Sunday, July 10, 2005

A little work on Catherine Agnes today!! :-)

Well, OK, I took a deep breath and picked up Catherine Agnes again for a bit this morning. I needed some motivation to get back to this one, and I got some from my SAL mate, Karen V. - I needed that LOL! I was brave and did the cut work. I hate how the dove's eyes work up in one strand of silk, and so tiny. Up close they are perfect, but they don't have the great tension you get with perle cotton :-( Oh well. My fabric is the proper size, yet so small to work on with these specialty stitches. I realize now my hesitation is less from the cut work and more from how hard it is to keep the fabric in a small Q-Snap while working on this.... so now a bit of a break with easier motifs to stitch... until that dreaded bullion knot rears its ugly head :-)
And, then I also worked on Miracle Butterfly since it is Passione Ricamo SAL day... but I didn't really stitch much at all today.... was hot and sunny, which did not motivate me to stitch much :-)

I forgot to mention that I received Spiritdancer yesterday.... and in the wee hours of the morning last night/this morning I was surfing and visited The Avid Stitcher... she is having an inventory reduction sale, and I bought Royal Holiday and Weeping Willow Keep on sale.... :-)

Tons of blooms today! Here are a select few:Daylily: SchnickelfritzDaylily: Wilson YellowDaylily: MattDaylily: Yazoo StarfireDaylily: Raspberry PixieDaylily: Seductor (but yuck, every bloom this year is marked like this...hmmmm...must do some research and see if something is wrong with the plant or its location)

Stitched on today: Catherine Agnes and Miracle Butterfly


Anonymous said...

Well done on tackling the cutwork! It looks great - I can't really see the dove's eyes on the pic but I'm sure they look fine :)

Kathy said...

Hi Carol

It looks lovely, well done

Hugs xxxxx

BeckySC said... looks GREAT to me! WOW!
Another one I am looking forward to seeing progress :)

hugs :)

Anonymous said...

I am not quite sure what you mean with cutwork. The embroidery loks good to me anyway.
I am not sure of my email service provider - did you receive 2 mails I sent Saturday afternoon?. Just to confirm, plese.

Unknown said...

Great progress on all your projects :) Miracle Butterfly really is coming along. Beautiful flowers as always!

The weather sure was wonderful yesterday - Saturday was nice too - perfect temperature!

Dawn T. said...

Miricle Butterfly is coming along beatifully! I enjoy the pictures of your flowers makes me wish my thumb wasn't so black.