Sunday, December 31, 2006

What I stitched in 2006...

Instead of typing up a list of what I managed to get stitched in 2006, I decided to give a pictorial presentation... I didn't include my WIPS, only my finishes...

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(***I created a new photo show without music - I don't want to be intrusive :-)
I went right back to And A Forest Grew tonight. I cannot seem to put this one down. It really is as much fun to stitch as it looks! There are somewhere around 100 DMC (or Anchor) colors in this one. I love the Rose Topiary Tree! You will see there is an obvious unstitched area below the tree in the upper left corner. There will be two terra cotta colored birds there, and I would love to stitch them. However, the last two floss colors in the list are printed away from the entire list on a sticker attached to the page in my booklet. Unfortunately, I didn't notice those two colors when I kitted this huge project up... and, of course, I need one of those colors for the birds. I will have to do some hunting in my stash or head out to Joann's soon for them.

And, I heard from Lelia today that she received my little birthday gift that I made for her. I am thrilled that she loves it - it was such fun to make! The design is from the December issue of The Gift of Stitching online magazine, and it has a combination of over two and over one stitching throughout the design. It was such fun!

Quaker Flower Fob

Olde Willow Designs

36 ct Light Sand Edinburgh linen

Olde Willow Stitchery Hand-Dyed Threads

Stitched 12/23/06 - 12/25/06

I hope everyone is having (or had) a safe and fun New Year's Eve - Happy New Year to you all, my dear stitching friends! May you all find peace, health and prosperity throughout 2007.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Angus is Home

And, here he is :-) He has had a smooth transition back home. Only Beau appears to have an occasional hiss for him, and I am pretty sure that is because he sees Angus getting a lot of attention. It was snowy and very slippery out this afternoon when it was time to pick Angus up from the hospital, but Angus, my Jeep and I managed to stay safely on the road. Many others did not. He is so affectionate when his pain meds are working. They are about worn off right now, and he does not get them again until the morning. So, he is getting a little grumpy. As you can see, he has to wear an E-Collar. He will have that on until his many stitches come out, which can be up to 21 days. He has a ravenous appetite. I think he already ate three cans of Fancy Feast (the emergency vet recommends that for now - his regular vet, Dr. Ball, will discuss a diet with Mike when he brings Angus to him on Tuesday). Mike was concerned that Angus was visiting the litterbox and not voiding for the longest time today. He feared the worst. I tried to explain to him that Angus is very uncomfortable "down there" and cannot lick himself, as cats do when they feel discomfort there. So, he goes to the box in hopes of relief. I called the emergency vet and she said the same. So, I decided he needed rest and put him in a spare bedroom alone with a litterbox, food and water. After a while, he did void on his own. Mike broke into tears. I think this has been very stressful for him! Thank you all for your well wishes for Angus! I have some emails from some of you that I really must return soon! I promise, I will!
I have a monstrous headache tonight, so I ended up pulling out 17th Century Irish Garden for a little while tonight - after hours of indecision!! I haven't touched this in ages! I didn't do a lot, but now I am at least into the second outer border of herbs. I did finish the cross stitching part of the gift I started yesterday while we were waiting Angus out on the whole voiding issue, though.
It's about time now for me to post some of the gifts I received recently from my stitching pals! Above is the rest of my gift box from Katrina - along with the ornament I posted a few days ago, she sent me her gorgeous Rowan Berry needleroll and a stunning autumnal colored tote to carry my stitching! Thank you so much Katrina! Everything is so beautifully made!
And, above is a mere part of a big box of gifts from Karen :-) She sent me this cute little pillow, as well as a larger one that is up in a guest bedroom now! I need to remember to photograph it! She also sent me this cute needlebook.... and adorable stick Santa ornament (on the tree - needs photo taken), and a FQ of Sugar Maple Fabrics' Murky Depths belfast linen!! And, for Mike, she made him one of the SB stockings! Karen, he extends a huge thank you - he loves it! I tried to photograph it and all three shots are blurry! Yikes! I need to try again, and definitely want to share with you all - it is amazing!

And, from Jenn, I received two charts from my wish list! She sent me Winter Beauty by Passione Ricamo and Ezmeralda's House by Brightneedle... as well as a pile of DMC floss! Jenn, you are wonderful - thank you!!!!

OK, headache... going to go rest and cuddle with Angus!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

A New Start... and a Big Angus Update

Blogger is very uncooperative tonight - could only upload one photo... used Photobucket for one, will post several photos of gifts received from stitchers for Christmas tomorrow... as long as Blogger is cooperating

With Mystery IX now finished, I am free - free to stitch whatever I want, whenever I want! Yay!! The only exception right now is the SAL with Jo on Tuesdays (Paradigm Lost), but that is great fun anyhow! So, I ended up starting And A Forest Grew tonight. I had planned to start it on 1/1/07, but I couldn't resist it tonight. I have decided to stitch it on Lakeside Linens 40 ct Navy Bean linen. I will start Hands To Work's Spring Violets on 1/1/07 instead. I got tired, though, and didn't do all that much on AAFG. I didn't even finish the last tree I started. I also spent a lot of time today on a new gift that I started, so I was pretty wiped out at this point.

I heard from Katrina today that she received a little RAK that I sent to her a while back... the holiday mail really slowed it down:

Tiny Little Quaker Fob

Papillon Creations

R&R Reproductions 40 ct Sheep's Straw Linen

DMC Color Variations Floss (Midsummer Night)

Stitched 12/14/06 - 12/15/06

Angus Update: He is coming home tomorrow :-) I am so excited that I can barely focus! This is another reason why I quit early tonight on AAFG. Mike and I got to see him today. He could have come home today, but I think he could use another day and night on the painkiller via IV. He was so excited to see Mike, and I can assure you Mike was just as thrilled. He is voiding on his own now (Angus is, that is!!). He will have an E-collar for a while so that he does not mess with his stitches. He is super sensitive there and we have to be really careful. His bill is paid ($4,500 folks!!) and now we are just waiting for him to come home. He sees the regular vet on Tuesday to begin his follow up care. In the meantime, I am surfing around to find pet insurance! Yikes, that is pricey too, isn't it??!!

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mystery IX Finished!

Le Potager du Roi (Mystery IX)


Lavender Bliss belfast linen

NPI silk, Caron Waterlilies, Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors, Thread Gatherer Silken Pearl, Gloriana Silk, Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid, Swarovski Crystals, Miyuki Delicas beads

Stitched 1/1/06 - 12/28/06

Angus Update: Angus had his surgery today. The surgeon called Mike right after she finished. She reported that there were no complications with the surgery and that she is "cautiously optimistic" about his recovery. I have to call the doctor at the emergency clinic tomorrow. I really wanted to call tonight for an update, and probably could have, but I am following directions... and kept busy with finishing Mystery IX... so, more info tomorrow! Mike and I both want to know, though, how this will improve his ability to void. He thinks the surgeon said that she flushed out his bladder, and all looked good. That should help!

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and finished Mystery IX - oh boy, it really is sparkly :-)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Surgery Is Scheduled

Not so very much beading tonight - not for lack of effort. I got up to the trees and got confused. I saw I did not have any Delicas #135. So, I emailed Cindy at ECS. She told me some kits have #165 instead, some concern on Martina's part about 135 - not sure what that meant. So, I looked at my tube of 165 and saw I did not have many! But, I stitched on those that I did have and Cindy then told me that each corner of trees is beaded with a different color! Of course, where I started was not where 165 should be used! So, in a few minutes, I will be busily de-beading - LOL! Oh well, still on course to finish by the end of the month :-) This was going too smoothly for me, it figures I would make a boo boo like this!

Now I can show you a little trinket I made for Karen, now that she has it... it is, according to the desinger, a pillow/pincushion. Halfway through stitching it I began to think, "Oh no, what is this??" But, Karen says she likes it, so... OK, here it is:

Grape Pillow/Pincushion

Hillside Samplings (in Grape Expectations leaflet)

32 ct Driftwood Linen

DMC floss and DMC perle cotton

Stitched 12/11/06 - 12/13/06

Angus Update: Angus is finally scheduled for PU surgery at 1 PM tomorrow. I don't know if I mentioned yesterday that an issue of kidney stones arose yesterday. Seven days into hospitalization, they decided to take an x-ray - since he was not voiding on his own. It turned up he has kidney stones - two in his kidney and 3-4 in the ureter (did I spell that right??) between his kidney and his bladder. They are the kind that they cannot dissolve with medication. So, they wanted to do a pricey (very pricey) ultrasound to see if those have to be removed. They did that today - and see no damage to his kidney (whew!!) but not sure about the ureter. Anyhow, for now, he is going in for the PU surgery. I cannot bring myself to tell you how much they estimate that will cost. However, suffice it to say, that is is ultra high. I got some comments and emails from caring folks saying it is often difficult to decide how much is too much to spend on pet treatment. But when you see how he is otherwise so healthy and well, so full of life and interest in all that is around him, then it is not even an option to quit on him. I am just glad Mike and I do have the resources to pay for this - although it does mess up what we planned to save this year. So, if you are inclined to pray for animals, Angus could sure use some prayers right now!

The worst part of this whole vet experience so far has been how the vets just really brush off how darn expensive their services are. When you can finally get them to talk about money, they sandwich it in between two other topics or statements... and give you no time to react, and when you kinda joke and say "gulp" or whatever, they say, "yeah, I know... oh, and his ultrasound will be another $315." I wonder how they feel when their own pets need emergency care - are they also stunned by the expense?

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A visit with Angus

A brief break today from beading Mystery IX as it is SAL day with Jo (who is keeping up while on vacation in NZ :-) Excellent!).... again, I did a bit here and there... moving along fairly well, but tomorrow I am back to beading :-)

Angus Update: My brother dropped Nicole off at my house bright and early this morning, so she was interested in coming to the vet with me. I thought we would meet with the doctor to set up his PU surgery, but I was told when I got there that she was getting ready to call me. They decided to take an x-ray yesterday, and it revealed that he has some kidney stones. They are the type that cannot be dissolved :-( So... do they do the PU? Do they go in and remove the stones? Will the stones pass on their own after his urethra is widened due to the PU? No answers. That is the theme, you know. We want timelines, and we aren't getting any. Mike spoke with the vet today, and she was to do an ultrasound this afternoon and let us know tomorrow what surgery (or surgeries) are needed. Of course, the price is going up, up, up. But... on a good note, I asked if I could see Angus and the vet was happy to oblige. She brought him into the exam room and left us alone for well over an hour together. He was really excited after it took him a couple of moments to realize Nicole and I were there. He was eager to hug my hands and hers with his head... then he even hugged part of the exam table - LOL! His spirits are bright. He has his catheter in and his IV in. His face was dirty with medication, so I spent a lot of time cleaning him up and grooming him. I called Mike and put the cellphone near Angus - he responded rather dramatically to hearing Mike on the phone. It was good to see him doing this well, even though he has issues that need to be resolved. I took photos with my cellphone, but Mike needs to transfer them to his phone and then to my computer. He was busy programming tonight, so I will ask him tomorrow. Hopefully I can post a cute photo of him tomorrow :-)

Wow, so many stitching bloggers have or had ill pets lately! My sincerest condolences to Red over the loss of her kitty in recent days! How tragic! And well wishes to Joanie for her dog, and Mary for her kitty - both are ailing too! As well, I hope Jo's Emma is recovering too! {{{Hugs}}} to you all!!

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Surgery for Angus?

Here we go, almost done with the beading on those big swirly things - just have part of the last one to do now, and then on to the trees!!

Angus was catheterized yet again today. He still is not urinating on his own and the vet says his urethra remains inflamed. She feels he is a good candidate for a surgery called P.U. I have to call tomorrow and see if I can reach a surgeon there to get more info. This is very scary. I found a website here that in some parts sounds like they are writing about Angus. Near the bottom they describe the surgery. He will be a eunich who runs the risk of infections for life after surgery... but, if all stays as it is now he is not voiding. There are many risks with constant catheters as well.... Angus needs prayers right now. I feared she was going to suggest putting him down today. The vet tech sounded worried and took my number for the doctor to call me. Mike and I both looked at each other and wanted to bust into tears. I feel such a responsibility towards my cat, and this will get much more expensive... but I can't walk away from him, as long as he has a good shot with surgery...

Merry Christmas to everyone! We brought my 13 year old niece with us to breakfast at my MIL's, and then the day was our own. Tomorrow my brother is going to bring our 15 year old niece up to visit, and I think Mike arranged with my SIL for us to keep them until Thursday. Yay!! I got some wonderful gifs - Gingher Cheetah 4" embroidery scissors, a beautiful sweater, DKNY Be Delicious cologne, plenty of body wash & lotion, Yankee Candle (Christmas Cookie), another huge DVD rack (my fourth) and even some DVDs ( The Devil Wears Prada and Ice Age: The Meltdown), gift cards... so many nice things. And, lots of nice gifts from stitching friends! I hope to photograph it all tomorrow to share! Wow, I am spoilt this year!!!

50F and clear on Christmas Day in New England??!! Wow! Loved it!

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and Mystery IX

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Beading, Beading, Beading

Moving along with the beading on Mystery IX... reaching the halfway point with the gold beads in the swirlygigs below the trees.... :-)

We had a nice Christmas celebration at my brother's house today - and my niece, Erin, grabbed the camera and took about 120 photos for me - but it looks like I deleted them on my computer using Picasa. I think I can still retrieve them, but am just too tired right now. Hopefully I will have them soon. Tomorrow we go to MIL's for breakfast, and we will be picking up my nieces Erin and Nicole to come and stay up here in New Hampshire with us for a couple of days :-)

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!

Angus Update: He is still at the emergency vet, racking up a bigger bill. I called them at 6:45 PM. The plan was to remove his catheter at 5:30 PM. I learned that was changed to 7 PM when the vet herself was due to come in. They were going to continue the IV fluids so that he will void soon. We need to see if he can do that easily. His absence is really starting to wear on me...

Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift, and Mystery IX

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ornaments Galore!

I am enjoying doing the beading on Mystery IX! Wow, there really are a lot of gold beads to go on this. I know I said this when I finished Medieval Town Mandala a couple of months ago, but I feel it again today - boy, I really don't like those Swarovski crystals that Martina adds to these big projects. I know they are crystal, but to me they just look like pieces of plastic stitched onto my pretty samplers! Oh well, to each his own taste! I am sure there are people who like those. I can live with them, but would never choose to add them. Coming down the homestretch :-)
Katrina sent me an envelope full of little packages recently, and she OK'd for me to open the "small square one" - so I did! Look at this gorgeous Elizabeth's Designs ornament she sent me! She sent me a different Elizabeth's Designs ornament last year - she knows how much we both love ED! I love it, Katrina! Thank you!! (Sorry this photo came out blurry - I wish I had noticed that before I downloaded it!).
And, a gift from Margaret arrived today! I adore this! She sent me Jeannette Douglas' needleroll from a recent JCS ornament issue! It is stitched so beautifully! I have a goal to learn how to make needlerolls in 2007, and ironically, this is the one I was going to stitch first! Oh Margaret, thank you!!
And.... it didn't end there! Look at this stunning, gorgeous, perfectly executed hardanger heart from Von! How perfect is her work?? She is my Hardanger Idol, that is for sure!! Thank you Von!!! All three ornaments are so very proudly displayed on our tree right now! (I wish I could get a good photo of our tree - we display it in our upstairs foyer, because it looks so pretty through the big window above our front door when we do that - but I can never get a good photo of my tree there! I will ask Mike to give it a try - it is looking so beautiful with stitched ornaments from my friends, and some wonderfully adorable handmade ornaments from some of the children I see in therapy - so cute, would love to share that!).

Angus Update: He is behaving well and reportedly doing well with his catheter. We have no news on blood levels or kidney values today. He is due to get off the catheter tomorrow evening. I told them not to rush with that, although am a bit worried - as of 5 PM tonight his bill was a bit over $1,300 already. Thanks so much for all the prayers for him! I will probably list some wonderful fabrics and stash for sale again soon. I am hoping to help defray some of his expenses that way... every little bit will help!!

Wow, it is almost Christmas Eve already! We will be spending much of the day at my brother's house in Bradford, Massachusetts tomorrow.... I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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Friday, December 22, 2006


This is a stitching blog, so stitching news first: I finished all of the stitching in Mystery IX tonight, and am doing the beading now!! Yay! Of course, first I had to go and spill the vial full of tiny bugle beads and crystal cubes. Mike and I were rummaging about for them for a good hour or so tonight - with lots of help from my three female cats: Lily, Anouk and Ava! Oh, they are so helpful! The beading started off quickly, so I hope to finish soon. But, I cannot quite comprehend why Martina put large clear crystal cubes under the cabbages near the center... they look like big ice cubes in the garden.... I think you have to click on the photo to see any of the beading I did tonight.

Well, Angus did not come home today. I called the vet this morning and she said he did not void on his own. He either has another obstruction, is inflamed or has kidney damage. She put him back on the catheter, this time for 48 hours. I hope this time it all clears up... and I pray there is no damage to him. We are not exactly sure when he first took ill. It was so hectic here, and it is hard to track the use of the litter box by six cats.... what if he was ill for a while and we did not realize it? That is possible, and scary. Thank you all for your well wishes, support and prayers. Angus needs them right now...

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and Mystery IX

Thursday, December 21, 2006

He almost came home today...

I only have the urns in the upper left corner to do now - and then it is on to the beading! I am pretty excited about this!!

Well, Angus almost came home today. When I called the vet this morning, I was informed that his catheter would be coming out around 10 AM, and to call around 1 PM to see if he has voided on his own. If he has, he can go home. Well, I called a few times, but the little guy doesn't seem to want to void his bladder yet. They checked him, and said his bladder is still very small, so he doesn't have to go. At 3:20 PM the vet tech told me that Angus was sitting up, looking at the box, and likely giving it some thought. At 5:30 I was told they would call me when he voids. But it is now after 11 PM with no call, so I imagine Angus went to sleep! I hope he gives it a try tomorrow! Meanwhile, Mike and I are overwhelmed with the well wishes Angus has received from you all - thank you so much - you have really helped during this difficult time!!

Christmas vacation is officially underway as of today!! I hope to finish Mystery IX, finish the gift I am working on, make two more gifts and kit up/start And A Forest Grew (plan to start on 1/1/07) during this vacation! Oh, and do a bunch of non-stitching related things as well!

Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift, and Mystery IX

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mystery IX and Update on Angus

Back to Mystery IX - it was easier to pull this out and set it up on the big Q-Snaps now that all of our houseguests have left. I am hoping to have the rest of the stitching done tomorrow, or Friday at the latest. Then the beading will begin. There is a bright light at the end of this tunnel now!
Oh my gosh, thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails about my Angus! Here is a photo of him when he was a year old (he is the black one, Beau is behind him) and had just had his first shave. Angus' coat mats up very easily. I have spoken with the vet a couple of times today. Angus is on his catheter and the urine continues to flow freely with some blood still in it. He will likely be on the catheter until at least tomorrow morning. At some point they will do blood tests on him again to see if his levels have improved. This part makes me nervous. If they stay as high as they were last night, that would indicate that he has some damage, whether it is renal or bladder. I really am nervous about that, and want to thank everyone for their well wishes and support. I wish I had more news today, but the best I can say is that he is stable and "being a good boy" in the hospital. I am going to ask if I can go and visit him after work tomorrow. I will surely continue to keep you posted.

On a lighter note, one of my clients found this blog to be humorous - Stuff On My Cat - thought I would share it with you. I think this person has way too much time on her or his hands!! LOL

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Angus is in the hospital :-(

My poor Angus has taken ill and is in the hospital tonight. Mike noticed today that he was very lethargic. He did not eat or drink water - Angus loves water, and will even sit at the Poland Springs dispenser and beg for it. We noticed he was really unsteady on his feet as well, and when he would try to use the litterbox, he would strain and have no results. I rushed him to animal emergency in Manchester, where they rapidly diagnosed him as "blocked." At first, I thought they meant his bowel, but they meant his urine was blocked. He is sedated, unblocked and on a catheter now. He will be for at least 24 hours. His bloodwork is all messed up as a result of this sudden kidney issue. The nurse told me on the phone that his urine was the color of merlot. We all know that is not good. I just checked on him again, and he is still quite sedated from valium, but is awake and alert, is tolerating the catheter well and urine is flowing freely now. There is no news on why this happened. He was (surprisingly) very dehydrated when he got to the hospital. His next bloodwork will let us know more about any possible damage. I feel so badly for him. Mike and I are a bit wrecked about this. The photo above is from a couple of months ago (he is rolling on a catnip filled sock). One thing the vet is factoring in seriously is that Angus may well be stressed by the presence of houseguests here. When he gets out of the hospital, the house will be clear of guests - hope that helps him!
I was able to put some good time in on Paradigm Lost while I sit here tonight thinking about Angus and trying to relax... I did little bits here and there tonight...

New DVD Release Tuesday - got Lady in the Water

Stitched on today: Bordeaux Sampler and Paradigm Lost

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mermaid and the Sea Update

With so much company in the house, it is just too hard to pull out Mystery IX right now... we will be down to only one houseguest tomorrow, so for tonight I pulled out The Mermaid and the Sea... each time I pick it up, I enjoy it more!

I got an email from Anne tonight (from work, as her home phone is now dead) letting me know that she received a package from me today. She called herself "Gobsmacked," and I must say I love that term! I was recently admiring my "And A Forest Grew" chart, planning out that I will be starting it on January 1st as a big start for the new year... and I saw that there is a cute scissor fob chart in the leaflet. A quickie! So, I grabbed supplies and stitched it up. As I was stitching, it occurred to me that it would suit Anne - she loves birds, is a dear friend, and I had a little package of beads I needed to send to her anyhow! So... she got RAK'd by me....

And A Forest Grew Fob

Rosewood Manor

32 ct Driftwood Linen

DMC floss

Stitched 12/9/06

Here is the back of the fob....

Three more days until Christmas vacation!

Stitched on today: Bordeaux Sampler, stitched on a gift, and Mermaid and the Sea

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bordeaux Sampler Update/More Gingher Info

I needed a break from Mystery IX tonight, especially now that I see there should be no real problem with getting it done this month (barring any unforeseen circumstances). So, I picked up Bordeaux Sampler for a while this evening. After all, I had not touched it since November 19th! I got most of the wide band in Part 2 finished... save for some more over one grapes, that I will see if I can do at work tomorrow and Tuesday.

I got a few emails about the Gingher scissors Mike is now selling. He says he will have the Julia and Cheetah scissors in tomorrow. He has only the 4" embroidery scissors. He will happily sell those to my blog readers directly, just let me know if you want some. I don't know exact prices, but all are in the low 20's - he had to pay different prices for each style, so he will calculate from there as soon as he can. There has been a wonderful response from many of you - thanks for that! He will likely be getting more Ginghers in the near future - he likes them too :-) (And a little birdie told me a pair of Cheetahs will be in my stocking this year too!).

Stitched on today: Started a gift (spent a lot of time on that) and Bordeaux Sampler

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Looking for Gingher Scissors, anyone?

Slow progress with houseguests here... now my husband's uncle has arrived today from Buffalo, NY. He is helping out with arranging Grandpa's things and visiting him at the nursing home as well. We now have him until Tuesday, FIL still until Wednesday... But... nonetheless, despite their chatter and animated discussions, I did make it around the corner and making my final stab at the last corner now of Mystery IX... soon I will be beading! Despite my houseguests, I still hope to stay on schedule to finish this month. (My husband's uncle is quite impressed with this one!)

Are you looking for a pair of Gingher Lanell scissors? My husband picked up several pair and is selling them on ebay (he has a start up ebay business going, and is doing very well, super well actually with it). He will happily ship outside of the US, so I thought you might like a peek at these good deals of his - one is an active auction, and the other is a Buy It Now deal, if you want them straight away!!

Gingher Lanell live auction

Gingher Lanell Buy It Now auction

Mike will have Julias and Cheetahs available in just a couple of days as well... if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Friday, December 15, 2006

Does anyone know...?

For a little while tonight, I thought I had finished the third corner and was getting ready to start the last set of steps... and then I remembered I still had to stitch the little urns! Oh well... soon enough, I am sure!

I have been wondering about a few ladies I used to stitch round robins with years ago - I have totally lost touch with them, but was wondering if anyone who reads my blog knows any of these ladies? And if so, do you have email or snail mail addresses for them? I will list the ones whose names come immediately to mind... may list more later, just have to think about them and remember some last names still... Any help would be so appreciated, they are lovely people, and thanks in advance!
***Laurie Earl in Utah
***Verneil Chaouch in Minnesota
***Vicki Hand in Florida
***Lynda Huffman in California
***Cecilia Swanson in Indiana....

I still have some gorgeous fabrics for sale... I am seeking PayPal as payment - shipping is very low, $1.50 for one piece in the US and will set a low price for multiples or for non-US shipping - not looking to make money on you - just letting fabrics go to help out a good can see photos of the fabrics here - still available are:
Silkweaver Morning Dew 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold
Silkweaver Golden Promise 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Lakeside Linens Misty Rain 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17 -sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 18" x 27", $15
R&R Reproductions Fanci Blue 32 ct linen, 12" x 21.5", $12
I was in the dollar store today, and looky what I found - +1.00 readers... the strength my optometrist suggested I use when stitching now - at least if I am also watching TV and want to be able to focus quicker when looking up from my stitching. I only paid $1.00 for these... they are lightweight cadet blue plastic and far from fashionable - LOL! But, only Mike sees me wearing them anyhow! Not sure I like them, though. I didn't find them to be helpful - not yet at least, maybe I need to adjust. I see just fine when I stitch. I stitched a lot today on 40 ct without needing any help... I guess I am just not aware of any eye strain when it happens. But, anyhow, I figured it only cost me $1.00 to experiment :-)

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and Mystery IX

PS - why do so many call fabrics "fabbies"? What's wrong with the word "fabric"?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back to the garden!

Back to Mystery IX tonight :-) Not a ton of progress, harder to stitch with company here, but still moving along...

And, I got an email from Karen today, letting me know she has received her birthday gift... this one took the very slow plane to the UK! But, since I mailed it two weeks before her birthday, it arrived in time... I posted on 12/4 and her birthday is 12/18.... this time, I did not let the slow post to the UK mess anything up. I chose this design, which I would love to stitch for several of my blogging pals, because Karen is one of the first stitchers I met while blogging... along with Isabelle, Katrina, Dani, Becky, Shelleen, Karen V, Jo, Bea, Nikki... I know I am missing some of the older blogging pals here... but you are all special to me! Thanks for being here. Having you lovely friends is so important to me - thanks for your kindness and support! Anyhow, here is what I made for Karen...

Dearest Friend Fob


Silkweaver Belfast Solo

DMC floss, Mill Hill Petite Seed Beads

Stitched 12/1/06 - 12/2/06

Stitched on today: Started another important gift that will need to travel far (gulp) and Mystery IX

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An Emblem of Love is Finished!

By the time I finished stitching a Christmas gift that must go out in the mail immediately (I did get it done!), I did not feel like dragging out Mystery IX and the big Q-Snaps for it... while also visiting with my FIL who is now here for the week... so I pulled out An Emblem of Love instead, and managed to finish it!! May I present:

An Emblem of Love

With My Needle

Lakeside Linens 40 ct Vintage Bittersweet

DMC floss, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Olde Willow Stitchery Hand-Dyed Threads

Stitched 8/21/06-12/13/06 for Mike, as SAL with Karen V.

I got an email from Isabelle today, letting me know that a small RAK that I made for her has arrived (finally) on the slow plane to Paris... I have wanted to stitch this little fob design since it came out in The Cross Stitcher (UK) last year (I think July 2005).... and I ended up ordering one of Silkweaver's scrap bags (I cannot recall what they called this option) during their Halloween sale... and couldn't resist one of the gorgeous solos in that pack - I just had to play with it! So earlier this month I spent an afternoon putting the fob chart on a small piece of the solo, and it ended up being a RAK for Isabelle - as I was working on it, it just seemed to suit her so well! Now, if the birthday package I sent to another friend in the UK on the same day would just arrive, all would be well!

Cattitudes Fob

Margaret Sherry in The Cross Stitcher, July 2005

DMC floss

Silkweaver Cashel Solo

Stitched 12/3/06

Wow, it is amazing how mild December has been here in the Northeast!! I hope it lasts for awhile! And... welcome to the Boston Red Sox, D. Matsuzaka! (I won't even try to spell his first name) - better known around here as the $105 Million Dollar Man!!! And, welcome back Doug Mirabelli!!!!!!! (Couldn't resist sharing some Red Sox joy!)

**I cannot post comments to many blogs right now that use Beta Blogger, so I apologize - I have visited your blogs and have tried to comment, but if you also do not take annonymous comments, then I cannot leave anything right now. I don't want to switch to Beta Blogger as I have heard horror stories and don't want to switch to a plain template again. I know others are going through these same difficulties. Maybe Blogger will fix it, I hope so.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another excellent mail day!

It's Tuesday, so another update of Paradigm Lost comes due. I stitched a good 3 hours on this, yet again, not a whole lot of progress. The big motif in the middle that I am working on just goes so slowly. But, I did manage to get a little snowflake done next to it, for a little change of pace :-) Maybe next week I will take a break and work somewhere else on the sampler.

I had another great mail day today! To the left you can see this pretty ornament that I received today from Veronica, a stitcher in the Neighborhood Round Robin. She is not online, unfortunately. I love this little ornament - and am so proud to have it on my tree! Thanks Veronica!!! (I am sending her a note via US mail, as she likely won't see this entry unless she visits her daughter). ...My new pair of Gingher Olivia scissors also came today :-)

It's New DVD Release Tuesday! Two this week! Talladega Nights (couldn't resist a NASCAR themed movie...even though I don't think Ryan is in this at all), and World Trade Center (my BIL is an extra in this movie - he plays a fireman who helps to rescue Nicolas Cage from the WTC).

Well, my FIL arrives tomorrow for a week. He is coming up from Florida, as his father, Mike's grandfather, was recently put in a nursing home in Massachusetts. It will be a busy week for them of getting Grandpa's old apartment cleaned out and things organized....

***KaLu, I saw your comment in my blog recently, but cannot find an email to reach you - if you want to talk about the fabric you want to buy, please email me at the email address listed in my sidebar in the "About Me: More..." section, under the icon of the girl writing in her diary - thanks!

Stitched on today: Stitched on a gift, and Paradigm Lost

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thank You Karen!!!

An Emblem of Love continues to cruise along well. All that is left to stitch now is the flowers in that last upper half medallion, and then the year in the bottom right corner. I have two gifts that just have to get finished soon, like yesterday! Both have to travel (very far) overseas for the holiday! Yikes! I only just started one of them today, and the other is on the runway... so I will be lugging those to work this week. But if I can get them done quickly, I might be bringing EoL along too - want to get it done, as I can see that light at the end of the tunnel!
Today I received this most beautiful ornament from Karen! It is so beautifully stitched and finished. I am so honored to own this ornament, which I was lucky enough to win in her recent ornament raffle in her blog. It is very special to me for two reasons: 1) I now finally own some of Karen's stitching to enjoy and display proudly, and 2) Betsy Stinner (Earth Threads) is one of my all time favorite designers! I have been blessed to take several classes with her in recent years, and this ornament also helps me to think of her and those wonderful classes! Thanks again Karen! I will treasure it always, and it is already displayed prominently on our Christmas tree (as it will be for many years to come!).

And, I got an email from Becky tonight, letting me know that a little fob I stitched for her has arrived (the post if officially slowing down now for the holiday!). I have wanted to stitch something for Becky for the longest time now. She has sent me so many gorgeous hand made gifts over the past year or more... and now I finally got to send her something! I also was feeling she needed some cheering up! I hope it helped.

"B" from Nature's Alphabet

Elizabeth's Designs

Silkweaver Belfast Solo

DMC floss, Weeks Dye Works, Mill Hill Petite Beads

Stitched 12/4/06 - 12/6/06

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not a lot of Stitching Mojo Today

It took me forever to get in the mood to stitch today, but I finally found little pockets of time. And I am now past half way done with Part 12 of Mystery IX... I seem to be on track with it, and I look forward to getting to the point where I do the beading - hope that will be soon!

I spent most of the day doing round one (the family round) of our Christmas cards, and doing the laundry... now to go put that laundry away and spend some time trying to find the perfect gift to stitch for a dear friend - I have looked several times with no luck, getting frustrated - sure many of you can relate!

Stitched on today: Mystery IX

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, it's something... and Gingher Heaven

Mike and I had a lot of running around to do today, so stitching time was limited. We went to Massachusetts this evening and had a wonderful belated birthday dinner with my Mom. She and I split a bottle of wine... this also limited my stitching today - LOL. I did, however, manage to stitch a gift for a friend... and I managed to finish the fence in the bottom right corner of Mystery IX... but those urns... not after drinking wine! They will wait until tomorrow!
And, I am in Gingher Heaven today! Joann Fabrics had all of their Ginghers at 50% off today. I had been eyeing these Amanda Designer Series 4" Embroidery Scissors for a while now... and the sale came along and with some luck I was able to get them today - the last pair! They are bright and so pretty! My collection is growing now! In a short couple of months, I have been able to get Lanell, Jamie, Alyssa, Julia (have to wait until Christmas for these - Mike wrapped them and put them under the tree - what a tease!!), Olivia and Amanda... Like I said recently, I really don't need this addiction! Anyhow, here you go - meet the new member of my scissor family! I can't wait until the Olivias come in from ebay... after Christmas I will post a picture of the entire "family" - LOL!

I still have some lovely hand-dyed fabrics for sale - the ones still available are listed below, and you can scroll down to yesterday's entry to see their photos.

Silkweaver Morning Dew 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold
Silkweaver Golden Promise 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Lakeside Linens Misty Rain 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17 -sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 18" x 27", $15
R&R Reproductions Fanci Blue 32 ct linen, 12" x 21.5", $12
Silkweaver Tuttie Fruitie 28 ct Cashel Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold

Thank you to everyone who left comments and emails about my first Christmas ornament :-) I really appreciate the support! I already posted it off to a friend yesterday - I hope she likes it!!

Stitched on today: Started and finished a gift, and Mystery IX

Friday, December 08, 2006

Lots of Hand-Dyed Fabrics For Sale

Tonight's update of Mystery IX reveals that I somehow managed to cut the project off at the top of the photo... sigh. Anyhow, I started another corner and I managed to finish the steps at the top of the garden (not that you can see them - besides the photo being cut off, Blogger ate my first post and now won't upload photos, so I resorted to Photobucket).

I finished my first Christmas ornament today - I stitched one from the December issue of The Gift of Stitching Magazine. The chart calls for tons of french knots, which I am loathe to do. But, she does offer an alternate idea of using Mill Hill 03003 beads... and it turns out I had them, so I used them insetad - very glad I did! I used a simple loop with the cording at the top for hanging, but when Mike took the photo he looped it like two bunny ears - no idea why... but I didn't create some kind of strange finishing technique, although it looks that way!

Red Berries

Rosewood Manor

White Opalescent Cashel Linen

DMC floss and Mill Hill Beads

Stitched 12/7/06 - 12/8/06

I am going to let go of quite a few hand dyed linens right now. PayPal is required. Shipping is $1.50 for one piece in the US, and I will give you a discount, of course, on shipping if you buy more than one. Good shipping rates outside of the US too - just leave a comment here or email me (see the About Me section in my sidebar for my email address) if you want any of these!

Back row left to right:
Silkweaver Morning Dew 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Blended Needle Enchanted Night 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 13" x 18", $12 -sold
Lakeside Linens Autumn Red 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17 - sold
Front row left to right:
Country Stitch Kiwi Antiques Barley 35 ct linen, 18" x 26", $15 - sold
Silkweaver Golden Promise 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Lakeside Linens Misty Rain 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17

Back row left to right:
Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 27" x 36", -sold half, other half still available, 18" x 27" for $15
Sugar Maple Fabrics "Oddball" (lavender/grey) 32 ct Belfast Linen, 18" x 27", $15 - sold
R&R Reproductions Fanci Blue 32 ct linen, 12" x 21.5", $12
Hidden Treasures Winter Sky 28 ct evenweave, 18" x 27", $10 -sold
Silkweaver Romantic Interlude 40 ct Newcastle Linen, 15" x 16", $10 -sold
Silkweaver Tuttie Fruitie 28 ct Cashel Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold

I took a photo of the little bit of snow we got this morning... our first snow of the season... but wouldn't you know, I cannot find where I stored it in my computer!

Stitched on today: Finished Red Berries ornament, and Mystery IX

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Corner Close Up

OK, how Mystery IX ends is revealed here... I finished the upper right corner (minus the beading - and there will be a lot of that!) tonight... there will be 88 little tiny urns (all empty) around the outer edge... not sure I like those, but nonetheless, that is what Martina chose. I mean... they are empty??!! Odd! I do like the sparkly fence underneath them, though. Perhaps the urns will grow on me when they are all finished?

I have been busily devoting a ton of time already this month to working on more gifts... I hope I can finish those as well as Mystery IX....

Might get our first snow in the morning. I have tomorrow off, as chance would have it. However, fate has it that my Jeep is at the dealership lot right now awaiting a repair to the remote auto starter, and the Chrysler is a couple of miles down the road with a "For Sale" sign on it... so, if we get the possible 3" of slick stuff tomorrow, that leaves us with only a Corvette to get around in?? Well, the good news is that it should only be a morning event... we'll see... if we can at least get to the Chrysler, we should be OK!! LOL

Stitched on today: Started an ornament, Blessings Be Thine and Mystery IX

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mystery IX Update

Back to working on Mystery IX again tonight... did a good chunk of the upper right corner, but there are still a few more things to add to it. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this tonight, as I spent a fair amount of time finishing up an important gift.

New DVD Release Tuesday is a day late for us this week, and of course, like everyone else, we got Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - definitely going to watch this one in the next couple of days!!

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and Mystery IX