Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Paradigm Lost

Just another weekly update of Paradigm Lost - still trying to make a dent in that very large motif in the upper right corner....
Daylily: Kwanso - last one for the year, will end with the double version of the common daylily...

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower, a gift and Paradigm Lost

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pretty Carnations

It was An Emblem of Love night, and tonight I stitched the pretty pink carnations in the partial medallion on the left edge... plus some smaller motifs as well. I don't think it will take me too many more weeks to finish this. I am hoping to finish by the end of the year.

New DVD Release Tuesday was a day early today with Mission: Impossible III found on the kitchen counter when I got home today :-)
Daylily: Siloam David Kirchhoff - one more day to go with daylilies. It is full-blown autumn here now, so the summer symbols will end.

Stitched on today: An Emblem of Love

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Part 10 Finished

There was an angel on my shoulder this weekend. That's the only way I can explain this. I did manage to finish Part 10. It looked doubtful for a while tonight, because my brother called and we have not chatted for several weeks. We had a lot of sports talk to catch up on!! Anyway... here it is.
Daylily: Siloam June Bug

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stormy Days Are Good For Something

Stormy days are good for stitching. OK, it wasn't like it was a hurricane today. But it was raining pretty heavily off and on, and it was windy, off and on... it counts as a stormy day. I did manage to get a good amount done on Part 10, so there is the possibility that I can finish this part tomorrow. I didn't quite get the alone time that I had fantasized about to stitch this today. There were morning errands to run. Then later, laundry to do... then grocery shopping this evening. Tomorrow should be much quieter. It does now look to me like this is the outer frame of the garden. But we have not used any of the Pebbles Waterlilies or the two skeins of a pretty periwinkle blue NPI.... hmmmm.... wonder what we do next. I know there is a center design being offered for this. Some stitchers opted to buy some baubles from Martina to put in the center. I bought them when we stitched Mystery VI online, and I did not care for them. I opted instead to stitch the personalization in the center and I love it - hopefully that is what I will be doing with Mystery IX. I didn't even bother to buy the baubles this time... I have the set for Mystery VI (now sold as Indian Summer Reflections) if anyone wants them!

I got an email from Annemarie this morning, alerting me that my birthday package for her finally made it's way across the Atlantic Ocean to her home in the Netherlands - two weeks (or so) this time! I didn't take a photo of her entire birthday package (some of it was for Pelle, actually), but here is what I made for her...(I must give credit to Kiwi Jo - I borrowed this finishing technique, for the most part, from the fob she made for me for my birthday):

A Spot of Tea (portion of design)

Dragon Dreams, freebie found here

Silkweaver 28 ct Moon Dust Opalescent Lugana

DMC floss, Kreinik #4 braid, Mill Hill Petite Beads

Stitched 10/10/06 - 10/13/06

Yes... here I go again - more fabrics to clear out! You see, I joined another Fabric of the Month with another dyer, so I need room in my fabric bins! These are tough ones to let go of, but.... I will! I hope you can see them well enough in the photo - all four are gorgeous!

Upper left: Silkweaver 32 ct Jobelan solo in lovely neutral browns, 18" x 26", $15 -sold
Upper right: Silkweaver 36 ct Edinburgh solo in blues/greens, 16" x 16", $10 -sold
Lower left: Silkweaver 32 ct Rocky Mountain Belfast (disc color), 18" x 18", $12 -sold
Lower right: Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Iris Annabelle (disc color), 18" x 27", $15 -sold

The usual.... $1 shipping per piece in US - let me know if you are out of US for a low shipping fee... PayPal only outside of the US... US stitchers, any form of payment!
Daylily: Leebea Orange Crush

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Friday, October 27, 2006

Reached a Goal, Linen For Sale, and a RAK

I met my goal for tonight - I finished the last of the small ponds on Mystery IX, Part 10. With a lot of rain and wind forecasted for the weekend, I am holing myself up to work on this until it is finished. I have some very small spring bulbs that we bought to support the cute little girls across the street (one of those school selling for funds deals) that I hope I can plant tomorrow (weather permitting), and on Sunday I will be happy to deal with the trick or treaters... but other than that, I am not dealing with anyone or anything. I need the alone time in a big way.

I worked a lot on a gift this afternoon, and it was a lot of fun! But I cannot finish it yet, because I need a Mill Hill Treasure for it. I went to the LNS today, and I remember looking at the rack of MH Treasures when I first got there, but then I forgot to go back and choose one for the project -duh! Since I don't know when I will be near an LNS again, at least not in time to get this out, I did find what I needed on ebay from a very reliable ebay store that sells needlework supplies. I buy all my Anchor floss from her regularly and she ships fast. So, I got what I needed, plus a couple of skeins of Crescent Colours that I couldn't get while I was out today... so once the treasure comes in, I will be good to do the finishing :-)
I was RAK'd by my good friend, Karen! She is so sweet - what a nice treat! She sent me Just Nan's limited edition Horrified! with Whimzi Frame. Aw :-) I took the picture at this odd angle to show that the frame is attached to the chart.
I have this really, really pretty Silkweaver Solo for sale, if anybody would like it! It is a beautiful blue and purple blend. It is 28 ct Cashel linen and is 18" x 18", the cost is only $10 and shipping in the US is $1.00. If out of the US, still cheap shipping :-) I have a few more to put up, but it is late right now and I only have a photo of this one so far - I will get the others up tomorrow. Email me or leave me a comment here if you want to claim this one! ---sold
Daylily: Siloam Double Rose (with bugs)

Stitched on today: a gift for a friend, and Mystery IX

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good Timing for a Long Weekend

I have Friday (tomorrow) off, and I think this is actually great timing. I can put some extra time in on Mystery IX, and maybe, just maybe finish Part 10 by Sunday. Who knows! I did get most of the big pond in the bottom left finished tonight, although I did not yet stitch the one over one fleur de lis in the center - too late, too tired. I had to stitch much of this tonight with a 13 pound cat (Beau) nestled in my lap. My leg is asleep now!
Daylily: Sammy Russell Red

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Mystery IX

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


My dear stitching friends, I am just totally bored with Mystery IX... most especially with Part 10. I put a lot of time in on it each time I pick it up (about four hours), yet the progress is so slow. Sometimes I don't mind repetition when I am stitching. And, I know the repeat motifs in Martina's designs are her hallmark. But I am not enjoying it this time, because to be honest, I am not very impressed with the outcome of this mystery. It just isn't coming together yet. Maybe it will? There are two more parts to go after this. But I find the center to be too busy for the rest of the garden, and the yellow in the triangle veggie gardens just sticks out a bit like a sore thumb. I don't quite get Martina's vision on this one yet. Maybe it will be more obvious after Parts 11 and 12. Ah well, thanks for listening.

Q. If you were to come across a sampler chart that caught your eye and
appealed to you, would you or would you not stitch it if it had a
morbid or "creepy" saying on it? If not, why?

A. Yes, indeed I would. I submitted this question to Renee a few months ago when several readers were commenting that they felt the verse on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow is too morbid. I just love it. After all, many of the older samplers were made during a time, or were at least reproduced after a time, when life spans were short. Accepting one's mortality is a healthy thing, after all.

New DVD Release Tuesday was a day late for us this week - fun ones, Nacho Libre and Monster House

Daylily: Purple D'Oro

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower and Mystery IX

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Paradigm Lost Update

OK, here is this week's Paradigm Lost update. That large motif up in the upper right corner that I am still working on is divided up on at least four different pages on the chart. I felt like a juggler tonight putting the parts together to get this much done. I also finished up the acorns and oak leaves.

Thank you to all who have posted to my Birthday Alarm account (lovely idea Annemarie had!). I plan to use this list to help me to remember when to send cards and gifts to my stitching pals! So, if you haven't signed on, I hope you will!! I would love to keep all my data in one spot (for once).

Do you love the TV Drama Series "24" as much as I do? I saw some previews on TV during the World Series tonight - and they then gave a website - if you have not seen it, here is an extended trailer for next season! Uh-oh, Jack is asked to sacrifice himself? This cannot be good for Jack!! :-) 82 days until it premieres here in the US - yay!

Daylily: Siloam Bo Peep

Stitched on today: Paradigm Lost

Monday, October 23, 2006

An Emblem of Love Update

It's Monday, so I worked on An Emblem of Love again. This sampler continues to move along pretty quickly :-)

I just saw in Jenn's blog that today she received the fabric she bought from me last week.... and in the package I tucked in a little fob that I had made for her. She was so down in recent days, and I wanted to give her a little "therapy fob" to remind her that her friends love her. (I finished it in the evening and it was raining out... so I could not get a good photo).

I Love You

Shepherd's Bush, 1999 freebie

Zweigart 28 ct Natural Quaker Linen

Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, Mill Hill Petite Beads

Stitched 10/18/06 - 10/19/06

Daylily: Radiant Greetings

Stitched on today: Blessings Be Thine and An Emblem of Love

***Note to self: To keep track... in preparation for winter and to deal with recent weight gain (due to sloth), I restarted the induction phase of Atkins today

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not very productive

This certainly was not the productive weekend that I had hoped it would be for Mystery IX. I felt very blah today, still feeling sad about yesterday (thanks for the support everyone - you are so sweet)... Anyhow, I finally did pick up M9 when the World Series game started.... and I did get this far. I had best be better focused with this next week if I am going to finish Part 10 this month. I think Parts 11 and 12 could be large too - this is not filling the fabric as fully as Martina's mystery gardens typically do, and there are a few colors of silk that are yet untouched in the kit.... I better not set high goals for myself next month.
Daylily: Siloam Night Ring

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trying To Stay Committed...

... to Mystery IX. I picked it back up again today. At least I got another of the small pools finished. Those are the easier/more enjoyable parts of Part 10... tomorrow I get to do one of those hedges again... can't say those are much fun. I just have to hang on a bit longer.

I still have some great hand dyed fabrics available for sale if anyone is interested - they are listed in yesterday's entry. all are sold now

When I got up to blog, I found my two calico cats enjoying the sofa Mike uses (he is at his computer). Couldn't resist taking their photo - they do love to lie on magazines, newspapers, towels... whatever is comfy.

Gotta admit - having a not so great day. I had a miscommunication with a dear friend, and I don't think she is all that happy with me right now. I hate days like this.
Daylily: Yazoo Jim Terry

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hand-Dyed Fabrics For Sale - up to 30% off

OK, I figured I should be working on Mystery IX this weekend... and I will... but my hands are so achy right now, and I think a lot of it is from manuevering the big Q-Snap (and I want the good tension and even stitches that come with using the Q-Snap, so I won't be ditching that). So, I decided to work on something smaller, Women of the Mayflower. That ship is taking some real time to get done using the diagonal satin stitch. It's quite a bit of work with doing the counting and doublechecking to make sure that the pattern within the hull is correct.

I am cleaning out - I have to make room in my hand dyed fabric boxes!! I am selling some, so let me know if you want them before I stick them on ebay!! (All have good color swatches available on their dyers' websites).

Enchanted Fabrics 28 ct Monaco - Stormy Night - 18" x30", $10.00 - sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics 32 ct Lugana - Jelly Bean - 18" x 27", $15.00 - sold
Silkweaver 32 ct Lugana - Karma - 18" x 26", $15.00 - sold
Silkweaver 32 ct Jobelan - Elegance - 18" x 26", $15.00 - sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Cashel Linen - Keenan - 18" x 27", $18.00 - sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Opalescent Lugana - Frangipani - 18" x 27", $18.00 - sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Lugana - Peach Grove (oversize cut for Passione Ricamo's Once Upon A Time) - 25" x25", $20 -sold

As usual, shipping is $1.00 for one piece in the US. I take PayPal and money orders - if you live outside of the US, then PayPal only (and I will still give you a low shipping cost). Let me know if you want any of these! You can either email me (see the About Me... section of my sidebar) or you can just let me know in the comments section here.
Daylily: Siloam Plum Tree

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Half Way There

I did it - I made it half way around Part 10 tonight, just about ten minutes before bedtime too. So, this entry will be short - gotta work tomorrow!
Daylily: Red Twister

Stitched on today: Finished a gift that I started yesterday and Mystery IX

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Do Know One Thing...

...I am going to be one very relieved, and very happy, stitcher when Part 10 of Mystery IX is finished. All I have to share tonight is more of this blah blah... can hardly even see tonight's progress - gulp.

Thank you all for your super sweet and encouraging comments about my scissor fob. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate them. My confidence is a little higher now. Thanks :-)
Daylily: Siloam Gum Drop

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower, started another gift, and Mystery IX

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My First Scissor Fob

If you have been around my blog long enough, then you most certainly know that I don't stitch smalls. I view myself as finishing handicapped. I thought it was because I did not own a sewing machine, and was not planning to buy one because I had no idea where I could put it and use it here (I totally take over this very large three bedroom colonial house - I need to leave some space for things other than stitching, and so far, I am not succeeding). But, I did set a goal for this year to develop some skills. With the year ending and the holidays (and many birthdays) approaching, I recently started to study online tutorials with the intensity that I remember I had when I was in graduate school and studying for my counseling licensing exam. Well... here is my first effort, and of course, I did not keep it - one typically does not keep smalls :-) (OK, I did stitch a small Lizzie Kate freebie into an ornament - will show when I remember to photograph it - came out fine except my ribbon is off center so it hangs funny... to be expected, right??). Anyhow, Su received it today (her birthday was Sunday - thank you again, postal service, for being so slow overseas)... and now I can show it... does it look OK?? I am very self-concious about it! I made at least two rookie mistakes - I made the ribbon too long (so I added the wooden beads and hoped they might make the ribbon at least look smaller - and add some texture to the acorn theme), and I totally forgot to put initials or the year or anything on the back (which is blank evenweave - I haven't yet been brave enough to use cotton fabric as the backing yet).

Acorns and Threads Scissor Fob

Jeannette Douglas Designs

Chart is a freebie found: here

Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Winter Wheat Lugana

Gloriana Silk, DMC Floss, Mill Hill Petite Beads

Stitched and Finished on 10/8/06

It is Paradigm Lost Tuesday again... here is my weekly update. Still loving working on this one very, very much.

It is New DVD Release Tuesday, and Mike picked up one I have been dying to see: The Break-Up - we must find time this week to watch this one - I am such a big Jennifer Aniston fan :-)
Daylily: Prague Spring

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower at work (bearing in mind that I must finish this one this year, I already put the date on it!) and Paradigm Lost

Monday, October 16, 2006

Kingdom Sampler Framed/Hand-Dyed Linen For Sale!

I got this back from the framer about a week ago (at least), but I keep forgetting to put up a photo. Here it is - I love it! The photo is odd - Mike hung it quite high in an existing hole "for now" since I cannot figure out yet where I want to hang it :-) Just tilt your head a bit... there you go!

Mike has two fat quarters of R&R linen for sale - Yes, I said Mike does :-) He is asking for $16 each, which is well below their retail price (typically $22-$23 each).... he has:

32 ct Mockingbird, 18" x 27" - sold
30 ct Fern, 18" x 27" - sold

If you are interested in either or both of these pretty fabrics, please let me know. He uses a different PayPal address than I do - and he accepts checks/money orders from US stitchers. I believe he asks $2.00 for shipping. Thanks :-)
Well, I have been keeping at working on An Emblem of Love on Monday nights. Tonight I finished the half medallion to the bottom left of the sampler.. and some smaller motifs... lots of GAST Tarnished Gold in this area. The gold flower to the extreme bottom left represents the bottom corner of the sampler. That's good progess now! I really, really look forward to working on this sampler on Mondays. I just hope Mike won't think this sampler is too feminine to give to him (and who am I kidding, it really is very feminine!). He's a good guy, he will still love it.
And, here are those lovely gifts from Jenna that I wrote about yesterday. Isn't the biscornu cute? And, look at the pretty tools she made!!! There are actually two of the small pins - the other is not lost, it is in my needlecase - I used it when I was putting together a gift a couple of nights ago. Here those of you who asked can see what a dololly is. It is the bigger tool in the bottom right of the photo with the chain on it. You take the bent wire and slide it under stitches in the back of your fabric. You can then use the hook (or, if you prefer, as I do, you can use your needle) to pull small, hard to grab threads into the loop and then pull. Voila! Your tiny threads are anchored. I think they call it a dololly because it can "do a lotta things." I used mine a few days ago to insert into a decorative bead with a small hole, put ribbon through the loop of the dololly and pulled the ribbon through the bead while doing finishing work on said same gift. The ideas for using this tool are endless. Jenna did an amazing job with this! Thanks again Jenna!
I received a package of gifts from Katrina today. I had sent her the last issue of JCS a few weeks ago because she really wanted it - and she wanted to reward me with little pressies - a cute needlebook with needles and a little bottle of pretty hand and nail cream - aw, thanks Katrina - you didn't need to do that!
Daylily: Shark's Tooth

Stitched on today: An Emblem of Love

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thank Yous

I didn't stitch for very long again today - I gave up when my pinkie and ring finger on my right hand felt a bit numb. Now it is fine, but I didn't feel like stitching again... so I got this much done, just still trying to motor along on Part 10.

Thank you so much to an annonymous kind stitcher!! You know who you are - but I don't know who you are! I received a mystery RAK this weekend from someone in Mississippi. I cannot figure out who you are! I want to thank you so much! This kind, wonderful stitcher sent me Prairie Schooler's Birdsong II (from my wish list) along with a large pile of Crescent Colours floss for it! Thank you!!!! You are the kindest! Will you reveal yourself?

And, Jenna sent me the most wonderful dololly and some other wonderful stitching gadgets - that she makes!! She did an amazing job! If the weather is nice tomorrow, I will try to get a good photo for you all - Jenna has amazing talent! Thank you Jenna! And, she included the cutest little pink biscornu in the package! It's my first biscornu! Thank you Jenna, you are so sweet!

And, a final thank you to my stitching friends who are scooping up the fabrics (and some of the charts) that I am selling - what a nice treat to avoid ebay and know my fabrics are going to good homes - thank you! I will ship as soon as payments are received :-)
Daylily: Ruffled Apricot

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fabric & Stash For Sale - Good Prices!

Fabrics and Stash for sale:

$1.00 shipping in US for one or two items! Otherwise, email me for great shipping rates for multiple items and international purchases. I take PayPal (preferred) - if you are in the US, will take a money order or check (or well-concealed cash).

28 ct Prairie Grain Jobelan, 18" x 28" (I believe it is for Butternut Road's Earthdancer) - $7.00 -sold
32 ct Parchment Lugana, 18" x 27" - $7.00 -sold
32 ct Laurel linen, 18" x 27.5" - $7.00 -sold
32 ct Antique Tan linen, 18" x 20" -$6.00 - sold
28 ct Lavender Mist Jobelan, 18" x 27" - $7.00 -sold
28 ct Queen Anne's Lace Hand-Dyed Jobelan, 18" x 27" - $8.00 - sold
R&R Reproductions 30 ct Butternut, 18" x 27" - $9.00 - sold

And, some charts for sale too - click here for photos and prices. (The fabrics are gone now, but there are still charts)

As for stitching today... more of this!
Daylily: Trahlyta

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Friday, October 13, 2006

Violet and Lace Sampler Is Finished

I put the last band in tonight, and now it is finished :-) My next step is to save up a few dollars to get it framed.

Violet and Lace Sampler

Earth Threads

Zweigart Olive Green belfast linen, TG Silk 'n Colors, DMC floss

Stitched as a SAL with Katrina

10/5/06 - 10/13/06

Better photo of the finished sampler: here

Finally, I got word today that the little baby gift I stitched for Karen and Riley arrived in the UK today - a full three weeks after Mike posted it off to them for me. But, I am so relieved that it has arrived safely! It is a little birth announcement and is just tucked into a tuck away pillow - I have been a bit more adventurous with finishing in the last couple of weeks, though ;-)

Here I Am

SamSarah Designs

36 ct. white edinburgh linen with WDW floss

In tuck away pillow by Olde Colonial Designs

Stitched in August and September 2006, at work

And, after I finished Violet and Lace Sampler I made some pretty good progress on the next pool on Mystery IX....
Daylily: Lighthouse Rose Bouquet (coming down the homestretch - only a few more left that I could name)

Stitched on today: Finished a birthday gift, Violet and Lace Sampler and Mystery IX