out F&S squares to Laura today

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Still Christmas

It's still Christmas here (including more snow today). I received this lovely parcel from dear Karen this morning. She made me some sweet rag dolls, and I just love them! She also made a wreath of cut fabrics, plus sent me some cute Mill Hill Kits, a nice cut of R&R Reproductions linen... and some stunning charts! She sent me Long Dog Samplers Scarlet Ribands, and an amazing quaker chart by Monasterium that she just knew I had been eyeing! Aw, thank you Karen! We both are sending our packages in two parts this year - this is part one, she says there is more! I was busy doing many things today, including trying to get a message board set up for the Hooked on Exchanging group. This group is (happily) growing every day, and it will be too difficult to maintain in a blog... so keep an eye out, I have new things for the group! But I did find some time for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow too. It is hard to see, but I finished the fence today - just some night sky left now for this block.

Several asked about Mike's car - aw, thanks for asking! LOL. He had to bring the Corvette in for new tires before putting the car into storage, and the garage monkey ruined all four of his pricey rims when changing the tires. The dealership is going to refurbish them for us, or replace them if they cannot be refurbished. Unfortunately, this means the Corvette still won't be going into storage and is taking up space in our garage that the new Jeep needs. Sigh. Oh well.

Stitched on today: Finished F&S squares for Laura, started a PIF gift, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A little Christmas Elf

My mailman delivered a gift from a little Christmas Elf today :-) I received this wonderful Praisworthy Stitches/CC thread pack that I had on my wish list (and adore) from the lovely Vonna. Aw, thanks Vonna - you shouldn't have! And enclosed a yummy Buttercream wax tart too. I will burn that very soon. You are such a sweetie. (Vonna knows how much I love these Praiseworthy Stitches birds).
My mind is cluttered and busy with many things - damage to our Corvette at the dealership today, blogging community news, health issues, MORE snow coming... ugh. It is hard to enjoy this time off from work. I did squeeze in some distracted stitching tonight on A Quaker Christmas. So much for turbo stitching on my vacation - it just isn't happening.

Stitched on today: Stitched on F&S squares for Laura, and A Quaker Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Quaker Christmas

I sure hope everyone had a lovely Christmas today. Mike and I enjoyed our day - the weather and roads were clear, and we enjoyed time with our family. I sure did not have much time for stitching today, of course, but I did wind down for a few minutes by adding just a few more stitches to A Quaker Christmas :-)

We have a very long list of errands to run tomorrow, but I also hope to catch up on blogs tomorrow and read about everyone's wonderful holiday!

Stitched on today: A Quaker Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas :-)

It is Christmas Eve and I wanted to wish every one of you a Merry Christmas! I hope you all get everything you could ever wish for and more. You are all wonderful friends and your frienship towards me is truly a blessing. I look forward to another year with you :-)

I heard from Karen tonight that she has received my Christmas parcel for her, and since it is already Christmas in Australia, has opened it. Here is the little stitched portion of her gift:

Swedish Christmas Star, Hearts and Reindeer Ornament

Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin

32 ct Antique White Belfast Linen, GAST Floss

And.... as I had planned, I started A Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches tonight. I didn't have a whole lot of time to stitch, but I am off to my start now. I chose a Silkweaver 40 ct Newcastle Solo on which to stitch it. It is not as large as I had thought it would be. I can tell I will really enjoy this one!

Stitched on today: Started F&S squares for Laura, and started A Quaker Christmas **Mailed off my Frosty Friends Exchange today

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thank you Katrina :-)

The mailman delivered a special package yesterday, all the way from New Zealand. It was my Christmas package from Katrina!! She had only just posted it a few days ago, and it is already here! She told me to go ahead and open it :-) Katrina stitched me the cutest Christmas pillow, and I just love it - her work is so beautiful! I have tucked it amongst the branches of my Christmas tree, and will every year forward. She also sent me a sweet Brittercup chartpack, some New Zealand paper, two beautiful cotton fabrics and a spicy sachet. What a lovely and thoughtful package. Thank you again, Katrina, you are such a dear friend. And, I hope my package for you arrives soon too.

Today I did something a little bit different... I finally finished something off "just for me". I had stitched this pretty Chatelaine freebie at least a couple of years ago, and today I finished it into a little trinket box for my bureau. I love how it came out! It is nice to keep something for myself for once :-) I am not complaining, but do realize that I stitch so much for others and forget myself quite a bit.

Tina Rose Mandala Garden Box


Silkweaver 28 ct Romance Lugana, DMC Floss, Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors Silk, Mill Hill Beads

I made a little slide show of all of the exchanges I have received this year from Becky's various boards. I did this in response to several requests in the Hooked on Exchanging group for examples of what stitchers send in their exchange packages... so, I decided to put my little slide show here too :-)

Wow.... tomorrow is Christmas Eve already! Anyone have any big plans? We will be visiting our families on Christmas Day - both live about 40 minutes south of us, an easy drive, especially with no snow currently in the forecast.

Stitched on today: Finished Tiny Rose Mandala Garden Box, and finished Frosty Friends Exchange project

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas Surprise

The mailman brought me a huge Christmas surprise today. I received this lovely package from my dear friend Margaret today - I am quickly learning she likes to make and send packages that totally spoil the recipient - wow, look at all of this . She stitched me a gorgeous ornament using a JBW Design (I just love JBW Designs!), and she kitted up Blackbird Designs' new Peace on Earth (you cannot see the R&R linen and the fibers because they are under the chart in the pack)... another cute JBW Designs chart, a skein of my favorite DMC Colour Variations in Radiant Ruby... and... oh my - a Quick Start Set! She must have seen in my wish list blog how much I wanted one of these. What a treat - thank you, dear Margaret :-)

I spent much of my stitching time today working on the Frosty Friends Exchange, but when I did pick up something to work on later this evening, I chose Serenity again... which just happens to be what Margaret gave me for my birthday this year!

Stitched on today: Stitched on Frosty Friends Exchange, and Serenity

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Ornament Exchange & Stitcher's Lottery Piece

I had joined a Christmas Ornament Exchange a little while back, and had begun to think that I had also been forgotten in this group... but to my surprise, this lovely exchange arrived today from Cathy in Missouri. She stitched such a sweet ornament and also made this adorable scissor fob for me. There were also some interesting looking chocolates in the package, but Mike has already hidden those somewhere "for later." LOL. Thanks so much Cathy :-)

And, I finished off my project for the Cross Stitcher's Lottery today... I really love how it came out.

Peacock Treat Box

Praiseworthy Stitches

Silkweaver 32 ct Solo Lugana, Crescent Colours Floss

Finished on a dark stained wooden box for trinkets

I am now officially on vacation until January 2nd. It wasn't so bad to have to go to work this morning. Now, lots of stitching time! In fact, I am off to go work some more on the Frosty Friends Exchange :-)

I haven't done a Word Cloud in ages... I wonder what words from my blog will pop up this time!! Here goes....

Stitched on today: Finished Stitcher's Lottery project,

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's All About Snow

I have a lot of snow to show you today. I wanted you to see that I am not just complaining about nothing here. Home again from work today... and you will see why! But... this is a stitching blog, so stitchng first!

I just heard from Vonna that she received a little Christmas package that I put together for her. I really wish I could have stitched for ALL of my stitching friends, but we all know that time would never allow for that! But, I did get something together for Vonna. Vonna has been a tremendous help to me - really, nothing short of being my right arm for me - with the Neighborhood Round Robins, and I really wanted to show my appreciation to her. And, Vonna has been the sweetest ear and dear friend to me all year long. Thank you Vonna - Merry Christmas, dear friend! (I chose Prairie Schooler as it is very obvious she loves PS as much as she loves LHN!... and it had to be a pinkeep ornament, as nobody loves pinkeeps more than Vonna does!)

Ho Ho Ho Santa Ornament

Prairie Schooler

32 ct Antique White Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

And, before I zip off now to start my SBEBB Frosty Friends exchange... is what it looks like outside my front door as of only a few minutes ago... this is about 5 storms' worth of snow, but I think this whole snow thing is getting old already... and winter solstice does not even start until Saturday...

And, you can barely even see my mailbox - near upper center of the photo at the top of my driveway.. can you see my driveway? Mike is out there plowing now... (not in the photo).... the plow almost took the mailbox down today - it always gets knocked off by a plow at least once per winter.

And here is what a portion of my back porch looks like - this gives you a good guage of just how high the snow is!

How did Mike and I cope with this today? Well, since it has been snowing steadily since I drove home from work yesterday afternoon (24 hours ago)... I was not taking it on again today. Tomorrow was supposed to be the start of my holiday break, but if the roads and skies clear enough, I will work for a while tomorrow to make up for today... But, after a trip to the post office and out to breakfast, we went to the movies and saw I Am Legend. Mike likes snow days - you get stores and cinemas and such to yourselves. We were the only ones in the theater for I Am Legend :-)

Stitched on today: Started SBEBB Frosty Friends Exchange project

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eye of the Needle Exchange from Myrna

I received the USEBB Eye of the Needle Exchange from Myrna today. I did start to think that I had been forgotten in this exchange, but it came!
Myrna stitched a sweet needlebook for me. It is very roomy and I can put a pair of scissors in it. She used Lizzie Kate's latest design. I just love it! And the goodies are a treat - scissors that Myrna says are good for cutting metallic fibers, a fob to match the needlebook, hand dyed lugana, cotton fabric, buttons and some marking pins her sister made. How sweet! Thank you Myrna :-)

I heard from Natty today that she received my Christmas package for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday/Christmas Club. I was Natty's exchange partner this year - I also sent her a birthday package back in February. For Christmas, I stitched her an ornament and sent her a Passione Ricamo chart and a wax candle tart in a Christmasy fragrance (Natty likes those). Merry Christmas Natty!

Windows of Joy Ornament

Primrose Needleworks

The Gift of Stitching Magazine, December 2007

32 ct Driftwood Linen, GAST, DMC and Anchor Marlitt Floss

And for today's stitching.... Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Not for too long, though. The silk was knotting up tonight. Probably the dry heat in our family room causing that. It is yet another snowy day here in New Hampshire, so the heat is turned on to keep us comfortable... the silk doesn't like it.

I have been happily able to grab moments here and there to read blogs, but have not been able to comment in them. After work tomorrow, I am off until January 2. I hope to get some blog reading/commenting in during my break! I didn't want my friends to think I am ignorning them. I have been getting many, many Christmas cards from so many of you - thank you! Mike and I are loving them :-)

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Birthday Gift for Karen

I heard today that Karen received my little birthday gift for her today... on her actual birthday. I cannot believe how quickly this arrived in the UK, especially with so many other packages having gone "missing" for so long.... many of them, really. You know, Christmas rush and all. But anyhow, Karen's had perfect timing. This little biscornu was so hard to photograph. The chart is a freebie from the Kissy Cross site and had no color key, so I chose to go with the warm autumn colors that I had recently pulled for Cathy's Blessed Be pin pillow... Each flower cluster in each corner is a different autumnal color, but my photos did not pick that up well. I am glad you like it Karen! Happy birthday, dear friend :-)

Bottom of biscornu

Bee Biscornu

Kirsten Schmidt - Kissy Cross

28 ct Platinum Cashel Linen, DMC Floss, Bead-It Beads

And for today's stitching... I didn't stitch for long, and what I did do was a bit more on Serenity. Tonight's photo shows the true color of the Luna linen (finally).

Kathy O., if you are visiting today, I got your thank you card yesterday :-)

Stitched on today: Serenity

Monday, December 17, 2007

Autumn Exchange from Sharon

I received the Autumn Exchange from Sharon today. She is my sender for the Seasonal Exchangers group - awesome group! I am sooo lucky to have Sharon as my sender. She spoiled me rotten. She stitched me the cutest little tasseled pillow, which she informs me is Autumn House by The Trilogy (I adore The Trilogy, Sharon!). We both think the little buttons on this design are sooo cute!! And that was not all - Sharon hit my wish list very hard! She sent me three charts that I wanted very, very badly! Then also sent me two fabulous skeins of autumnal Silk 'N Colors! Wow, Sharon! I am overwhelmed. Thank you again :-) I am so glad Alexis is feeling better too!
Forward progress.... plugging away again tonight on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow :-) The photo may look fuzzy - it is really because I almost finished all the backstitching in light blue (VC Lace Agate, actually) over the orange (VC Pumpkin) stitches of the house... just a little bit of fence and the rest of the night sky left now!

Thank you to those who sent well wishes for Mike today. His much anticipated meeting appeared to go well today - the outcome of it has not yet been determined... if you can, please keep the positive thoughts going for him. We both appreciate it!

My sincerest condolences go out, and my heart is so heavy, for Michelle (Cozy Egg) and her DH over the loss of their beloved Hamlet over the weekend. {{HUGS}} for both of them. Losing a pet is so very difficult.

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow **Mailed out a gift today

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stitching for the Lottery

No Spring Ride tonight. Earlier in the day, I started my piece for the Cross Stitcher's Lottery, and I really was enjoying it... so, I stuck with it until all of the cross stitching was done. Here it is, Peacock Treat by Praiseworthy Stitches. I just knew I would really like this design stitched up, but now that I see it, I just love it! It will be hard to part with it, but I can stitch it up for myself sometime. The fabric and floss are more vibrant than my photo shows. I will just leave how I am going to finish it as a mystery for now ;-)

Sorry Karen, I couldn't resist choosing this over Spring Ride today!

Snow, ice, freezing rain, and bitterly cold temps... that's what we have!

Stitched on today: Started Stitcher's Lottery project

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday Gift for Sherry

Dear Sherry has just emailed me to let me know that she has received my little birthday gift for her. Her birthday is Monday, and I feared she would not receive this in time... whew! She did!! And, she writes that she does hope to be back to blogging soon - good, I miss you Sherry!

Christmas Alphabet "S" Fob

Prairie Schooler

32 ct Putty Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Mike is now stocking Q-Snaps, by popular demand, in his on-line store - I hope you will check them out! If you think of anything else he should start carrying for you, do let me (or Mike) know! His aim is to please :-) Several of my friends have now purchased from him... some multiple times. You cannot begin to imagine how much your support means to us! Thank you!!

Well, early blogging as I am going to go and try to finish a gift now - trying to squeeze one more out the door for Christmas! I am just still so distracted. Barbara writes of the same situation, but believes it is her pregnancy causing it. Since I am not pregnant, why am I so distracted? I suppose a good deal of it is because Mike has a HUGE and very important meeting on Monday morning... and also because so many of the stitchers in the scissor fob exchange just are not getting back to me to let me know that they received their partner's name from me (I did ask in the email for a confirmation reply)... oh, I am so exhausted.

OK, think positively... off to stitch!

Stitched on today: Finished a gift

Friday, December 14, 2007

Is the Stitchers' Lottery still happening??

I made some good progress on HOHRH tonight. The house is finished, save for half of the backstitching over the stitching left to do (and that goes really quickly), and then just the fence at the bottom and the rest of the night sky :-)

I managed to get all of the partner matches made today and emailed out for the scissor fob exchange in the Hooked on Exchanging group. When the group hit 60 members for that exchange last night, I knew it was time to close it down and send out names! If you are in the group and did not receive your partner's info, please email me!

I am wondering if the Cross Stitcher's Lottery is still happening?? Becky is still away from her computer and there are no entries posted in the blog... I need to get in gear to stitch my piece, but first I figured I had better ask... is it still on??

Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Distracted Stitching

Gee, even though I had Serenity out all evening, I sure didn't get much done. This was an ADHD stitching night. I was so distracted and busy with getting the scissor fob exchange finalized and get everyone's blog links set up in the group blog... and take emails from new people wanting to join... oh well. At least I stitched a little.

Oh boy, did we get snow today. I am so glad I left work an hour ahead of the snow. I got home before it hit, and once it did, traffic stood still. Mike was caught up in it :-(

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Serenity

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dawn is Back

Thank you all so much for your well wishes! Some of you gave me some good ideas for easy ways to treat sinusitis, and I appreciate those. My sinuses do feel better today, but now I am struggling with general malaise - sore muscles, fatigue, sore throat... hmmm.... a virus? flu?? I was going to start an ornament tonight, but when I realized I needed to go upstairs and rummage around for floss for it, which could take about 20 minutes, I ditched the idea and grabbed something from my WIP drawer... Dawn :-) Here is more of the slooooow progress on her wings.

Snow, snow, snow - we have plenty coming tomorrow around the time of the evening commute, and then a whole ton more of it on Saturday night... all before the Winter Solstice has even arrived. Oh my.... Some more Christmas shopping is left for me to do - just hope I can find one snow free day left to get it done!

Stitched on today: Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace **Mailed out two gifts today

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Too sick to stitch.. sort of

Unfortunately, I am burdened right now with blocked sinuses and a headache that is such a monster - like a snowstorm inside of my head. I just cannot get warm and am a bit nauseous. I cannot take sinus medication, as it will keep me up all night. So, a little ibuprofen and watching the Harry Potter and Bourne Ultimatum are on tap for tonight. If I feel better, I might stitch... I did work for a bit on gift, so the day is not a total stitching washout :-)

I can show this, though. Bianca has received my Crazy Exchange for her. One of the first ornaments I ever finished off - lacking a bit of creativity, but still, I think, rather nice. I have been told Bianca is pleased, so that is what matters :-)

Peace on Earth Ornament

JBW Designs

28 ct White Opalescent Cashel linen, GAST floss, Mill Hill beads

I hope everyone has a great night! Once I feel better, I hope to catch up on blogs too!!

Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift Edited: Finished a gift **Mailed out a gift today

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rabbit's Big Day Exchanges

I am off to go finish up a gift tonight, and maybe start some other secret stitching... so much to do! But I have some things to show before I go disappear into that secret world :-)

I received a lovely Rabbit's Big Day Exchange today from Marika!
Marika stitched a needlebook and matching fob (so wee!) that are just beautiful! I think they are by Homespun Elegance. And she sent me so many goodies too! She sent me a pretty Finnish Christmas towel, some linen and linen banding, pretty red floss, beautiful charts by Isabelle Vautier and Periphaeria Designs, a sweet note pad by Muriel Brunet, a cute book of needles with a wee chart.... and even matches from Finland! Aw, thanks! I will cherish this forever!

And... today Andrea also received the Rabbit's Big Day Exchange that I sent to her. Perfect timing!

Petits Lapins (Little Rabbits)


36 ct Light Sand Edinburgh Linen

Converted from Gloriana Silks to Crescent Colours Floss

Above is a photo of the entire exchange. I did nick this photo from Andrea's blog. I hope she doesn't mind. The photo I had taken was a bit dark. I am so glad that Andrea likes her gifts :-)

Mike wants you all to know that he has received some requests to start carrying certain items in his online store - he is more than welcome to do that for you. Please let me know if there is anything you would like him to carry. Suzanne asked for Q-Snaps. Mike will happily stock all but the 17" ones. He learned via ebay that shipping those was a nightmare. There is no reasonable way to ship an item that large :-(

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, started a gift **Mailed out two gifts today