Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebration of Needlework 2011

Yesterday I attended Celebration of Needlework 2011 in Nashua, NH. I always love this annual trek 30 minutes (or less) from my home, (how blessed am I??), to meet up with stitching friends, take fun classes and shop... and eat... :-) The economy surely seems to affected Celebration this year. It was a much smaller crowd. There were only 4 students in the class I took, and I was told there was only 1 student in a class the day before :-( None of the designers I usually take classes from were there this year - no Betsy Stinner, no Catherine Strickler, no Jeannette Douglas, no Cynthia Zittel (aka Covol)... sigh... but, I still had great fun. There were still plenty of vendors there, and great friends too!

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this small class with Theresa Venette of Shakepeare's Peddler. The project is a small, basic spring pattern with the emphasis on learning a fun, easy and inexpensive way to convert this to a pincushion on a square pedestal... you will have to wait until I finish mine to see what I mean ;-) Theresa is lovely - a very open, candid and humorous lady. Totally fun!

I hit the shopping area with some gusto.... with my health issues this year, stitching has not been in the forefront for me. I loved being re-exposed to my favorite hobby while I was there. I picked up some Blackbird Designs charts, a La D Da chart and Shakespeare's Peddler's Jennie Bean... however, my biggest splurge of the event was this full kit for Quaker Diamonds. Karen Kluba was there (as a vendor, not as a teacher, unfortunately), and her booth was amazing. I could have furnished all of my house, my mother's house and your house with her many stunning models! This was the last of the full kits she had, so I feel like I won the lottery. I am so addicted to this piece already - so unusual for me to stitch on 28 ct using three strands of floss. Those who know me, know I am very much a one strand on 40 ct please, thank you so much... This is a treat and no strain on my eyes, thus no triggering of migraines. Whew! The colors are stunning, and I already know this is going in my dining area. The colors complement by newly installed Brazilian Cherry wood floors just perfectly. I am in stitching heaven again!

Plus, as well as spending time with dear, beloved Margaret as I do every year, I got to meet up with any dear stitching friend, Marie, for the first time ever! She is in transition, moving from Texas to Connecticut/New York/Vermont - some crazy combination of all three, actually :-) She is living in a hotel in Connecticut at the moment - what a treat for her to come and visit at Celebration... we had a fun dinner along with Margaret, and I got to give her my HoE Quaker Christmas Ornament in person!! Here is what I stitched for her...

Quaker Christmas Smalls
Milady's Needle
40 ct Flax Linen, Crescent Colours Floss - English Ivy, Auntie Dee, Sassy Brass, Bandana

On the health front, I am thoroughly enjoying "needle naps" (aka acupuncture) now... along with the magnesium supplement advice from Joanne, and Theresa Venette's recommendation for me to try Progesterone Cream, I think I may actually start to feel better soon - imagine that! My tinnitus volume is much lower as long as I keep this up, and I have only had a glimmer of a migraine since I first started acupuncture on Wednesday afternoon! Thank you to all for your help and support!!

Currently Stitching: Joy Christmas Ornament (thank you Margaret for giving me your used chart - I love this one!), and Quaker Diamonds

Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so lucky....

I feel so lucky... I have received two absolutely gorgeous Quaker Christmas Ornaments for the HoE Quaker Christmas Exchange!

This stunning stocking is from Anne. She wrote me that she had a tough time parting with it... I think we can all see why! Wow! I sure am going to treasure this lovely from a dear friend!
And, I had two partners! Marie signed up for the exchange just a tiny bit late, right after I had drawn names for partners. But we agreed to swap with each other, as I surely wanted her to participate. And look at the gorgeous Quaker strawberry she made for me! Another amazing treasure from another dear friend. I do feel blessed! I have not mailed mine to Marie yet though... she is moving at the moment and just does not have a postal address. I might get lucky, though this weekend. She might be at Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, so I will have hers with me just in case!!

Thank you, dear friends, for these amazing treasures!

Also, thanks to those with the tinnitus advice. I start acupuncture for tinnitus and migraines on Wednesday afternoon... hoping for the best, and ever thankful for the advice and support from the stitching world... hugs to you all!

Currently stitching: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quaker Christmas Ornament for Janet

I just heard this morning that janet has received the ornament I sent to her for the HoE Quaker Christmas Ornament Exchange.

Quaker Holly Ornament
The Workbasket
36 ct Ivory Edinburgh Linen, GAST and Victorian Motto Floss

Currently Stitching: Earth Sampler