Sunday, July 31, 2005

My 42nd Birthday... gulp :-)

*****Oh yikes! I stayed up way too late tonight - I will finish this entry tomorrow and add my Petal Fairy WIP and garden pics from today... tomorrow :-) (Yawn....)
...And, here is how she looked when I finally quit for the "night", more like 2 AM.... :-) Her skirt is done and she is starting to grow some feet!

I found this link that shows the WIP progress of Revelation by a stitcher - thought it was pretty interesting, and definitely makes me want to start this one! ***Please note: the pic I posted yesterday of Revelations is of the art print... here is the link for how it will look stitched up... as well, I have learned that this chart may be OOP)

I treated myself to a couple of birthday gifts "from me" today :-) I got a new Liz Turner Diehl chart - well, I think it is actually an older chart - on ebay called "English Garden." I will have scan in a photo of it when it arrives. And, I purchased Sebastian, the Fairy Cat from Heaven and Earth Designs. Isn't he cute? Juul pointed me in his direction - thanks Juul!

And, the mid season daylilies are now beginning to bloom - it was cooler and rainy all day today, so these pics are not so great, but I still want to record them:
Daylily: August FlameDaylily: Siloam Double EthelDaylily: Frivolous FrillsDaylily: Canadian SunriseDaylily: Dragon's Eye

It was a quiet birthday here today - DH's friend who is working on finishing off our basement was able to come up this weekend, so the two of them are down there working away... plus the cool, rainy weather - good day to stitch and watch baseball! And, what a relief that the trading deadline came and went without any Red Sox being traded away! I love this pic from the New Hampshire Sunday News this morning: No, Manny did not leave :-) Boston and the Red Sox showed him "the love" and he has all the warm fuzzies he needs for a while now.... and he hit the game winning RBI, in a pinch hitting role because showing him "the love" meant giving him the weekend off... but in the end, everyone in Red Sox Nation is happy...Red Sox 4, Twins 3 - that's a sweep of the series, thanks guys!

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy

Saturday, July 30, 2005

OK, I guess I am totally insane! You see, I am actually seriously considering starting Revelation by Heaven and Earth Designs - with its whopping size of something like 16" x 21.5" of over one stiching on 25 ct lugana! How many years will this take for me to stitch? Will I even live long enough, given that I do turn 42 tomorrow?? LOL! Yet, I think I will do this one! It arrived today along with The Master Plan, which I am absolutely also dying to do and is slightly less daunting (IMHO).... and I also received the chart for Celtic Autumn, the charm for Blue Moon Angel and the chart for Day Surrendering To Night in a package from one of my dearest friends - I do love her so! I have to stitch these, even though it will take me an entire lifetime!
...And, tonight's progress.... almost done with the skirt now!

I ordered up some various silks and beads I will need for the new Victoria Sampler sampler... Heirloom Homecoming... hmmmm, will have to find a pic to link that to - I want to do the rustic (reds) conversion :-)
Daylily: CairnsDaylily: ScatterbrainDaylily: Frans HalsDaylily: Angus McLeodDaylily: When I DreamDaylily: Style PlusDaylily: Mad Max

Red Sox 6, Twins 2.... and for tonight, at least, Manny Ramirez is still with the Boston Red Sox... the team is "all the about the love" tonight, all supporting him, with the manager giving him a couple of days off.... geez. Let's see what tomorrow brings - my fear is they will trade away Bill Mueller :-( I don't think they need to trade anyone away, the team is already World Series caliber.

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy

Friday, July 29, 2005

Thank you Karen!!

It was just so nice to sleep in a little bit today :-) But, we ended up having to run down to my office anyhow! The software program my DH wrote for my business turned up to be corrupt on my USB drive, so we had to go to the office to see if it was OK there... which it was, major crisis averted...whew! Once that was done, the day got better :-)
What a great birthday card from Karen! This came today along with the Tea kit by Toni Goffe, which Karen noticed was on my Wish List :-) I am so thrilled and have thanked her personally too - I already had Cream and Sugar, and now I am so excited to be able to have all three to stitch together for a cute picture for my kitchen/dining area :-) ***I also want to thank my many friends who have been sending me birthday cards as well! You know who you are, and I have been thanking you personally :-) My birthdays are usually very quiet - you ladies have made this birthday very exciting indeed! I remain so very overwhelmed!
And, here it tonight's progress.... I have come to realize that I was not as close to a happy dance as I had thought I was last week when I decided to make this project my focus - wow, this lily petal skirt is seemingly endless with the golds and yellows LOL! But, progress does continue - I just hope that I actually can get that happy dance in by the time my long weekend ends :-)
I also received the 32 ct Vanilla Sky Jobelan fat quarter from the FOTM by Heaven Lee Creations today. Boy, is it pretty! It is very bold, and will take some figuring to find just the right project for it.... but it is gorgeous! You know, they do a great job with their dyeing process. All of the fabrics I have received from them are so even, bright and wonderfully dyed :-)

OK, even I am surprised that I still am getting tons and tons of blooms every day that are as of yet unposted! I got many today, and also spent some time today identifying a few more from recent days as well - so here are MANY more to share!
Daylily: Addie Branch SmithDaylily: Exotic Candy (moving this one, needs better soil)Daylily: Siloam Dream BabyDaylily: Golden CompassDaylily: Chicago Arnie's ChoiceDaylily: Chicago KnobbyDaylily: Fuschia DreamDaylily: MariskaDaylily: JambalayaDaylily: Yazoo Jim Terry (finally doubling as it should)Daylily: Siloam Bye LoDaylily: Park EastDaylily: Daring ReflectionDaylily: Parade GuestDaylily: Scarlet OrbitDaylily: Double AhDaylily: Mauna LoaDaylily: Lydia Rose's SecretDaylily: Royal OccasionDaylily: Tropical LoveDaylily: Doug MayfieldDaylily: Lady NevaDaylily: Evelyn CastleberryDaylily: Pumpkin KidDaylily: Bayport (also has to be moved to happier soil)Daylily: Forsyth Hot LipsDaylily: Chicago SilverDaylily: Hot TownDaylily: Catherine WoodburyDaylily: Radiant Ruffles

I was high bidder tonight on a set of three Mirabilia charts for less than $10 - how cool is that? I did not yet have Spring Queen, and I will save the other two to give as gifts to my dear friends :-)

Red Sox 8, Twins 5... and the trade rumors continue to spread regarding Manny Ramirez. Cripes. I am getting so sick of it all..... why is it that every year the Boston media has to go and make something huge out of some comment by a player? They ultimately chase that player out of town... cases in point... Shea Hillenbrand... Nomar Garciaparra.... have they chased Manny Ramirez out now too??!!

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thanks Nikki & Jenn!! (And, now on a mini vacation...ahhh!)

I'm off now until Tuesday, August 2nd! I am so looking forward to four relaxing days!!
Looky at the gorgeous chart I received from Nikki today for my birthday! I love it! She chose it off of my Wish List - thanks so much Nikki! I love it, and nope, I didn't have it yet!! I have to go look at my WDW stash and see if I need to order any colors for it now! What a great kid Nikki is! Boy I sure am meeting some wonderful stitchers here in the world of blogging :-)

And, oh my goodness! Jenn sent me an incredible gift certificate from Stitching Bits & Bobs!! I don't even know what to say! You have both totally overwhelmed me. I love my stitchng friends!!!!!!!!!
And... tonight's progress to share.... :-) Hoping for a finish this weekend.

I picked up the DMC I need today to kit up two more projects... Emma's Garden and Spring Fairy Spirit... in the mood for these soon :-)

Plenty of garden again today :-) I just love summer!
Daylily: Carrot CrestDaylily: MenoDaylily: Lilting BelleDaylily: PastillineDaylily: Lavender IllusionDaylily: Dark Secret (not sure I like this one :-)...)Daylily: RasmenDaylily: Siloam Double RoseDaylily: Golden ScrollDaylily: Pastures of Pleasure

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy