Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not very productive

This certainly was not the productive weekend that I had hoped it would be for Mystery IX. I felt very blah today, still feeling sad about yesterday (thanks for the support everyone - you are so sweet)... Anyhow, I finally did pick up M9 when the World Series game started.... and I did get this far. I had best be better focused with this next week if I am going to finish Part 10 this month. I think Parts 11 and 12 could be large too - this is not filling the fabric as fully as Martina's mystery gardens typically do, and there are a few colors of silk that are yet untouched in the kit.... I better not set high goals for myself next month.
Daylily: Siloam Night Ring

Stitched on today: Mystery IX


Barbara said...

Hey Carol, I'm sending you hugs and happy thoughts today. I hope they reach you!

Good luck with the Chatelaine - it's looking so gorgeous!!

Isabelle said...

I'm sorry you had a blah day, Carol. ((((hugs)))) I hope your friend will understand and this will all soon be forgotten.
Your blog is full of eye candy, as always - gorgeous stitching, flowers, and kitties - what could we wish for? Thank you!

Stitchingnow said...

Hugs to you today & the progress you are making is wounderfull.
Happy stitching.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, sorry I havent commented in a while - but I hope you are feeling much better today {{hugs}}

Im loving your progress on the Chatelaine to boot! You are doing so great!

AnneS said...

Hang in there chickadee - hopefully the blahs will clear up soon, and you'll be back to your usual bubbly self {{hugs}}