Friday, July 15, 2005

Celtic Band Sampler Update

I made it through band 5 tonight - so far, it has been my favorite band on the sampler. I didn't think I would like the winged creature (phoenix??), but I really do. I put in a start on band 6 because I still had some time and energy... and I was anxious to peek at how it will look :-)

Some stash goodies in the mail today! I received my Secret Santa, Royal Holiday, The Kiss (hmmmm.... Kreinik #8 braid on 32 ct linen... never care much for that combination....) and Weeping Willow Keep charts - lots of fun to look at them all :-)

Oh what a bummer! Stitching Bits & Bobs changed their server a few days ago, and now all the many, many links I have used in my blog to charts that are in their catalog, are broken! Only the ones from the last couple of days work now - yuck!
Great news! Ryan Newman and the Alltel Dodge are here in New Hampshire!! I wish I had tickets!! He led Happy Hour with the fastest speed... again... hope all this adds up to a win this weekend - finally, in my home state... please Ryan and the Alltel team.... let's get a win! (photo from

Fantastic news! Well, to me it is.... Red Sox 17, Yankees 1, a total rout! David Ortiz had a grand slam tonight - amongst other highlights by most of the team members. Great pitching job by David Wells! I hope that Jenn is feeling better about the Sox tonight!

It is a gorgeous summer day here, in the upper 80's and low 90's all day... the end result... 35 garden photos! But I have limited myself to 13.... maybe I will save the rest for (literally) a rainy day... on rainy days the pics come out lousy, so at least I have some in reserve for then :-)
Daylily: Best of FriendsDaylily: Holiday DelightDaylily: Paige's PinataDaylily: Watermelon TimeDaylily: Mokan ButterflyDaylily: Karen SueDaylily: Celebrity EliteDaylily: Bess RossDaylily: StreakerDaylily: Quilt Patch (love this one's name!!)Daylily: El DesperadoDaylily: Carpenter's ShavingsDaylily: Luau Meow

Got some fun DVDs today! Trapped in Paradise, Only the Lonely and Bewitched: The Complete First Season - classic comedies that are like candy to me :-)

Stitched on today: Story Time - finished the leaves underneath the last bird on the right... still have the chatty bird on the left to stitch and all the outlining - I figure I will put a WIP scan up this weekend... and Celtic Band Sampler


BeckySC said...

Carol, thay are all so you have a favorite????

hugs :)

Bea said...

Hi Carol!!
Thank you for your posts.
Well, I think you should be motivated again to stitch Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, I love it and I can't wait for your finished one!

Kathy said...

Wow Carol, your sampler is looking great, and what lovely coloured flowers

I am hoping to have an update of Samurai tomorrow night, have nearly finished the bit I as working on last night and this morning. Oh well back to it lol.

HUgs xxxxxx